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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The THERAPY-IV Invites You to Celebrate Fourth of July Deep Sea Fishing in Miami!

The THERAPY-IV is preparing to celebrate their favorite holiday – The 4th of July!! If you’re wondering why this is The THERAPY-IV’s favorite holiday, you don’t know the captain and crew very well. The THERAPY-IV is quite possibly the most patriotic deep sea fishing Miami captain, crew and boat. Captain Stan of The THERAPY-IV frequently donates his time, resources and boats to the causes of supporting American troops, recognizing local civil servants and promoting American pride.

That being said, if you are going to choose a deep sea fishing charter this Fourth of July – The THERPY-IV is the way to go. They will go out four times total Wednesday July 4th between their two fishing yachts for half-day trips. Their deep sea fishing yachts are top-of-the-line with high quality fishing equipment, expert crew members, indoor bars and flat screen televisions. The THERAPY-IV has all the expertise and creature comforts needed for a truly epic 4th of July deep sea fishing excursion.

A little more background on Captain Stan and The THERAPY-IV; they were featured on a the Sportsman Channel TV Show “Coming Home with Greg Stube” which highlights sporting activities for soldiers returning home from war. Captain Stan has also donated an American flag and flagpole to the Hualover Marina. He also facilitated the renovation of Haulover Marina sign to include an American flag mural. Being a fishing Captain for over 45-years, Stan Saffan has continuously grown in his pride for America and belief in the American Dream.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Miami Heat Cheerleaders Welcome as The-THERAPY-IV Extends Their Free Trip Offer

The THERAPY-IV has been in the news quite a bit lately for their generous offers to the Miami Heat for free deep sea fishing Miami trips. Their latest offer was extended to the extremely talented Miami Heat Cheerleading Squad. The cheerleading squad has been critical in boosting the morale of players and fans throughout the season and post-season dramatics. The Miami Heat Cheerleading Squad features world-class dancers who go by their first name in their profile: Alexandria, Angelica, Ashley, Brianna, Casey, Jaime, Juliana and more are all invited for a free half-day trip on The THERAPY-IV in Haulover Marina.  

According to the official press release related to this offer,

“Captain Stan decided to extend this offer to the cheerleaders for their exemplary support of the Miami Heat throughout the year. They are undoubtedly the most talented dance team in the NBA and must be to represent the most talented basketball team. The dance group is known for its upbeat dance performances during half-time and breaks throughout the many Miami Heat games”.

The THERAPY-IV originally extended a free trip offer to LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris 
Bosh. After a close Conference Final and Semi-Final, Captain Stan extended his offer to rest of the team, Head Coach Erik Spoelstra and even the Miami Heat mascot “Burnie”. His latest offer is likely the last he will extend to the team and their staff. The THERAPY-IV has yet to hear a response from the team and staff, but is seeking new avenues in which to contact the popular professional sports team.

Captain Stan has been at the helm of The THERAPY-IV for over 45 years and has a lot of pride in South Florida and its local sports teams. The offer was extended to the Miami Heat team and staff as a thank you for what they’ve brought to the city with their amazing and classy victories. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Miami Heat’s Well Deserved Celebration – Let’s Keep the Party Going!!!!

Miami marks a city-wide Miami Heat celebration today. Small businesses will be closed around the city and big corporations will be shocked at the number of people calling in sick – it’s Miami Heat Celebration Day!!! Starting with a parade in Downtown Miami and building up into an all-night extravaganza, Miami will display one of its best qualities…celebration.

In case you’ve been living on another planet the last couple months, the Miami Heat won an NBA title last week in an incredibly impressive performance against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The OKC Thunder were very challenging opponents who deserve better than an early exit from the finals – but the Miami Heat were just too dominant. LeBron James performed masterfully throughout the series earning him the MVP trophy. His happiness with the outcome was incredibly evident for someone who keeps a very cool attitude through big events.

Local Miamians have come together in a way reminiscent of the early 90’s performance by the University of Miami and the early 70’s performance from the Miami Dolphins. There is an aura of dynasty in the air. We don’t want to put too much pressure on our players who have delivered more than enough with a NBA title, but no one in their right mind thinks they are done performing.

Along with the city-wide celebration happening today, the offer by Stan Saffan of a free deep sea fishing Miami trip to LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, the Miami Heat players, Head Coach and mascot Burnie, Captain Stan has extended his offer to the Miami Heat cheerleaders who also helped in keeping morale of fans and players up. Captain Stan and The THERAPY-IV are extremely excited about the NBA title win and the chances that players will accept their free deep sea fishing trip offer. We will keep you updated here on the The THERAPY-IV blog. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Heat Nation Rejoices - LeBron James Next Big Decision

It's final - The Miami Heat are NBA Champions!!!!! The city of Miami is still in a frenzy in celebration of their beloved team. So many story lines, so much anticipation, so many expectation finally comes to an end with Miami, LeBron James and the Heat on top. It was definitely a team effort that allowed the team to effectively dispatch a very talented Oklahoma City Thunder team, but all eyes were on the league and series MVP - LeBron James. His triple double in the final game and near perfect performance in the previous three games was the talk of the championship. As the clock ran down - LeBron James unbridled joy was clearly evident.

The Miami Heat didn't just win the series -they dominated. With the exception of their Game 1 loss against the Thunder - there wasn't a doubt in anyone's mind that Miami would prevail. Winning the series 4-1 is impressive enough - but the final game Miami took a commanding lead.  Rarely in a basketball game - is the game a forgone conclusion at the star of the 4th quarter, but that was definitely the case last night. 

After the game - Miami turned into one giant party. With pots and pans being banged from Kendall and Little Havana to Miami Beach and even Fort Lauderdale. This team allowed the nation to see the kind of city we have - a fun loving and pride-filled place.

US Coast Guard - Go Heat!
Now that the confetti and fireworks have settled - all that is left is the epic parade schedule for Monday. The city of Miami will be in attendance for this massive party. The event has also been dubbed "LeBron James Coronation". However, King James has yet another Big Decision to make - he can choose to take Captain Stan's offer for a free deep sea fishing Miami trip. He Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and the entire Miami Heat team still have an offer from Captain Stan on the table. What will it be King James - do you accept our offer?     

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three Reasons Miami Beach is the #1 Place to Go Deep Sea Fishing

So you want to plan an absolutely epic deep sea fishing excursion and want to know the perfect destination. You have heard people talk about the Pacific Northwest, Off the Coast of Texas, the New England Coast – but the hands down best place to go on an incredible deep sea fishing trip is off the coast of South Florida.  Since the Haulover Marina in Miami Beach has the best deep sea fishing vessels, Miami Beach is the #1 place to go deep sea fishing. The top three reason deep sea fishing in Miami is the best are listed below:

#1 Short Distance to Deep Waters – Anywhere you go from Northern Florida to the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find conditions in which a boat must travel hours to get to deep waters. The time it takes to get into sufficient deep sea waters cuts into the general fishing time. In South Florida, and Miami Beach in particular, has incredible geographic features which allow boats to get out to deep sea fishing waters in less than an hour. That leaves the entire day for deep sea fishing adventure.

#2 The Best Fish and Shark to Catch – whether you are looking for exciting billfish to catch or sharks, the waters off the coast of Miami Beach are perfect. It’s common for those participating in MiamiSailfishing excursions to catch large and fast sailfish that make for great prizes and pictures. There is also plenty of shark fishing to be had with all kinds of ferocious sharks to catch.

#3 Best Possible Location – If you are planning on visiting Miami Beach for your deep sea fishing excursion, you’ll be pleased to find more than just world class fishing. Miami Beach is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and features fine dining, entertainment and some of the best hotels available. The time you don’t spend on an epic deep sea fishing excursion can be spent enjoying everything South Beach has to offer.

Miami Going Heat Crazy – As The Team Takes Game 4 of the NBA Finals

Miami is used to scorching heat during the summer, but there’s a completely different kind of “Heat” on everyone’s mind. The Miami Heat are just one game away from clinching the NBA finals and the local tension is palpable. The streets are filled with people honking their horns, every man woman and child is decorated with Miami Heat paraphernalia. The city of Miami has not seen hysteria like this since maybe the University of Miami’s famous title runs in the early 90’s. The Miami Heat did win several years ago but this year’s team has garnered so much media attention – this championship is simply different.

The THERAPY-IV and Captain Stan Saffan have been wholeheartedly behind the team – not just in fan support but also through tangible commitment. Captain Stan has offered LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, the entire Miami Heat Team, Coach Erik Spoelstra and even the mascot Burnie, a free trip on The THERAPY-IV in honor of their incredible performances. The THERAPY-IV consists of two deep sea fishing Miami charter yachts that go out twice-a-day out of Haulover Marina. The boats are fully equipped with flat screen televisions, state-of-the-art fishing equipment, and indoor bar. The offer continues to stand as the finals come to an inevitable dramatic conclusion.

The Miami Heat have one more game to win to prove the critics wrong, to fill the city of Miami with hope and give Miamians yet another reason to celebrate. It is difficult to describe to anyone outside of Miami what a metamorphosis this team has created. We’re a city with rampant unemployment, an imploded housing market with hundreds of families falling out of the middle class, however, all the city’s woes are forgotten with every win the Miami Heat have during this series. Thursday night, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat organization have an opportunity to deliver a huge jolt of enthusiasm, pride and victory into a city that has suffered the last couple years. The excitement is more than just sports fanaticism - it’s Miami pride!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Summer – Best Time to Go Miami Deep Sea Fishing

You may think that Miami’s tourist season ending would be a lull period for deep sea fishing vessels – but it’s absolutely not. The Summer brings warmer waters and periods where Miami Sailfishing, dolphin fishing, marlin fishing are more abundant than ever. Fishing enthusiasts from South Florida and all over the country flock to the Haulover Marina for this fishing frenzy. Listed below are the top three reasons the Summer is absolutely the best time to go on a Miami deep sea fishing excursion.

Quality – The amount of big game fish available increases by a lot during the Summer. Deep sea fishing trips on The THERAPY-IV come back with some of the biggest catches of the year. Sailfish are particularly abundant this time of year and are by far the most fun fish to catch during these trips. They are fast, big, and make for incredible prize as a picture or mounted. You are also more likely to catch other fish like Tarpon, Amberjacks, Sharks and more.

Affordable Traveling – If you are buying a plane ticket and staying in a hotel in Miami Beach to go fishing, you can save up to 50% on what you would pay during Winter. The entire trip will be much less expensive if you are planning a bachelor party, birthday celebration or just a deep sea fishing getaway. The cost-effectiveness means you can go deep sea fishing in a prime location for an incredibly reasonable price.

Less Clutter – There is another big benefit to visiting Miami Beach during the tourist off-season – less clutter. No traffic jams, less clutter at the beach, restaurants and shops. This is a great opportunity for you out-of-towners to take advantage of great fishing and less clutter in a prime destination.
Feel free to share your Summer deep sea fishing experience on the THERAPY-IV here on this blog. If you are interested in booking a trip – contact Captain Stan Saffan.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Miami Heat Continue Hot Streak as THERAPY-IV Offer Continues

The Miami Heat had an impressive win yesterday against a formidable Oklahoma City Thunder team. Their win has further jolted Miami into a fan frenzy for the dream team lineup of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. The trifecta of incredible basketball players has sparked interest in the Miami community and ire from the rest of the country. They are heroes in Miami but villains in many different parts of the country. Captain Stan of The-THERAPY-IV decided to stand firmly behind the team offering them all free Miami deep sea fishing excursions on one of his two amazing deep sea fishing vessels. 

Three weeks ago when the Miami Heat were locked in a grueling conference final series with the Boston Celtics, Captain Stan made his offer to the top three players on the Miami Heat (Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh). After the Miami Heat went behind in the series Captain Stan extended his offer from just the top three players to the entire team which includes LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Norris Cole, Eddy Curry, Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, Dexter Pittman, Terrel Harris, Joel Anthony, Juwan Howard, James Jones and Ronny Turiaf.

The Miami Heat were able to turn the series around entering a dramatic game seven oddly enough as underdogs. Captain Stan, as a 45-year captain of incredible crews knew that what they needed was a good performance from the players but also stellar leadership from the coach. With that in mind, Captain Stan extended his free Miami deep sea fishing excursion to Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. Ultimately, his strategy and the teams overall performance let them win the day and advance to the finals where they have taken the lead. 

For more information on Miami shark fishing, sailfishing, dolphin fishing and more. Contact Captain Stan Saffan.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How Local Professional Athletes Should Spend Their Free Time in Miami – Fishing

Miami is home to plenty of professional sports teams. From the Miami Dolphins to the Miami Heat – this city is rife with sporting activities for any fan. But, the players who also live in Miami need to “blow off some steam” in between big games. The best way for them to do that is by going on a deep sea fishing excursion with Captain Stan and the THERAPY-IV. Listed below are the professional teams and their corresponding best fishing outings to take.

Miami Dolphins – This team would obviously enjoy Miami dolphin fishing. Sure, the Dolphins mascot is a porpoise and the type of “dolphin” being fished are Mahi-Mahi, but this type of fishing is perfect. Dolphin fishing involves team work and can yield incredible results. Hook one dolphin and the school will stay close by allowing you pull up even more.

Miami Marlins – This team should obviously go on Miami Marlin fishing trips….it only makes sense. Marlins are fast, strong and make for an incredible prize in the clubhouse. The Miami Marlins have won two World titles since they were established and may want to catch two Marlin to signify that.

Miami Heat – The Miami Heat were recently invited to go on a deep sea fishing excursion during
their rigorous playoff run. The one thing that these players need to relax and get back into the  groove of winning is a high quality fishing trip that will bring Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James back together as a winning team.

Florida Panthers – Technically this team is located slightly north of Miami but nonetheless has many Miami fans. They definitely need to take a break from the ice and go out on a “once in a lifetime” trip to catch Marlin, Dolphin and Sailfish. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Miami Heat Continue Dominating Campaign - As THERAPY-IV Ups its Game

The THERAPY-IV, which is a deep sea sport fishing vessel in Miami Beach, Florida, extended an offer two weeks ago to the Miami Heat – an NBA professional basketball team. After the first two games of the conference final, Captain Stan Saffan of The THERAPY-IV offered free Miami deep sea fishing trips to the Heat’s top players LeBron James and Dwayne Wade after their stellar performances. The next week Miami Heat fell three games behind in the series and Captain Stan extended his offer for a free trip to all Miami Heat players. The Miami Heat then won the next two games winning the conference finals putting them into the NBA finals which start this week.

Many people have been asking what Captain Stan will do next to incentivize the local sports team to win it all. Captain Stan and The THERAPY-IV responded by offering the Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra a free trip also. After all, the best players may get the spotlight but the supporting cast and the Head Coach play equally vital roles. Erik Spoelstra has been coaching the Miami Heat since 2008 and has won the Conference Title twice and lost in the NBA Final last year. He is an incredible coach who coaches and incredible team.

Captain Stan Saffan is a proclaimed “#1 Heat Fan” who flies Miami Heat flags over his two amazing deep sea fishing yachts out of the Haulover Marina. He also donated a Miami Heat flag that flies over Haulover Marina itself. He has operated his deep sea fishing vessels in South Florida for over 45 years and in that time – seen the positive impact of local sports teams. Captain Stan knows what the Miami Heat winning the NBA title can bring to the city of Miami and Miami Beach – that is one of the main reasons he has extended these offers. We will keep you updated on Erik Spoelstra response.      

Friday, June 8, 2012

Miami Heat Sets Boston on Fire – Coming Home for Game 7

The Miami Heat performed incredibly in Game 6 of the Conference final against the Boston Celtics. LeBron James scored 45-points as the Miami Heat basically dominated the entire game. In Boston, with the team on its heals facing elimination – expectations were high but most people thought they couldn’t pull it off….they did, in glorious fashion.

Captain Stan made the headlines recently by offering Dwayne Wade and LeBron James a free trip on The THERAPY-IV deep sea fishing vessel for their performances in Game 1 and Game 2 of the series. As the Heat fell back in the series to with Boston winning three games in a row – the Heat faced elimination. Captain Stan stepped up his game also by offering a free trip to all the Miami Heat players and not just the notable “Stars”. This was Captain Stan’s strategy to boost the performance of everyone on the team – and it worked.

The THERAPY-IV is still offering the trip to all Heat Players including the hero of last night LeBron James. Captain Stan’s over 45-years of experience as a deep sea fishing captain in South Florida has shown him that a winning sports team is good for everyone in the city. The Miami Dolphins winning in 1970-1971 propelled this city into the spotlight and resulted in years of pride and prosperity. The University of Miami’s impressive performances in the 1990’s still resonates today and now the Miami Heat must carry the torch moving Miami’s pride and prosperity forward. For that Captain Stan thanks the team and offers them a free Miami deep sea fishing trip.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Talk About a Fishing Trip

Heading out on a nice day of fishing, the group with Patrick Cummings was probably hoping for a great fight with an Amberjack or an encounter with a Barracuda.  The crew aboard the THERAPY-IV had a different experience in store for them.  Mind you, I am writing this story from looking at the pictures.  The saying “A picture says a thousand words” holds especially true for Pat Cumming’s Miami Deep Sea Fishing trip yesterday. 

A couple things that is easily observable from the great photos taken yesterday:

•    Everyone is smiling from ear to ear
•    It is absolutely gorgeous weather
•    The water looks calm in the background
•    Everyone is wearing the same hat and bandana (everyone loves a uniform)

Last and certainly not least is the fact that there are HUGE ASS FISH in the photos.  Not only are the fish gigantic but they caught a Hammerhead Shark which looks a solid 7- feet.  Catching a Hammerhead is a special experience and the memories of that will probably last forever.  But this crew of adventurers had another surprise in store.  They reeled in a monster sailfish which appears to be bigger than the Hammerhead.

A Sailfish and a Hammerhead in the same trip!  Wow.  The crew of the THERAPY-IV aims  to make dreams come true on every trip  but this is a special catch and we would like to congratulate the anglers who came with Pat Cummings on this day of great Miami sailfishing.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Three Popular Trends Among Professional Athletes

Celebrity athletes are often in the news.  Whether they are retiring or un-retiring, or getting married or remarried, there is a few activities that they all tend to get reported doing.   The supreme dedication it takes for a professional athlete to make it to the highest levels of sport is what we celebrate when watching them on T.V.  They are accomplishing something that most people cannot.  Whether it is the natural ability or the work ethic or the mental game, professional athletes are awed by the public for many reasons. 

Below are some things you always hear about athletes doing with their free time:

•    Nightclubs- You can’t check out at the grocery store without hearing about some athlete who hit the town the night before.  Some photographer caught them with a funny look on their face or them dancing on a table.  Nonetheless this is a very popular off the clock activity for athletes. 

•    Deep Sea Fishing- The chase for the deep ocean monsters draws almost everyone to charter a boat.  For professional athletes it seems that this allure of sport fishing is impossible to resist.  It makes sense that the biggest and strongest of the human species would want to do battle with the biggest and strongest from the sea.  Among the most popular kinds of fishing are Marlin Fishing, Shark Fishing and Sailfishing.

•    Real Estate Shopping- They have to spend the money somewhere.   It is a common site for celebrity athletes to be spotted looking at the most exciting real estate. At THERAPY-IV, we have entertained many athletes.  Famous athlete or just famous at your High School, Miami Deep Sea Fishing is the most exciting in the world.