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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Miami Beach Mahi-Mahi Fishing Experience

Whenever anyone hears of Dolphin Fishing Miami – they typically respond with horror since they think you’re fishing for Flipper. The other dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) is a fish unlike the bottle-nosed marine mammal which also shares its name.  Along with being incredibly fun to sport fish, Mahi-Mahi are delicious and a staple cuisine among South Floridians. These fish are admittedly not as exciting to reel in as a shark or tarpon, but have their own unique excitement and are much tastier.

The Mahi-Mahi lives in large groups together which need to be found by expert fishermen like those on the crew of THERAPY-IV. Once you have found a school of Mahi-Mahi, you can start fishing and possibly pull in a large amount of mahi-mahi that can feed you and your family with delicious fish all weekend.

Mahi-Mahi can grow to large sizes but typically don’t exceed three to four feet in length and up to 100 pounds. These fish are large but not too large for your family to catch. Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing for Dolphin is particularly nice as a family outing because there is a medium difficultly level to catching dolphin.

They are not the most attractive fish in the world but they do have a beautiful shiny blue and green exterior. Since this fish in incredibly popular in the tropical waters of South Florida, it becomes a must catch for tourists visiting. Despite their homeliness, some do still find them to be nice prize fish for your wall or a photo. Their vibrant color pattern and strange bulging forehead make it very unique in appearance.   

Even if you’re not fishing for Mahi-Mahi, be sure to enjoy this fish in any South Florida restaurant on or near the coast. This is one of the most popular fish served in Miami and Miami Beach seafood restaurants. Of course, fish always taste better when you have put the work into catching them and get to have them fresh.


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