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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The THERAPY-IV goes above and beyond for Fleet Week

With the Take a Hero Fishing tournament set to begin tomorrow.  The THERAPY-IV Miami Beach fishing yacht will be among the fleet of charters taking sailors fishing for the day.  Captain Stan Saffan is well-known for his acts of generosity and philanthropy.  Both THERAPY-IV. yachts have a painting of the Special Forces insignia on the stern of the vessel.  Captain Stan has planted palm trees in Haulover Marina, Painted an American flag on the welcome signs to the park, Mounted fish on the welcome sign to the marina and many other acts of kindness over the years.  

The Take a Hero Fishing Tournament is no different.  Not only has Captain Stan volunteered his vessel for the tournament, but he will provide food and beverage for the sailors amongst other pleasantries.  That was not enough for Stan to show his appreciation for our military.  Captain Stan called his friends at GrayTaxidermy and convinced them of his cause.  Gray Taxidermy and Captain Ian Hall have agreed to donate a trophy-fish for the largest edible fish caught during the tournament tomorrow. 

Writing this blog for Captain Stan, the hard part is putting into words his attitude towards philanthropy.   He does not see it as a burden or an annoyance to donate his boat, not to mention his gas, crew and other expenses to show our military a good time during fleet week.  In fact, being around him a lot, you get the sense that he looks forward to doing things for other people.  Stan is one of those rare people that is unselfish with his resources and looks forward to being able to brighten the lives of those around him.  I personally can’t wait to see the boat as it comes back into Lauderdale Marina tomorrow and all the fun the sailors and crew have had at sea aboard the THERAPY-IV.  Pay attention to the next couple of blogs which will be about their adventures as the Therapy 4 continues to make dreams come true!

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  1. Captain Stan really is the real deal. He shows me that all we fight for is justified. He exercises his freedom as any warrior would wish a citizen to....
    AND he'll take ya out to where the really big fish are!! Bonus! No other Captain compares. God bless the Therapy IV and her entire crew!!