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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Three Popular Misconceptions About Sharks and Shark Fishing

Yes sharks are fearsome, yes they can be aggressive and yes they are apex predators – but the popularly held belief that they are an imminent danger to humans should be dispelled. It is true that one should not go out of there way to antagonize a shark for obvious reasons.

A lot of their bad publicity has come thanks to overly imaginative portrayals of man-eating sharks in Hollywood and folklore.  The most popular portrayal of a “Man-Eating Shark” was in the famous 1975 movie “Jaws”. In the movie a huge Great White Shark goes on a killing spree and is eventually taken down with high explosives. Obviously sharks do not require explosives to catch, you can ask the crew of the THERAPY IV, a Miami Deep Sea Fishing Yacht, which does its fair share of responsible Shark Fishing.

#1 – All Sharks are Dangerous to Humans:
There are over 400 species of shark with only ten that are considered “Dangerous to Humans”.
“Dangerous” to humans is a bit of an overstatement considering the miniscule chances of actually getting attacked by a shark. In fact, world-wide there are only ten fatalities related to shark attacks annually.

#2 – Sharks are Large Predators
Sharks can be large, but a majority of them are significantly smaller than a human. Most sharks grow to only three feet in length and weigh far less than a human. When people think of sharks, they typically consider the Great White Shark, Hammerhead or some other large sub-species which is abnormally large in the world of sharks.

#3 – Shark Fishing is Dangerous
While slightly more dangerous than other types of fishing, shark fishing is an incredibly safe practice when done with trained professionals. The THERAPY IV is a deep sea fishing yacht that specializes in Miami Shark Fishing. Going out an catching sharks on the deep sea fishing yacht is a safe practice – they are known to catch hammerhead sharks, nurse sharks, tiger sharks and more.  

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