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Go get 'em!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Blackmon Family experience on the TherapyIV


My wife and I have fished many places and enjoy quality service and our Thanksgiving fishing experience with Jesus and Chris was first class. They were gentlemen around my wife and daughter and worked hard to accommodate us. The sea was 4 to 6 foot most of the time and there was a little nausea going on if you know what I mean. But the guys made things as comfortable as possible and when we hooked the 7’- 3” sail fish things even got better. Took 55 minutes to land it with medium size tackle and enjoyed every minute of it. This beautiful fish was measured then released and a replica is being made! We look forward to coming back for more awesome fishing with the Therapy-IV. Thanks again!

Ernie Blackmon & Family,
New Braunfels, Texas

Monday, November 22, 2010

We were speechless. May God bless the young men and women that serve our great nation! Below is a letter from one of our brave soldiers. Thank you Sgt. Greg Stube!

To the entire staff of the Therapy 4, and to all Patriotic Americans (this applies to all of us):

     My name is Greg Stube.  I am a proud American who had the great fortune to spend a day on the Therapy 4.  While I am by no means, an accomplished sportsman, I have spent a significant amount of time on the water and in the field.  This day of fishing on the Therapy 4, and the time spent with these Great Americans validated all the reasons I love the water, boats and fishing!  It also validated all the reasons I've served our country.
    My career as a Green Beret in the U.S. Army has kept me pretty busy over the last 22 years, preventing the amount of time I might have spent fishing otherwise.  I have no regrets about how I've spent my time in the service of our great nation, particularly after the privilege of fishing on the Therapy 4.  I must tell anyone who will listen about how the Therapy 4 enhanced my view of how Americans exercise their freedom.   I feel obligated to share my experience of how this crew and operation exists within a narrow sector of the finest fishing experiences, as well as overall human experience. 
    As I write this, I worry that some may feel like my description is "over the top."  In defense of my own passion about the experience, I must tell you that I spent nearly a year and a half in an Army hospital from life-threatening war wounds and burns sustained in Afghanistan.  At times, it was not thought that I would survive.  Once I did survive, it wasn't given that I would be able to do things in the outdoors like this again.  This gives me a finely tuned appreciation for the better parts of American life, freedom, and the human condition.  For this reason, in particular, I know what is so good about the Therapy 4 and its crew.  They love America, they love freedom, they love service, they love people...........and they love fishing!!!
    One look at the Therapy 4, and you know you are dealing with Patriots.  These people never stopped thanking me for my service, and let me know that they appreciate being able to do what they love most, through the service that American Veterans have provided in the maintenance of our freedom and way of life in this country.  They made me feel even better about my own service and sacrifice.  What they did not know, was that they made it easier for me to deal with the loss of much loved Brothers in conflict abroad.  My friends, who have died in the defense of freedom, knew what the stakes were, as I have known.  Our relationships were built on the premise that any one of us might pass in the fight for what we believe in.  We've acknowledged things to each other in private, about what things in American life we cherish and respect enough to fight and die for.  I will tell anyone who will listen, that Captain Stan and the crew of the Therapy 4 uphold the things American Warriors hope free people will!  The ultimate sacrifice of each American Hero is validated through the professional and obviously personal pursuits of Americans like those on the Therapy 4.       
   I have never seen such a blend of professional fishing prowess, command of the fishing area and target species, and desire to create such a wonderful human interactive experience.  May God bless the Captain and Crew of Therapy 4, and may God bless America.

Gregory A. Stube

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey Captain Stan!

Here's a video from our trip, hope you like it! Can't wait to do it again next year, see you soon!

Gaz  Hopkins


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing with the Paychex Crew!

September proved to be an exciting month down here in South Florida! We had the privilege of meeting some new friends from Paychex - www.paychex.com. We had a great time getting them ready and sharing an amazing deep sea fishing experience aboard the THERAPY-IV. Below are a few letters I received, hope to see you guys again soon!

Capt. Stan


Hey Capt. Stan,
"This is great!" Its great to hear that from other groups that have fished aboard the THERAPY IV. It truely is an adventure of a life time to sea fish aboard one of your great vessles, and to hear of others catches. THERAPY IV is driven by dedicated captains and crew to give you the experience of a life time, and i will be back every year to fish with you guys without a doubt! Thanks once again for the memories to all aboard the THERAPY IV.


Hey Captain Stan,
I wanted to thank you on behalf of Paychex and the crew with me yesterday. The Therapy 4 made our trip to Miami very memorable. The crew was very nice and did everything they could to get us on the fish. As the morning went on and the fishing got more and more incredible, the employees sitting on the beach outside the resort grew more and more jealous. We caught 3 large baracuda including my 50 incher that is being mounted. We caught over 25 mahi, 4 wahoo, and 2 spanish mackarel. We also had an encounter with 2 large sailfish that just missed the bait. The fact that the crew spent almost 2 extra hours out fishing with us because the fishing was hot and how they went out of their way to get me my trophy fish on the last pass of the day was unheard of. It shows that you and your crew truly care about your clients and your are willing to do what most boats would never do and that's give your clients the time of their life no matter what time it is. The image of watching a 4 foot fish with the reputation and aggression of a baracuda come fully out of the water after a mackarel is something I will never forget. I will be returning to fish with you guys every time I come to miami and I will tell everyone I see to climb aboard the Therapy 4. The video and pictures of our memorable experience will be shared on the Paychex conference video that will be shown and released to over 15000 people in 3 weeks. Thank you again and we will be sending you pictures and video in the next week.


Hello Capt. Stan!
My co-workers and I went out w/ Capt. Matt on 9/22. We had a blast! We all met you when we got back to the dock. Attached are some pictures for your website! And so happy to hear that you are a happy Paychex payroll client. Thanks again for a great day!


Go Longhorns!

The end of September brought a surge of big fish to the South Florida Waters where Wahoo were among the many catches. Here are some guys that benefited from the THERAPY-IV Deep Sea Fishing Experience!

Capt. Stan


Capt Stan,
Thanks again for the great fishing we had last Saturday. That was some of the best salt-water fishing I've had in years!  I've attached a few pictures to this email.
Thanks again, hope to fish with you again!