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Monday, April 9, 2012

Fishing for the Ultimate Predator – Shark Fishing Miami

Sharks are often described as “Ultimate” predators or “Fierce” predators or a long list of menacing adjectives. This leads many to believe that they are dangerous to humans, which is true but in a very small sense. Sharks are more dangerous than most ocean dwellers but attacks on humans are so incredibly rare that their risk to us is miniscule. Sharks are magnificent creatures that deserve respect and all the work being done to protect their habitat and food sources. South Florida is known for incredible deep sea shark fishing Miami excursions to catch this ultimate predator. It is important to note that deep sea fishing for sharks is done responsibly and the real threat to their numbers is major commercial fishing that takes away their food source.

Catching a shark is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. These animals are extremely aggressive inside and out of the water. Their speed, strength and cunning provided to them by their predatory instincts make them more difficult to catch than tarpon and other large fish lower on the food chain. Sharks are known for speed, cunning, aggression and of course – a majorly powerful bite. Some sharks bite at strengths equivalent to hundreds and even thousands of pounds of pressure. Feeling this pressure at the end of a fishing line is a humbling experience. As soon as they are hooked, reeling in these mega-creatures is a seriously difficult task. You quickly find out how fast sharks are when you catch them. You will see your line race across the ocean faster and with more agility than any boat can maneuver.

South Florida in particular is known for its hammerhead sharks, nurse sharks and thrasher sharks. Hammerheads are some of the most exciting to catch. Being incredibly large bottom feeders, these sharks are difficult to find and catch, but are the ultimate prize for any deep sea fishermen. Hammerhead sharks and sailfish are the most commonly mounted fish and make for epic pictures on land or in the boat.

Contrary to popular belief, catching sharks is not particularly dangerous – especially when done with trained professionals like the crew of the THERAPY-IV. Be sure to contact them for your next Miami Deep Sea Fishing excursion.

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