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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sailfishing in Miami – Profiling the Fastest Fish in the Ocean

Sailfish on Therapy IV
Of the many fish you can catch during your Miami Beach deep sea fishing excursions, few rival the difficulty and prize of the Atlantic Sailfish.  Fishermen come from all over the world come to fish the warms waters of South Florida for these prized fish. Therapy IV, a deep sea fishing vessel in Miami Beach, specializes in this particular fish. 

This species of fish is capable of swimming nearly 35 MPH in sustained speed and some studies suggest up to 60 MPH in short bursts. Reaching lengths up to 10 feet and up to 220 lbs, this is one formidable fish.

The sailfish gets its namesake from a beautiful dorsal fin that runs the length of its body. Its other distinguishing characteristic is its long pointy bill which is shares with other billfish in the Istiophoridae family. The sailfish is capable of swimming to depths of 655 feet below sea level and can be found in many deep sea locations throughout the Atlantic Ocean, but exists in large populations around the peninsula of Florida, and more specifically, South Florida and the Caribbean. 

The sailfish also has trademark behavior in the ocean characterized by its immense speed and unique physical attributes.  It swims with its massive dorsal fin down most of the time, but opens its sail when threatened or to give it maneuverability. When caught, the fish will use its incredible speed, building up momentum, and jump out of the water making it incredibly difficult to handle. 

The many beautiful characteristics of this fish and its high level of difficulty to catch, make it one of the most prized catches among deep sea fishermen. If you’re interested in taking on this formidable fish, stop by the Halouver Park Marina and visit Captain Stan on Therapy IV, for a truly incredible fishing experience. For more info visit Sailfishing Miami .

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