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Friday, February 10, 2012

Three Reasons Tarpon is the Best Catch

Tarpon may seem like a boring fish when compared to the flare of the Sailfish or the danger involved in shark fishing, but most fishermen know that Tarpon Fishing Miami is the ultimate deep sea excursion. The Tarpon not only grows to nearly 8 feet in length and 280 pounds but it has some unique attributes and behavior that makes them both challenging and a great prize for any fisherman. Below are the three main reasons Tarpon are the best catch – for those going on Miami Deep Sea Fishing adventures on Therapy IV.

Interesting Fact: The Tarpon has a swim bladder which is a pseudo-respiratory organ which allows them to take in small amounts of oxygen from the water’s surface. This is why this creature can be seen often in shallow water.

#1 – Size Matters

This is one big fish. They can be found in shallow water where you can get a really good look at these monster fish. Growing up to 8 feet in length, some fishermen in small boats have trouble even getting these beasts on board (that won’t be a problem of the 58-foot Therapy IV fishing boat). They can weigh up to 280 pounds – that weight mixed with their agility and speed makes them extremely difficult to reel in.

#2 – Agile for a Big Fish
Eight feet long and 280 pounds does not slow this fish down a bit. Still lightning fast and agile, this fish is known for jumping high into the air while on the line. This not only makes for a spectacle, it keeps you on your toes while reeling them in. Fully matured Tarpon often find themselves in altercations with sharks, alligators and porpoises because of shared habitat so they are battle hardened. 

#3 – The Ultimate Prize Fish

The best prize fish is the one that takes two people to hold up in a picture. This is one of the few fish you can catch that will legitimately be larger than you. If size matters when it comes to prize fish, than Tarpon is the ultimate prize.

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