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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top Three Shark Fishing in Miami Experiences

First things first, some rumors need to be cleared up about sharks. While they are incredible predators, their threat to humans is minimal. Shark attacks are incredibly rare and there are few sharks big enough, aggressive enough and confused enough to go after humans.

That being said, sharks are pretty incredible creatures. Being the nearly undisputed apex predator of there habitat - these creatures have fewer numbers than their prey, hard to spot and very difficult to catch. To catch a shark on a Shark Fishing Miami trip, you need patience, strength and the expert crew of the THERAPY IV. Here are three sharks you could catch on your next Miami Deep Sea Fishing Excursion.

 #1 Hammerhead Shark

Unique in appearance and nearly unmatched in strength and aggression - this is the fish you've waited your whole life to catch. Its distinct hammer-shaped head make it easily recognizable at the end of any fisherman's line. If you have it in you to pull one of these on board - it could mean an incredible prize, unparalleled accomplishment, and picture you can brag about to your friends for years to come.

#2 Tiger Shark

This is a less common shark in Florida. The Tiger Shark gets its namesake from beautiful stripes on its back that make it easy to discern when caught. This shark is well known for its incredibly sharp teeth, hot temper and incredibly hard bit - a dangerous combination.

#3  Bull Shark

This is quite possibly the meanest, most aggressive shark you will come by in South Florida waters. With a size of up to 11 feet in length and 500 pounds, this nasty shark is extremely tough to catch and reel in. To give you an idea of their aggression, this shark has a tendency to head-but their prey before attacking. Reeling in a Bull Shark could be the ultimate prize on your deep sea fishing excursion.

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