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Friday, February 3, 2012

“I Got a Big One” – Top Three Big Fish to Catch in Miami Deep Sea Fishing

Nothing beats a good day out on the boat with beverages, friends and some of the most challenging catches Miami Deep Sea Fishing has to offer. If you find yourself with a fish on the line that’s quite difficult to handle, you may have the catch one of the following monster fish. Therapy IV fishing adventurers encounter these fish on a daily basis and here is a top 3 ranking of fish to catch based on difficulty, fun and overall prize. 

#1 Shark Fishing Miami
Nothing beats the feeling of catching the ultimate aquatic predator. Whether it’s a Nurse Shark, Hammerhead or other sharks native to Florida - this is one tough catch.  Strong stubborn and dangerous, sharks can give you a workout on the other end of the pole. However, in the end, catching a shark is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that lets you top some of the deadliest predators on earth.

#2 SailFishing Miami
The Sailfish may not be as deadly or dangerous as the shark, but what it lacks in danger it makes up for in speed. This speedy fish is one of the fastest fish in the ocean and is a wonder to behold. When caught, this fish will make huge leaps out of the water that make it both fun and extremely challenging to reel in. This fish is particularly stunning with beautiful features like a massive sail for a dorsal fin and long pointy bill – quite the prize for any fisherman.

#3 Tarpon Fishing Miami
This may not be the prettiest fish in the world, but they get big. The Atlantic Tarpon can get up to 8 feet long and up to 350 pounds. Bringing this fish in is something like reeling in an offensive lineman from Green Bay Packers. If you find yourself reeling in a fish and getting nowhere fast, chances are it’s a Tarpon.

Next time you’re out on Therapy IV deep sea charter boat and you have a fish on the line that that is quite large, it could be one of the monsters above. If you haven’t caught one of these fish before – there’s no time like the present. Visit the Halouver Park Marina and visit Captain Stan on the Therapy IV, he’ll help you reel in one of these monsters.

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