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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Barracuda – One of the Most Challenging Fish to Catch

The Barracuda is one of South Florida’s most famous fish. The ancient Native American tribes that lived in South Florida worshiped the fish as a skilled predator. The barracuda has a streamlined design which makes it one of the fastest fish in the ocean – but it’s the big fish’s temperament that has made it infamous in South Florida. The barracuda may not be as big as a shark, sailfish or marlin, but it makes up for size with serious attitude. Getting a barracuda on your line while going on a Miami deep sea fishing trip on The THERAPY-IV is a once in a lifetime experience you will not soon forget.

With a formidable, large size and incredible speed – barracuda is one of the most challenging fish to catch in South Florida. The fish is known for being incredibly difficult to reel in because of its power and speed. Miami Barracuda fishing also make great prizes for any fisherman. The fish is not exclusive to South Florida and can be found in tropical and subtropical waters across the world. However, South Florida is one of the leading places to catch these beasts on a deep sea fishing excursion.

Some characteristics that set these fish apart are their menacing teeth which resemble that of the piranha. Their razor sharp teeth are accompanied by a very scary bite and bad attitude. This is simply put one mean fish. The barracuda also has a famous under bite that makes it appear even more menacing with its incredibly sharp teeth. Other fish that have often been compared to the barracuda in terms of ferocity and difficulty to catch include sharks like the hammerhead, nurse shark and more.

For more information on going barracuda fishing in Miami on the THERAPY-IV, give Captain Stan and the crew a visit at the Haulover Marina.

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