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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Sharks with a Meanest Bite

Sharks are known for being fierce predators with a strong bite – and behind that bite are razor sharp teeth. As apex predators – sharks have serrated teeth designed to catch predators and hold on with massively strong jaws. Their skill as predators and impressive set of built-in weapons has made them the source of fear and awe for humans. Despite their deadly reputation, they are mostly harmless for humans – shark attacks onhumans are rare. That being said, they demand the respect of human and fish alike.  Here are the three sharks with the meanest bite.

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#1 – Great White Shark
I’m sure you could have guessed that this mega-predator, who was the inspiration for the movie “Jaws”, would make it on the list. They are the Tyrannosaurus Rex of the ocean, with a bite force that has unofficially observed at 4,000 lbs of strength. They also have large serrated teeth and are known for being aggressive. The good news is these sharks are popular in the waters of South Africa and Australia giving us Floridians a little reprieve.

#2 – Tiger Shark
This shark is not quite as large as the Great White, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in ferocity. This shark is known for having the sharpest teeth of any in the ocean.  The Tiger Shark can also get to sizes well over ten-feet long and 800 lbs. This shark’s mean stare and formidable jaws have made it one of the most feared sharks in the ocean and revered as a deity by some cultures including Hawaiian Mythology.

#3 – Bull Shark
The smallest and weakest bite of the three on this list would make you wonder why this shark is on the list. Well, the Bull Shark has a very hot temper, and is known to use its bite more often than any shark. The Bull Shark is not a shark to be taken lightly.  They live in shallow warm water around the globe and have a tolerance for fresh water since many shallow water areas are estuaries.


  1. To go out and understand the sharks would be nice I stead of just killing them. I'm not aganst fishing but sometimes it's nice to put the largest catch back in.

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