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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Summer – Best Time to Go Miami Deep Sea Fishing

You may think that Miami’s tourist season ending would be a lull period for deep sea fishing vessels – but it’s absolutely not. The Summer brings warmer waters and periods where Miami Sailfishing, dolphin fishing, marlin fishing are more abundant than ever. Fishing enthusiasts from South Florida and all over the country flock to the Haulover Marina for this fishing frenzy. Listed below are the top three reasons the Summer is absolutely the best time to go on a Miami deep sea fishing excursion.

Quality – The amount of big game fish available increases by a lot during the Summer. Deep sea fishing trips on The THERAPY-IV come back with some of the biggest catches of the year. Sailfish are particularly abundant this time of year and are by far the most fun fish to catch during these trips. They are fast, big, and make for incredible prize as a picture or mounted. You are also more likely to catch other fish like Tarpon, Amberjacks, Sharks and more.

Affordable Traveling – If you are buying a plane ticket and staying in a hotel in Miami Beach to go fishing, you can save up to 50% on what you would pay during Winter. The entire trip will be much less expensive if you are planning a bachelor party, birthday celebration or just a deep sea fishing getaway. The cost-effectiveness means you can go deep sea fishing in a prime location for an incredibly reasonable price.

Less Clutter – There is another big benefit to visiting Miami Beach during the tourist off-season – less clutter. No traffic jams, less clutter at the beach, restaurants and shops. This is a great opportunity for you out-of-towners to take advantage of great fishing and less clutter in a prime destination.
Feel free to share your Summer deep sea fishing experience on the THERAPY-IV here on this blog. If you are interested in booking a trip – contact Captain Stan Saffan.


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