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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Experience Miami Deep Sea Fishing Before 2013

Now is the free time between Christmas and New Years towards the end of December. Most of us are still recovering from all the activities that involve Christmas. Some of us are enjoying some time off while others are working. Those who have time off should take advantage of this opportunity by going Miami Deep Sea Fishing before 2013. Make it a goal for yourself to enjoy nice trip fishing before the New Year starts. A lot of people make New Years resolutions with wanting to better themselves. Kick back and relax by taking a boating trip before this year ends.
Choose a charter from Haulover Marina to go Miami Deep Sea Fishing with friends and family. One should definitely take the opportunity to go out fishing with family and friends from out of town. Creating a memorable experience with loved ones is what the holidays are about. There are many boats and charters to choose from Haulover Marina including the THERAPY-IV. This Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter has been booked throughout the holiday season with a few open appointments. There is a reason why this charter is booked with fishing adventures everyday. One reason is that this the perfect time of year to go Miami Deep Sea Fishing. Taking a trip on the THERAPY-IV is unlike any other boating trip you have ever had. These boats provides top of the line equipments, crew members and most importantly comfort ability through the trip. 
Take advantage of this time of year and experience Miami Fishing before 2013 begins. Start off the New Year on a positive note after experiencing a tripping adventure on the THERAPY-IV. This is the best time of year to go out Miami Deep Sea Fishing with family and friends before the year ends. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Everyone is Taking A Trip on the THERAPY-IV this Holiday Season

Hope everyone had a great Christmas day with family and loved ones. Some of us are going back to work while others are still enjoying themselves for the holiday season. One thing that everyone is doing is taking a trip on the THERAPY-IV. Appointments to take a Miami Fishing trip on the THERAPY-IV are booked. There is a fishing trip everyday of the week with the high demand this time of year. Miami Fishing this time of year is in high demand due to the perfect weather for fishing.
There isn’t anything like taking a trip out on the THERAPY-IV this time of year with the cool breeze. Throughout the year many people are too busy to go Miami Fishing due to work, school and other obligations. Many people are taking advantage of the time they are given off in order to go fishing. For many people this time of year is the perfect opportunity between the weather, time off and fish out there in the sea. Most places in the country are not desirable to go fishing at due to weather. It is too cold to go fishing in most areas of the country this time of year. Outdoor activities in general are not desirable this time of year. South Florida provides great weather along with being surrounded by water. There are many great opportunities to go fishing this time of year, especially on the THERAPY-IV
Those who have already set sail on this boat know why appointments are booked until next year. For those who have not set the THERAPY-IV will experience a boating trip like never before. This charter provides two identical 58-foot top of the line boats to go fishing on. Crew members are provided to optimize your experience on this boat. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Only 5 Days to Christmas – Get Your Relative a Trip on The THERAPY-IV

Christmas day is only 5 days away as the holiday season is flying by. It seemed like only days ago Thanksgiving just ended and the holiday season was starting. A lot of us are so busy balancing our normal lives plus holiday shopping and events. Most of us are overwhelmed with things to do, not enough time to do anything for ourselves. Plenty of people are lacking with sleep, as there is no time to sleep in. Even though there is a lot to do, it is important to stop and give us a little break. Enjoy that break with a longtime relative or friend that is in town to see you. A fun yet relaxing activity would be to go Miami Deep Sea Fishing.
Fishing trip off Miami coast is ideal this time of year with all the fish to capture and perfect weather. Miami Sailfishing is a fun adventure as they are challenging fish to capture. Taking a trip to go Miami Sailfishing will be an unforgettable trip. Sailfish are some of the more challenging fish to catch, as they are very strong, fast and great fighters. Many fishermen view sailfish as a benchmark for fish to catch. Add fishing to your family things to do throughout the week. Even though it’s another activity, it will be a relaxing one that is fun. Going out Miami Deep Sea Fishing will allow you to recharge. 
Everyone can use the boost to recharge in order to have the energy needed for the holidays. Christmas and all the events for it are fun, but require a lot of energy. Take a trip out Miami Deep Sea Fishing in order to relax, recharge and all the energy needed to be active for the holiday season. There are only 5 days to Christmas, make the most of it. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The THERAPY-IV Ideal for Miami and Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing

Miami Fishing is adventure for both residents and visitors in South Florida. This trip allows one to take advantage of Miami’s great location and weather. Fishing and other outdoor activities are ideally done with nice warm weather. South Florida area is generally warm all year around. Even in the winter there is a nice breeze for Miami Beach Fishing. Winter weather in South Florida involves the warm sun along with a nice breeze to enjoy. Breeze is better while boating in the deep sea. There are many Miami Fishing charters to choose from in the area.
One fishing charter that is ideal for Miami and Miami Beach Fishing is the THERAPY-IV. This charter provides two identical 48-foot top of the line THERAPY-IV boats. These boats provide all the equipment necessary to capture marlin, sharks, dolphins, barracuda and more fish. The THERAPY-IV can sail both inshore and deep-sea fishing. THERAPY-IV boats will be able to take full advantage of what Miami has to offer. Boats are large enough so that one can bring along their friends and family. This time of year will be ideal as many family and friends are coming in from out of town. Fishing trip will help recreate any bonds that may have been lost over time. Many family and friends live far away from each other throughout the year for their job or school. Even though people are happy to each other after a long time, sometimes they are out of sync with each other. Activity such as fishing should be able to help these people reconnect.
While living in South Florida whether one lives here or not should take advantage of Miami Fishing. There are great fish to find along with the great weather that Miami provides. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Take Your Family Miami Barracuda Fishing This Holiday Season

Holiday season is up and running as all family and friends are in town to have a good time. Some of the holiday events have already started over the weekend and will continue throughout the month. Christmas and Christmas Eve are relatively exclusive holidays with certain family members. Because some days are more exclusive than others many family members look to spend time with each other before and after those days. Family members spending time with each other can be eating at a restaurant, a party, hanging out at the house, or outdoor activities such as Miami Barracuda Fishing.

Everyone knows that South Florida is known for the wonderful weather that everyone enjoys, especially at this time of year. Most places in the country are too cold to want to leave the house. Outdoors activities such as Miami Barracuda Fishing are ideal for family members who have not seen each other for a long time. The THERAPY-IV offers two nearly identical boats in order to fully enjoy barracuda fishing. This 48-foot top of the line boat comes with all equipment necessary. Fishing charter also provides crewmembers with many years of experience with capturing barracudas and other fish. 

Taking a trip on the THERAPY-IV will be an unforgettable trip that will be remembered for years to come. Boating on THERAPY-IV can be what makes this holiday season stand out from the rest. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to have a good time, especially with family. All family members will have a good time, as it is a relaxing activity while being goal oriented. Sharing a goal will help recreate the bond that old family members are looking for. Taking your family out to go Miami Barracuda Fishing on the THERAPY-IV this holiday season. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Miami Deep Sea Fishing Popular This Time of Year

The THERAPY-IV wants to start off by saying our thoughts and prayers are there for everyone and their families involved with the incident over the weekend. Now is the time when family and friends are gathering who have not seen each other throughout the year. This past weekend was beginning of many events that will be the holiday season. A lot of companies held their holiday party for employees and associates with the company. Holiday season is all about gatherings whether it is a party or activities such as Miami Deep Sea Fishing. Taking a day to go fishing is popular at this time of year in South Florida.
Miami Deep Sea Fishing trips allow friends and family to travel on a boat together. Traveling out on the deep sea in South Florida this time of year is a rewarding experience. Weather is perfect to go out on the THERAPY-IV as there is a nice breeze along with the sun. Simply being on the THERAPY-IV is an experience within itself. A group activity with having a goal to capture some fish is something that will create bonding between friends and family. Nothing is better than creating bonds with close ones after not seeing each other for so long.
Many people have already booked their own trip to go Miami Deep Sea Fishing during the holiday season. Don’t wait last minute and set up your own appointment so that you can also enjoy a Miami Deep Sea Fishing trip that many Floridians are enjoying. South Florida is the place to be for people who want to enjoy outdoor activities during the holiday season. Most parts of the country are too cold in order to enjoy outside weather. Warm weather allows all family members to join in on outdoor activities whether they are young children or grandparents. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Plan a Family Outing for Miami Sailfishing

Many family members are coming from out of town for the holidays. Christmas season is when family members come in from out of town in order to gather and enjoy each other. People are coming down here due to South Florida having great winter weather. Snow is pretty and nice to look at for a while, but can be very uncomfortable. Those who are interested in outdoor activities such as Deep Sea Fishing cannot do so where there is snow. That is why Miami Deep Sea Fishing is such a large draw, especially during the winter. Coming down to South Florida to go Miami Sailfishing during winter is a reason within itself to make the trip. Being able to fish and have a good time with family is a luxury that many of us do not have often. A number of families live in separate cities, states and sometimes countries. South Florida is the place to be during winter and holiday season. 
Take advantage of this opportunity by planning a family outing for Miami Sailfishing. Fishing for Sailfish is unforgettable adventure especially once capturing one of these fish. Sailfish are within the more prized fish to capture. These fish are large, beautiful, fast and strong as they will be a good challenge to capture. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew the THERAPY-IV provides two of top of the line identical boats to choose from. 
This fishing charter also provides a crew with much experience to capture sailfish. These fish are not easy to capture, so there is much gratification once one is captured. Fishing adventure should be shared with family members, as everyone will have a great time. Taking a trip on the THERAPY-IV is an adventure within itself, as you and your family will be sailing down the deep sea.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve Days Until Christmas – Join Us to Celebrate at the Haulover Marina

Only twelve days until everyone’s favorite holiday of the year, Christmas. This holiday everyone gathers to share presents with each other. Christmas is a month long holiday that pretty much starts the day after Thanksgiving. Many schools and businesses have days off specifically for the holidays. People take advantage of these days off by visiting friends and family. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew from Haulover Marina wants you to join us on one of the days in December. Month of December is pretty much built around Christmas and New Years holidays.
There will be many events, parties and other forms of gatherings for family and friends to see each other. A lot of friends and family have not seen each other in month, sometimes years. Main events in the month of December are Christmas Eve, Christmas day and New Years Eve. Depending on a family’s tradition, many of them have their own even exclusively for family members. Even though this holiday is mainly abut family gathering, friends look to spend time with each other as well. Since Christmas is largely a family event, many groups of friends gather before or after the holiday. These friends will exchange gifts as many peers consider each other family. One way a group of friends and family can gather is by going Miami Deep Sea Fishing. 
Weather in South Florida is perfect for fishing at this time of year as it is warm with a breeze. This fishing charter will be at Haulover Marina where many fellow fishermen gather throughout the year. Take advantage of this time of year when family and friends are in town to have a good time. Nothing is better than sharing your great experience with friends and family. Have a great time with your loved ones as Christmas is around the corner. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Miami Sailfishing is Great in December

Miami Sailfishing is an adventure that everyone should take part in at least once in his or her life. Fishing in South Florida is a luxury in itself as the weather is perfect all year round. Weather is even better in the month of December as there is a nice breeze along with the warm air. Some people find it too hot outside throughout the year, as it can be very warm in Miami. In the month of December, most places are generally too cold to leave the house, especially fishing.
Weather drop off in Miami falls into the perfect balance or not too cold or warm. There is no better feeling than enjoying a nice breeze while Miami Deep Sea Fishing. December is also a great month to go Miami Sailfishing, as there are friends and family in town. Fishing with some local friends and strangers at time can be fun. To be able to go fishing with some friends and family that you haven’t seen in a long time, there isn’t anything better. Miami Deep Sea Fishing is a good icebreaker for distance friends and family that you may not have seen for a long time. Miami Sailfishing is an activity that doesn’t require too much focus at all times so that you can enjoy each other’s company. The THERAPY-IV is ideal for locating and capturing sailfish in the sea.
The THERAPY-IV is a Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter that provides two identical boats. These boats are both 48 feet long with top of the line equipment in order to successfully capture fish. This boat maneuvers well in all levels of water, especially in the deep sea. One should go Sailfishing in the great fishing month December is, an opportunity that can’t be missed. The THERAPY-IV is built to capture sailfish as well as all sorts of fish. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Home for the Holidays – Support Our Troops this Holiday Season

Holidays are the time of year when family and friends gather from everywhere, this includes our troops. Many our troops will have the opportunity to visit friends and family in their hometown. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew wants to celebrate these men and women who serve to protect us all year around. These people put their lives on the line so that we can live our lives the way we are able to. Those of us who have friends or family in the military should take the opportunity to celebrate them.
Showing support to our troops is a part of our duty of citizens of this country. Miami Wahoo Fishing crew support our troops all year round, no different for the holidays. Many troops have not been able to see their friends and family for months, sometimes years. They are looking to go home, relax and have a good time with great company that is their friends and family. Take this opportunity to personally thank our troops for everything they do for us. Everyday our troops are willing to put their lives on the line for us. United States is the great country it is largely due to the quality military that is provided. Not many countries are fortunate enough to enjoy the freedoms that we have. Our troops should be given the appreciation that they deserve. This Miami Wahoo Fishing crew is simply reminding you to do so. 
Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew is a patriotic charter that appreciates the troops for everything they do. There are many things that the troops do for us that we will never know about. This crew will proudly wave their support our troops flag on their THERAPY-IV as they are coasting across the sea. Today is another day to honor, support and show our appreciation for our troops. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Miami Sailfishing is South Florida’s Most Exciting Trip

Being in South Florida is all about having a good time in this wonderful weather. When people think of South Florida, they imagine Miami Beach, nightlife, weather and water activities. Fun for South Florida starts from Fort Lauderdale and ends at the bottom of the State in Key West. Many of the major cities in South Florida have water activities available such as boating, jet skiing and fishing or simply relaxing at the beach. Most exciting trip in South Florida is Miami Sailfishing on the THERAPY-IV.
Miami Sailfishing on the THERAPY-IV is unlike any experience you have ever had. This adventure is an all day event that is relaxing yet rewarding. Simply venturing out in the sea on the THERAPY-IV is an adventure within itself. This boat is fully prepared to capture sailfish as they have all the tools necessary along with a competent set of crewmembers. The crewmembers from THERAPY-IV provide a great amount of experience with capturing sailfish and many other fish. Sailing out on the boat allows one to fully enjoy the great waters of South Florida. Not going out Miami Sailfishing in South Florida is not taking advantage of one of the best benefits on being in this area. There are not many areas in the world with weather like Florida as it is not too cold or warm. This is especially true at this time of year as the winter weather is perfect in South Florida. Many other areas at this time of year are uncomfortable to simply be outside, imagine fishing. 
Be sure to take advantage of South Florida’s most exciting trip whether you are a resident or visitor. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity as well. A lot of residents find themselves caught up with the daily routine and forget to give themselves a break. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Take a Deep Sea Fishing Excursion During Art Basel

Many of us will be enjoying Art Basel throughout the last as it starts tomorrow to the weekend. Events for Art Basel will predominantly reside in Miami Beach and spread around the Miami area. People from all over the city, state, country and world will be coming in to view these pieces of art. Some art that will be displayed are well known while other pieces will be new for everyone to see. New upcoming style will be introduced for artists and fans of art to view. When residents and visitors are not viewing art, there has to be something else to do.
Miami Deep Sea Fishing is a fun activity that can be done during Art Basel festivities. One can go Miami Marlin Fishing while only being minutes away from Art Basel. Some can choose to go Miami Deep Sea Fishing until the crowd clears up, as there can be a high volume of people at the art expos. It is surprising to know how many fishermen appreciate the value of quality art. A number of fisherman display great pieces of art in the cabin of their boats. Taking a Miami Deep Sea Fishing excursion during Art Basel will enhance your experience. Variety of activities is the difference between having a good time and an average experience. One can go Miami Marlin Fishing along with many other kinds of fish that can be found in the sea. 
The THERAPY-IV is a Deep Sea Fishing charter that is nearby Art Basel festivities. Crewmembers from the THERAPY-IV encourage everyone to have a great time viewing Art Basel, as they are regulars themselves. When one wants to take a break from an all day or not viewing of art, take a trip out on the THERAPY-IV.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Plan Your Barracuda Fishing Trip in Miami Today

Miami is the great place to be at this time of year due to the perfect weather. Enjoy the outside weather here is important, as it is not too cold or warm. Many people have to spend their time inside due to outside being too cold. Outside activities are great for gathered family members to enjoy each other’s company. Residents and visitors both should look to take advantage of this great weather by looking into outdoor activities such as Miami Barracuda Fishing.
Fishing in Miami is unlike any experience you have had anywhere else. This goes for both visitors and residents as some people who stay in Miami have yet to go fishing. This is a rarity of many people in this city enjoy going Miami Barracuda Fishing. Using the right boat is essential in order to successfully capture these fish while having a good time. The THERAPY-IV is the ideal boat in order to go fishing for barracudas. This boat is large enough to carry a crowd comfortably along with the maneuverability to find and capture these fish. The THERAPY-IV comes with an experienced crew and all the tools necessary in order to catch barracuda. Locating and capturing barracuda is a fun adventure that family and friends will enjoy together.
Those who are visiting Miami must take an opportunity to go fishing on the THERAPY-IV while it is available. Everyone wants to go fishing this time of year as appointments are piling up. Plan your barracuda fishing trip in Miami today whether you are visiting or live down here in South Florida. Fishing for barracuda is a fun experience that peers will enjoy whether they are novice or experts at fishing. Taking a trip on the THERAPY-IV is an experience in itself. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Miami Beach Welcomes Visitors for Art Basel

Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew from Haulover Marina wants to remind you about one of the largest art events in Miami Beach. Art Basel is the event held in Miami Beach held on an annual basis. Art Basel event this week is one of the most prestigious art shows in the country. People will be gathering from all over the state, country and world to view art collected from Art Basel. There are over 250 art galleries with over two thousand artists both in the 20th and 21st century. This event exemplifies one of the many features that Miami Beach is known for. 
People who live or visit Miami Beach see it for its art, waters, festivities, nightlife, beaches and luxury. City of Miami Beach provides plenty of art, as there are pieces of art everywhere from streets, sidewalks and buildings. Art Basel collects art from all over Miami Beach and everywhere else into one event for everyone to enjoy. Those who are artistic enthusiasts will not miss this opportunity to view some of the most amazing pieces of art in the world. This event is held annually in the heart of Miami Beach for everyone to see. Some of the world’s most respect art dealers along with upcoming trending artists will be available. Art Basel is open to experts and those who are interested in simply viewing some amazing pieces of art. This is one of the many events in Miami Beach throughout the year, but one not to miss.
Another can’t miss event while visiting Miami Beach is taking a trip to Haulover Marina to go Miami Deep Sea Fishing. Taking trip fishing from the Miami Beach area is unlike any experience that anywhere else can offer. While there is beauty and creativity within art in the Basel, it could be said for fish in the sea. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Events in Miami Beach This December

December is around the corner and many events will be happening this upcoming month. Miami Beach is a great place to be during the month of December as the temperature is perfect. There are events both inside and outside for locals and tourists to enjoy. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew wants to remind you of some of the events that are throughout the month of December. The Miami Sailfishing crew wants to give you a special reminder about the Winterfest Boat Parade that is located in Fort Lauderdale. Some events in the Miami area include Art Basel, King Mango Strut and Santa’s Enchanted Forest in Miami. These events are near not exactly in Miami Beach, but definitely not far from the area, only minutes away.
Art Basel is event held annually that involves Switzerland joining forces in order to present one of the world’s premier international art shows. This show takes place in Switzerland during the summer as it takes place here in Miami Beach in December. Everyone wants to be in Miami Beach during the weather as the weather is perfect and everywhere else is freezing cold. King Mango Strut takes place during the last weekend of December that is parade in the grove. This parade has been taking places since 1982 as it takes over the Coconut Grove area. Santa’s Enchanted Forest takes place in the Bird Road area that is a Christmas themed park. This park is great for people that need to be in the right environment in order to get into the holiday spirit.
For those who are looking to simply go fishing on the boat while in Miami Beach can look to go Miami Deep Sea Fishing. The Miami Sailfishing crew provides two top of the line boats to offer along with a crew that have years of experience fishing. Balance out your month between a quiet day fishing and all the events in December in Miami Beach. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Great Time of Year for Miami Marlin Fishing

Fishing at this time of year as great as the weather is cooling down. Weather is even better for those who live in South Florida as the weather is perfect, not too cold or warm. The sun is not beaming down fiercely on fisherman while they are out in the sea. This weather is cool enough so that crewmembers can enjoy a nice breeze while locating fish. Many fish are easier to find this time of year as water is at the right temperature. Miami Deep Sea Fishing is at an all time high this of year as charters everywhere are overbooked.
Marlins are great fish to capture, as they are one of the more highly coveted fish to catch. Miami Marlin Fishing is one of the more sought after fishing adventures. Locating and capturing Marlins while Miami Deep Sea Fishing is unlike anything else. These fish are large, powerful and beautiful fish that can only be caught while Miami Marlin Fishing. Marlins are known to be great fighters along with their size, Capturing a Marlin is a great accomplishment as they are difficult to capture. Many fishing trophies present a Marlin for they are the benchmark for fish to capture. Miami Marlin Fishing is a journey highly recommended for those who easily capture fish on a regular basis. Some of the best fisherman around can have difficulty catching these fish. For those who are not as experienced can lean to THERAPY-IV crewmembers to assist them with capturing these fish. 
Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew has a great amount of experience with catching marlins and many other fish. Taking a trip out on the THERAPY-IV going Miami Marlin Fishing is an opportunity that you should not miss out on.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Barracuda Fishing in Miami with Friends and Family

Fishing barracuda with friends and family is a memorable experience that you will not forget. Miami Barracuda Fishing is ideal as this city is close to the sea. City of Miami is also one of the largest and highly populated towns in the country. Boating to capture these fish is great for both experienced and new fisherman. Barracudas provide a large enough challenge in which there is a sense of accomplish once they are captured. Ideal boat to use when attempting to capture these fish would be the THERAPY-IV.
Miami Barracuda Fishing is an enjoyable adventure as the weather is great all year round in this area. Weather is even better in Miami this time of year as it is not too cold or hot. South Florida is the place to be for fishing as everyone enjoys this area for its weather. Family and friends are flying down from various areas in the country to gather for the holidays. Fishing for barracudas on the THERAPY-IV is an adventure that all family and friends will have fun doing. For those who are not into fishing will enjoy sitting on the boat as it sails into the deep sea. The THERAPY-IV boat itself provides many amenities with comfortable couches, television and plenty of space in order to sit down. Miami Barracuda Fishing gives family and friends a reason to cooperate in an activity that require teamwork. Activity among loved ones will create bonding with each other. Bonding can be important, as many of us have not seen each other throughout the year.  
Locating, spotting and capturing barracudas are a process that is neither too difficult nor easy. Miami Barracuda Fishing is an activity that can be easy with the right boat, supplies and crew members. The THERAPY-IV is the right boat that provides supplies needed and crew. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Therapy-IV Getting into The Holiday Spirit

The Therapy-IV is a Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew from Haulover Marina that wants you to get into the holiday spirit. This boating looks forward to this time of year as you can tell from the THERAPY-IV calendar. Weather for the holidays is perfect for fishing with family and friends. Holidays bring joy to everyone, as this is the time of year to love and appreciate each other. Last weekend there were Thanksgiving events in which many of us gathered and expressed to each other our thankfulness. 
Holiday season is really picking as shopping and Christmas events are being planned. Everyone is running around looking for items to in which to make others happy. Surprising and bring joy to others is the goal for us at this time of year. Everyone being happy and having fun is of the utmost importance. Holiday spirit in which everyone is happy regardless of what is happening in our professional or personal lives. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew from Haulover Marina encourages you to get into the holiday season as the season has already started. Being moody stressed or upset defeats the purpose of celebrating this holiday season. Crew member from Haulover Marina look forward to gather for festivities between now and the end of year. Many family and friends will be flying in from out of town as it is too cold over there. South Florida is the place to be during this holiday season to have a great time. 
Haulover Marina is the place to be at this time of year and get into the holiday spirit. Boating in this perfect fishing weather is one way to get into the holiday spirit. This Miami Deep Sea Fishing company provides two THERAPY-IV boats to choose from. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from The THERAPY-IV

The THERAPY-IV crew from Haulover Marina wants everyone to have a Happy Thanksgiving. Today should be relaxing and enjoying themselves with their friends and family. Everyone will be stuffed from the abundance of food. Most of us will have to day off from work and some even have the entire weekend off. A lot of us will be getting that much needed rest from all the stresses in life. Thanksgiving is a wonderful day when we can see family members that we have not been able to see for a long time. Today is the day that we are allowed to spoil ourselves and overeat with some delicious food.
Plenty of people have been cooking, preparing and stocking up food for this very day. Some of us have multiple Thanksgiving events to go to therefore more food. A lot of people fasted previously in order to have more room in their stomachs for today’s delicious food. Today is the day that we show how thankful and appreciative we are of each other. Many of us will show our appreciation in person or phone call, text and social media. This is a day that we can sit back and appreciate everything and everyone that we have in our lives. 
Everything that we have in our lives is a blessing whether it is our home, job, car, and things we need or thing we want. There are always people who are less fortunate than we are, we show our appreciation for what we have. People simply gathering are a gift in itself as many of us are often busy with our daily routine. The THERAPY-IV crew from Haulover Marina wants you to take the time to personally thank those in your life and everything they have done for you. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Enjoy Miami Barracuda Fishing on The THERAPY-IV

Right now is a great time of year to go out fishing, as there is great weather for it. Weather is nice and cool while out on the boat and catching some fish. Fishing is a relaxing and therapeutic sport where one can hang out while getting stuff done. Capturing fish is no easy manner as they can be difficult to find, hook and eventually reel in. Many people do not fish due to the patience involved with it. Miami Barracuda fishing can be especially difficult, as they are not easily captured. One way to make this sport easier and more enjoyable is by joining a good crew and boat like the THERAPY-IV.
Miami Barracuda Fishing on the THERAPY-IV is fun and relaxing experience at the same time. Barracudas are large slender fish with very sharp teeth. These fish are within the first challenges for fishermen as they typically range from 8 to 20 pounds. These fish can be found both inshore and offshore areas in Miami, Miami Beach as well as Fort Lauderdale. Barracudas are excellent fighters as they ferociously attack bait and fight off hooks that are not well placed. The THERAPY-IV provides the experts, maneuverability and tools necessary in order to successfully go Miami Barracuda Fishing
There are many techniques in order to capture these fish such as trolling, live bait fishing, drift fishing, anchor fishing and fishing from inshore areas. Fish that can be found both inshore and offshore adds variety to a fishing trip as the boat can go either way. Charter boat fishing is recommended so that one can fish all from different areas and depths in order to find barracudas. Some of the baits to capture these fish include ballyhoo, hula skirts and bonito strips. Enjoy Miami Barracuda Fishing on the THERAPY-IV while the perfect weather is available.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Thrill of Miami Wahoo Fishing

There are not many better experiences in life than taking a trip on the THERAPY-IV capturing some fish. Many fish can be found whether one is inshore fishing out or in the sea. Surprisingly there are many fish that can be found inshore such as wahoo fish. These fish are predominantly found inshore. Capturing wahoo fish is a rewarding experience for fisherman everywhere.
Wahoo are known for their speed as they are within the fastest among fish. They have a reputation for being good fighters and especially known for their long hard runs. Size ranges of wahoo can be from 30 to over 100 pounds. It is not uncommon to find a fish over 50 pounds. Wahoo can be found inshore and below the surface near the Gulf Stream. These fish are slender build with blue and silver stripes across their body. Going out Miami Wahoo fishing on the THERAPY-IV is a unique experience. Capturing fish with such experience is a different kind of challenge that fishermen will enjoy. Most people think of size when it comes to capturing fish, but speed is also very important. Miami wahoo fishing is an experience that everyone should try at least once. Capturing wahoo requires a different approach due to their speed and aggressiveness. One fishing technique that is recommended for capturing these fish is trolling. Trolling involves the THERAPY-IV dragging a reel in water while it is moving. This works, as wahoo are more likely to bite into something that is challenging. 
Miami Wahoo fishing is a unique experience that everyone should enjoy. The THERAPY-IV is known for both inshore fishing as well as deep sea fishing. Inshore fishing is where one would be able to find wahoo. Recently the THERAPY-IV posted a video of a successful wahoo capturing. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Thrill and Convenience of Miami Inshore Fishing

The THERAPY-IV is a deep sea fishing charter that also features Miami Inshore Fishing. Fishing out in the sea is a desirable experience for some while others prefer to be closer inland. Some do not prefer to venture out hundreds of feet away from land for a number of reasons. There are others who prefer to venture out in the ocean to be surrounded by water. Those who are not interested in venturing out into the sea can take part in Miami Inshore Fishing. 
Finding and capturing fish inshore is a pleasing experience many fishermen enjoy. This style of fishing is great for friends and family who prefer to stay close inland. Many people do not participate in boat fishing due to the presumed distance to find fish. There are many phobias that some people experience when it comes to traveling out in the sea. Miami inshore fishing is for both novice and expert fisherman. All kinds of fish can be found when inshore fishing. The THERAPY-IV is a great boat for inshore fishing as it has all the tools necessary. This boat maneuvers well along the inshore lines. The THERAPY-IV provides versatility in terms of style of fishing in which fisherman desire. Inshore fishing is one style that all levels of fishermen can enjoy taking part in. One does not have to travel out deep sea in order to enjoy them.
Try something different this week and take trip out Miami Inshore Fishing on The THERAPY-IV. One can set up an adventure as easy as making one phone call to Captain Stan 305-945-1578. If it easier one can go to the website and set an appointment online. Those who have not gone inshore fishing before should give it a shot.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Week Until Thanksgiving – Time to Consider What You’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving is only a week away as the holiday season is starting up. Family is coming in from out of town so that families can enjoy each other’s company. Plans are already being made for the big day whether it is lunch or dinner. Many of us simply look at this day as a family gathering. This holiday is when we should take the time to consider what you’re thankful for. 
Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew from Haulover Marina wants you to take the time and think about what you’re thankful for. One good idea would be to list everything that you are thankful for. Things would include your home, car, food or anything that will help make your lives easier. Another idea would be to list every person that you’re thankful to have in you’re life. This list can include friends, family and even co-workers. One can also list where they stand in their life in terms of family, friends, professional career and more. Outside of listing one can simply thank others for everything that they mean to them. This can be done over the phone, online or even a letter. Some people prefer a letter as they feel it brings more meaning.
Most of us are appreciative of everything we have and the people in our lives. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew from Haulover Marina wants to remind you that this is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to everyone. Everyone loves to hear how much he or she is appreciated. Some people need to hear it from others in order to be reassured that they are appreciated. It is typically awkward and out of place to simply say thank you for everything, but this is the time of the year when it is acceptable to do so. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Great Time for Miami Sailfish Fishing at Haulover Marina

Weather right now is perfect for some Miami Sailfish Fishing out in the water. It is nice and cool temperature that is not too warm or cold. Enjoying nice breeze from the sea while one is out on a boat while looking for some fish. Relaxing weather is what we have been waiting for all year. Many fishermen are more successful with Miami Sailfish Fishing when they are relaxed. Sometimes being tense leads to mistakes or miscalculations with attempting to capture fish. 
Haulover Marina is a great place to dock from in order to fish at this time of the year. This marina provides the THERAPY-IV, which is a top of the line 58-foot boat that has all the tools necessary to capture fish. The THERAPY-IV provides the equipment needed in order to successfully go Miami Sailfish Fishing. This large boat will allow you to sit back and enjoy this great weather that is only available here in South Florida. There are two THERAPY-IV boats to choose from, as many people will want to be fishing at this time of year. Boating adventure from Haulover Marina will give you to opportunity to invite friends and family to have a great time and share your experience. Many of us can use a break from the daily routine, working so hard all week long. What better way to take a break than to jump on to the THERAPY-IV , enjoy this weather and catch some fish.
Now is the time to book your trip to go on the THERAPY-IV and catch some Sailfish. These fish are not easy to capture, as many know they are strong, fast as well as great fighters. Haulover Marina provides a crew that will lead you to success with capturing these fish. Set up an appointment online or over the phone at the Haulover Marina to go Miami Sailfishing. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

South Florida Entering Deep Sea Fishing Season!!

Holiday season is coming up and the temperature is getting nice and cool. This weather is great for some Miami Deep Sea Fishing to enjoy. South Florida is a great area to be during this time of the year. Weather in this region of the country is neither too hot nor cold. There are not many better feeling than enjoying the nice breeze out on the THERAPY-IV. A variety adventures are available to choose from such as Miami Marlin Fishing.
Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew THERAPY-IV welcomes the challenge with this busy season. Many fishermen will say that now is the deep sea fishing season. Weather is relaxing and comforting while one is out in the sea. There are two identical boats to choose from the Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew. This feature is important, as many people will want to go fishing around this time of year. Holidays are coming up so there will be a number of days off to take advantage of. Families and friends will be able to enjoy each other’s company. Family members will be flying from out of town to gather for the holidays. What better way to introduce out of town relative to South Florida than to go out Miami Marlin Fishing. Miami Marlin fishing is a fun and challenging adventure as these fish are strong, fast and great fighters. Sense of victory from capturing one these fish will last forever.
This is the time of year to go out Miami Deep Sea Fishing in this perfect fishing weather. Deep sea fishing season is one of the best times of year for fisherman everywhere. Many fish will be easier to find and capture around this time of year. Boating with the THERAPY-IV crew will only make this experience that much more enjoyable. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day Reminds Us Our Responsibility to Serve Those Who Serve Us

For many of us today is another holiday so that we can have the day off from school or work. There are so many holidays throughout the year and it is difficult to keep up with all of them. Today is one the holidays where we should take advantage of the free time given in order to appreciate veterans of this country. The THERAPY-IV crew wants you to take some time out of your day in order to appreciate these veterans one way or another. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew likes to show their appreciation for the veterans of this fine country all year round. 
There is variety of ways to show your honor for those veterans who served to protect us for years of their lives. Purchasing and proudly any memorabilia for this day is one great way to show your respect for veterans of this country. Social media output is another way to bring awareness to the importance of this year. Most people use the internet and social media throughout the day, what better source to share information than there. The THERAPY-IV website and social media are posting messages, pictures and videos for this day. Additionally the THERAPY-IV boats have flags honoring these veterans in order show their respect. Those who have friends and family members who are veterans should be honored personally on this day. One phone call and conversation to simply thank them for their service will make their day. 
Today is a day to remind us of our responsibility to serve those veterans who served us for so many years. Veterans have committed years of their lives to us, we can commit at least one day to them. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew wants you to find ways to serve and honor these fine people. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Veteran’s Day on Monday – Remember to Thank Our Heroes

The THERAPY-IV is a Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew that wants to remind you that Veteran’s Day is just around the corner. This Veteran’s Day weekend should be a weekend long celebration of such fine men and women who committed their lives for our freedom and us. The THERAPY-IV is a Miami Deep Sea Fishing company that wants you to take the time to thank our heroes. Heroes who are within you’re very own family should receive a phone call or visit showing you’re appreciation. 
Veterans of our country do not ask for much as they generally want a simple and relaxed lifestyle. Everyone enjoys being appreciated; this is no different for veterans. These veterans committed many years of their lives working around the clock in order to keep us safe. Our country protects us from threats that we do and do not know about as well. There are many potential conflicts that the U.S. military takes care of that we will never know about. 
The THERAPY-IV looks to celebrate and appreciate veterans at any given opportunity, as they understand the significance of this group of people. One day of the year we should take some time out of our day and thank our heroes. 
Many companies will be thanking our heroes by offering deals or promotions for veterans. Some people will be calling or visiting their friends and family that are veterans to thank them directly. It would be a great opportunity to take a family/friend that happens to be a veteran out to eat. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew wants you to take one day out of the year to go out of you’re way to show you’re appreciation for veterans of this country. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The THERAPY-IV Prepares for Veteran’s Day at Haulover Marina

Veteran’s Day is that time of the year when we celebrate those who have fought to protect our rights and freedom. Those who protect this country are the reason why we are allowed to enjoy the liberties we have. Many of us voted to choose the leader of the country, members of Congress, judges and laws. Not many countries can say that their citizens have the freedom to choose any of those. We would not be able to have these freedoms without these veterans protecting our rights as American citizens. This country would not be what it is today without the veterans who protect our lives. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew THERAPY-IV from Haulover Marina wants to remind you of the importance of Veteran’s Day.
Every day veterans should be celebrated one way or another as they have done so much for us. Many of these veterans spent years of their lives serving to protect us. There are a great number of these veterans that were injured trying to protect us. We have one day in the year in which the country brings their attention to such an important group of people.  Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew wants us to start making preparations now in order to make Veteran’s Day special. Everyone at Haulover Marina will be putting together an event and celebration for veterans. 
There are a few businesses that offer special deals for veterans on Veteran’s Day in order to show their respect for them. More companies should look into creating deals and promotions to such a special group of people. The THERAPY-IV prepares for Veteran’s Day at Haulover Marina so that the day can be special. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew are beginning their preparations for the big day, you should as well. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reminder: Today is the Day to Vote Across the Country

Today is the day, Election Day for choose the president of the United State of America. The THERAPY-IV crew from Haulover Marina wants to make sure that you vote today if you have not already done so. Voting is important, as it is your duty as a citizen of this country. Many countries do not have the opportunity to choose their own leader. We are very fortunate to be given the opportunity to vote for our leader. History has shown how much people have fought and struggled for this right that we have. It would be an insult to those who struggled in the past by not voting today.
Show your patriotism by exercising your right to vote as a U.S. citizen. Voting and paying for taxes are two of the most important obligations we have as citizens. Our country should be shape in our vision, not anyone else’s. Knowledge is power, doing your research on these politicians that you are voting for is so important. Choosing the wrong politician due to a lack of knowledge is an avoidable error. The THERAPY-IV crew from Haulover Marina wants to make sure that you have taken the time and do some research on some of these politicians that you are voting for. Voting blindly without knowing whom you are voting for is almost as bad as not voting at all. You want to be well informed when choosing the leader of this country. 
Make sure that you vote regardless of whom you are voting for. This is what makes this country so special; everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion whether it is the same or different from the rest. The THERAPY-IV crew from Haulover Marina wants to remind you how special and unique this country is for allowing us to vote. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

The THERAPY-IV Wants You to Vote on Election Day

The THERAPY-IV crew wants to remind you to vote by tomorrow. Voting is important, as it is the best way to get your voice heard. History has shown what people went through just for us to be able to vote. We have the ability to shape our leaders as well as our country by simply voting. Everyone is entitled to vote for whomever they want to choose. Worst thing you can do is not vote at all. Make sure you take the time out of your busy week to vote. 
Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew wants you to also do your research so you can know who or what you are voting more. Many people choose politicians based on personal characteristics instead of their policies. This usually happens because they do not take the time to learn more about the politician. Voting for the president for the United State of America is huge, as he will be leading our country for the next four years. The THERAPY-IV crew understands the importance of patriotism. Exercise your right as a citizen of this country and make sure that you vote by tomorrow. Right now is the chance to make sure that your registration is done so that you can be able to vote. 
It is also important to vote for politicians such as representative members and others who echo our voice. The president can only do so much as he has limited power. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew wants you to know what politicians you are voting for below the president. The members of Congress all together out power the president, so it is important that you choose your Congress member wisely.. We from the THERAPY-IV want to make sure that you are properly represented as citizens of this country, this will happened with your vote.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is a Great Time for Miami Sailfishing

Today’s weather is the outside weather that everyone enjoys to be outside in. Everyone cannot stop talking about how great it is to be outside right now. People are dropping their windows in traffic in order to enjoy the cool air. Some people are taking more walks outside simply to enjoy the weather. More of us are involving ourselves in outside activities such as running, basketball, football and fishing. This is a great time for Miami Sailfishing on The THERAPY-IV
Weather is great right now for some Miami Sailfishing across the Atlantic. Take a trip to Haulover Marina dock and take off on The THERAPY-IV. THERAPY-IV is a top of the line fishing boat that is perfect for catching all sorts of fish. Two THERAPY-V’s are available so that more people can enjoy this experience. You do not have to worry about being burned under the sun at this time of the year. Sailfish are not easy to catch either as they are great fighters and very strong. Bigger the challenge, the greater reward for capturing such a difficult fish. The THERAPY-IV crew has plenty of experience with Miami Sailfishing that will assist you with capturing these fish. Successfully capturing sailfish is one of the more rewarding experiences that one can have. This is the time to go out and capture these fish in this perfect weather. 
There is not a better time of the year than now to go out Miami Sailfishing. Weather is great with the cool air breeze out in the ocean. Miami is great because the weather is perfect right now; it is cold but not too cold. Imagine yourself coasting off shore on the THERAPY-IV enjoying the nice cool breeze while doing some Miami Sailfishing. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from The THERAPY-IV!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Miami Deep Sea Fishing THERAPY-IV crew wants you to have a great time tonight. Halloween is the time of the year when we can cut loose and use our imagination to dress up however we please. There are also many festivities for this holiday, as many people will gather dressed up. Haulover Marina will be having a gathering for those who want to dress up, have some drinks and have a great time. Many families will be walking around neighborhoods with their children all dressed up. Some families dress up matching each other as a costume unit. Possibilities for costumes are endless when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. 
Dressing up for Halloween is a seemingly timeless tradition that everyone enjoys. Many of us spend every day of our lives dressing up for work or other social settings. There are social rules in the way that we are supposed to be dressed in our daily lives. This is one time of the year that you can dress however you please. Those with a lot of imagination are able to let out some of their craziest ideas. Many businesses are opened specifically for this time of the year. This holiday typically lasts over a span of a week between the weekday and weekend activities. 
The Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew from the Haulover Marina wants to make sure that everyone is safe. There are many cars driving out on the road, as there are parties everywhere. Many people will be walking down the street and neighborhood, so it is important that you have a group together. Families should stay close, as there can be many dangers out there. Having fun while being safe is very important to us from the Haulover Marina. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Miami Deep Sea Fishing Trick by day or Treat by Night

The THERAPY-IV crew likes to have fun at this time of the year just like all of you. Miami Sailfishing crew looks to be creative with their costumes. This is the time of the year when families and friends gather for Halloween parties as well as trick or treating. Many of the Miami Sailfishing crew members spend time with their families for the holiday as they are usually working during the week. There is some of the biggest parties costume themed that allows many of us to cut loose.
Halloween parties have previously occurred over the weekend and likely during the week. There will probably be Halloween parties over the weekend as well. Dressing up with your own costume idea can be so much fun. We spend the day tricking by day or treating by night. There will be more treating than tricking during the holiday, as most of us do not have the time or energy to run around tricking each other. Dressing up can be tricky, as you do not want to be the same as everyone else. Many people create their own costumes so that their design is unique. A good way to do this is by purchasing parts of the costume at the Halloween store and putting the rest together with other parts. Miami Sailfishing crew wants you to have a great time this Halloween season. 
The THERAPY-IV crew wants to remind you to dress up and have a great time this Halloween. If you decide that you do not want to dress up and have work the next morning. That is fine, just make sure that you have candy ready for when you receive some visitors, you always want to be prepared. Those who are dressing up and going out, the Miami Sailfishing crew wants you to have a great time and be safe. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fish Costume Ideas from THERAPY-IV

This is the time of the year when the Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew starts preparing for the Halloween festivities. Some of us have already enjoyed some Halloween themed parties over the weekend as Halloween is in the middle of the week. Many of us are still searching for costume ideas for the holiday. Look no further than fish costume ideas from the Haulover Marina. There are a variety of fish that you can choose to dress as that the Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew knows plenty about.
You do not have to follow any current trend of media that has happened throughout the year for your costume. A number of people have similar costumes due to what was popular during the year. Be different from the rest of your friends and family by dressing up as a fish. There is not a thing that is scarier than a shark. Dressing up as a shark can be a lot of fun as many would not expect it. You can choose to dress up as silly shark, dangerous shark or a fun one. If you want, you can get create by somehow about a zombie fish. 
The possibilities are endless in terms of fish costumes along with blending them with other ideas. Nobody would expect someone to dress up as a marlin or sailfish. A person dressed up as any of those will stand out and will be the talk of the night. People at the Haulover Marina will lend you a hand on details on how to appropriately dress up as a shark, marlin or sailfish. Tap into your creativity and do something that no one else is doing. This time of the year is so much fun as you can dress however you please without consequence. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew wants you to enjoy yourself for the holidays, have a great time. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Starts Tomorrow!!!!

The biggest boat show of the year is only a day, merely hours away. Fort Lauderdale Boat Show will be the event of the week, as fisherman from all over the state will be attending. The THERAPY-IV crew wants to give you a final reminder about this grand event. Buy your tickets today online so that you do not have to pay more at the day. This event is a show as well as a seminar for fishermen and non-fishermen everywhere.

At this show, you will be able to learn more about Miami Sailfishing than ever before. 
Some of the finest fishermen around will be present to offer information about fishing and boating. Many of the fishermen will be open to answering questions about their boat or anything involving Miami Sailfishing. These fishermen have a vast amount of knowledge and plenty of experience with boating. For boat owners out there, other boat owners will be able to give you pointers on how to take care of your ship. The THERAPY-IV crew will also be present at the boat show. You will be able to hang out with the crew, as they have been to the show a number of times. The THERAPY-IV crew will be able to show you what you should check out while you are there. You can think of the THERAPY-IV crew as your tour guide during the event. The crew’s boat will be present as well so that you can compare it to the many other ones that are there. 

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Starts Tomorrow! Start making your plans today for attending the event. Prepare yourself to have a great day as you will have an amazing time. Make sure you get plenty of rest so that you can have the energy to enjoy the whole day. The event is all day, so it can be very tiring if you are not prepared to be active the entire day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Take a Pre-Boat Show Trip on The THERAPY-IV

This week is the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, one of the biggest boating events of the year. There will be boats and yachts gathered from all over Florida and the country. You will be able to view and check out some of the most beautiful around. There will also be many events surrounding the boats for you to participate in. What better way to prepare for this momentous event than to go to the Haulover Marina and go Miami Deep Sea Fishing.

Take a trip on the THERAPY-IV and go out Miami Deep Sea Fishing just days before this huge event. This is great for people who have not been on a boat in a while. The THERAPY-IV is a top of the line 48-foot boat that provides all the tools necessary to capture all kinds of fish. There are two THERAPY-IV boats to choose from, as they are nearly identical. The crew at the Haulover Marina will be able to educate you further on boats and fish of the sea. The knowledge you will gain about the THERAPY-IV will allow you to further appreciate some of the amazing boats and yachts displayed at the boat show. This will be great for when you enter the boat show; you will have more knowledge to offer. Already being well informed when going to the boat show will only make your experience that much better.

Take a day this week before the show and go out Miami Deep Sea Fishing on the THERAPY-IV. Visit the Haulover Marina to ask any questions that you may have involving boating; fishing and the boat show itself. The THERAPY-IV crew has been going to the boat show for years now, they know where to go in order for you to fully enjoy yourself.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show Must See-Events

The THERAPY-IV Haulover Marina crew wants to bring to your attention the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show that is happening this weekend. THERAPY-IV crew wanted to give you a notice ahead of time so that you can buy the tickets online now. Buying the tickets online now will save you time, money and stress. This will give you the opportunity view some of the most expensive and beautiful boats or yachts in the area. Many boats and yachts are visiting from outside the Ft. Lauderdale area as well. Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show provides must see events that are featured alongside the boats and yachts that are displayed. These events include The Blue Wild Dive Show, IGFA’s School of Sportfishing and Hook the Future’s Kids Fishing Clinics.

The Blue Wild Diva Show will feature speakers who are highly accomplished in the water diving industry. These speakers are available at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show from October 25-29. One of the speakers includes Sheri Daye who is Freedive Spearfishing National Chamption. Sheriis a multiple world record holder who hosts the “Speargun Hunter” show on Outdoor Channel. IGFA’s School of Sportfishing will be introduced at the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show. IGFA will teach the fundamentals for those new to the sportfishing activity. They will also give tips for those who are already experienced with sportsfishing.

Hook the Future program is a curriculum for children who want to be introduced to advanced fishing at a young age. These are three of the many events that will be provided by the boat show. The THERAPY-IV Haulover Marina crew wants to bring to your attention these events within the show. You should join us, as we will definitely be enjoying the show and events within alongside with you.

Monday, October 22, 2012

South Florida Ramps Up for Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show

Right now is the time of the year for the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show later this week. All sorts of boats, yachts, canoes and exotic cars for gathered for the event. Visitors come from all over the country including many boating companies residing in Florida such as Miami Deep Sea Fishing. This year will be the 53rd occasion for this event that is called the “Yachting Capital of the World”. The event covers plenty of space as it covers six different locations and three million square feed.

The event is for a large variety of people; those who are yacht-owners, boat owners, Miami
Sailfishing fishermen and those who appreciate such products. This show is highly anticipated all year long as some of the most expensive boats and yachts are displayed. The Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show covers plenty of space therefore transportation within the location is made available. There are bus shuttles, water taxis as well as riverboats so that visits can view all of the boats and yachts on display. Alongside the boats and yachts, there are many attractions within the event for guests to enjoy. Attractions for the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show includes the Blue Wild Dive Show, IGFA’s School of Sportfishing and Hook the Future’s Kids Fishing Clinics. Miami Deep Sea Fishing companies will be involved with the show displaying their boats and explaining their services. The Miami Sailfishing THERAPY-IV crew wants to bring to your attention this event.

This event is a once in a year opportunity that you should not miss out on. Anyone who is interested in Miami Sailfishing or Miami Deep Sea fishing should take a day out of their week and enjoy the show. Pricing to see the show is fair costs $20 for adults and $5 for children. We want to let you know now so that you can buy the tickets online ahead of time and save yourself some money.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Plan Your Miami Tarpon Fishing Trip Today!

Many of us are very busy with our work life and personal life. Unfortunately most of us do not have the time to go out on a boat to go Miami Tarpon Fishing. There are many people that want to go out fishing but do not have the time or resources. The availability of a boat on the day that your off is rarely convenient. Miami Tarpon fishing is a lot of fun, but it is not easy to just take a day off and simply go out to fish.

The Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew will let you book and start planning your fishing trip today. Best way to get anything done in life is to plan ahead, planning the fishing trip will help so that you can invite your friends and family. It is as simple as going on the Miami Deep Sea Fishing THERAPY-IV crew website. The feature to book your fishing trip to go Miami Tarpon Fishing is on the left of the homepage. There you will see “ BOOK YOUR FISHING TRIP” with below space to give your information. You can choose from doing a half day, full day, private charter or even a shared charter, Once you figure out who else is going with you, you can also tell them how many guests are going so that they can plan accordingly. Best of all, you will be able to set a day on a digital calendar in which you want to go Miami Tarpon Fishing.

Sailing times of the THERAPY-IV is from 8AM to 12PM or 1PM to 5PM so you can plan the time range of the trip. Unlike most boating charters, Miami Deep Sea Fishing will match any legitimate pricing of comparable charter boat services.  Plan your trip today to go Miami Tarpon Fishing with the THERAPY-IV crew.

The Sheer Beauty of the Atlantic Sailfish

The Atlantic Sailfish are within the most beautiful fish of the sea. They have a large amazing dorsal fin that is their trademark. Their dorsal fins are the largest of all the billfish in the South Eastern region. Dorsal fin of these fish is similar to a sail on a boat, which is helped for that Miami Deep Sea Fishing. Sailfish are also known for their long bill, they often called “snoots”. The bill of the sailfish is within the upper jaw as it is twice as long as the lower jaw. These fish are also known as billfishes, ocean gars, and ocean guards. Atlantic sailfish are related to the marlin fish. These fish are incredibly fast as they can travel up to 111 kilometers per hour.

These fish are gorgeous as they are metallic blue with darker and lighter sides of the body. Atlantic sailfish have a beautiful combination of light and dark colors across the body. The torso is a lighter colors as the dorsal fin has a darker color that contrasts well with the torso. Capturing these fish after some Miami Sailfish fishing is a great accomplishment.  These fish are so beautiful that the Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew present a portrayal of these fish as a trophy. The largest measurements of these fish are up to 3.15m in length and 58.1kg in weight.

These fish are not only beautiful as they are excellent fighters who are big, fast and strong. Atlantic Sailfish will put on an amazing aerial display show while you are in the process of capturing them. Capturing one of these gorgeous sailfish after some Miami Sailfish fishing is an awarding experience for fishermen everywhere. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew provides the right boat and all the tools necessary in order to successfully capture an Atlantic Sailfish.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Enjoy Miami Sailfishing Aboard The THERAPY-IV

Miami Sailfishing is an amazing experience that you should try out at least one time. Plenty of us have simply sat at the end of the dock and set up a rod waiting for some small fish to capture. There is a major difference between land fishing and going out on the THERAPY-IV to go Miami Sailfishing. These fish are huge as they can be from about 30 to 50 pounds. It is very common to see a sailfish that is under 30 pounds or even over 50 pounds. The capturing of these fish are largely appraised by many fellow fishermen. Outside of the challenge of capturing these fish, the adventure is an enjoyable experience.

The THERAPY-IV is a top of the line boat that flows smoothly onto the sea. This boat is beautiful and large in both the outside and inside. Inside of the boat is very comfortable when you are out sailing abroad. All the tools necessary are provided in order to successfully go Miami Sailfishing. Outside on the boat provides plenty of space so you can comfortably relax on it. The THERAPY-IV provides a water tank in which bait is provided for you to find and capture the sailfish. This boat has both the comfort and capability to successfully capture sailfish.

Only one trip is necessary for you to understand how enjoyable Miami Sailfishing is. These fish will be found in offshore waters. The THERPAY-IV will take you where you want to be in merely minutes. There are two THERAPY-IVs available so that two groups of people can enjoy this boat at the same time. Take a day to enjoy Miami Sailfishing abroad the THERAPY-IV with your friends and family, you will not regret it. You will be able to say that you captured one of the most dangerous fish of the sea.