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Monday, April 2, 2012

Tarpon Fishing – Reeling in Big – Big Fish

Fishing for Tarpon starts out like any other Miami deep sea fishing trip on the THERAPY IV, one of the boats pulls out of the Hualover Marina dock and heads out to the inlet which is just minutes away. As soon as the boat gets to where the water is deep enough to catch monster fish like Marlin, Sailfish and yes – Tarpon the lines are cast and the adventure begins. So the question is – how do you know you have a tarpon on the line. Well first of all, Tarpon can massive fish that really put up a fight – so as soon as you feel that first tug, chances are you’ll know it’s a tarpon.

Tarpon are known to leap out of the water while being reeled in. At that point, you’ll notice their slightly bland features. What’s really impressive about the Tarpon, rather than a flamboyant appearance like the Sailfish, is their incredibly massive size. Tarpon can be huge- upwards of 60 to 100 pounds. Some distinct features of the tarpon are their colorful scales and pronounced under-bite.  Their lower jaw sticks out a couple inches past their upper jaw.

Pulling in these huge catches is a workout, adventure and extreme accomplishment all rolled up into one rewarding experience.  Surprisingly, these fish make good trophy fish as well. Typically you think of barracuda, sailfish, marlin as some of the best trophy fish, but the tarpon is equal if not better. Pictures with a huge tarpon come out great and are wonderful souvenirs for any experience or first time deep sea fisherman.

Going Miami tarpon fishing is a once-in-a-lifetime experience many people have experienced aboard the THERAPY IV. It’s no coincidence that people looking to catch tarpon specifically experience that on the THERAPY IV. They are experts at catching whatever fish you’d like in the warm South Florida waters. Those looking to have Miami Sailfishing experiences, wahoo fishing, or tarpon fishing can trust the THERAPY IV to make it happen. 

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