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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three Storylines to Follow This Summer Olympics – Brought to You By The THERAPY-IV

The THERAPY-IV, a leading Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter, is bringing you fantastic Olympic coverage this summer including news, editorials and contests. Captain Stan and crew of The THERAPY-IV are very patriotic, sports fans and the best deep sea fishing team in South Florida. They are definitely looking forward to this Summer Olympics and are closely following the storylines developing this Olympics. Of the thousands of athletes competing, some are gaining recognition for their incredible talent, while others for overcoming diversity and others for both. Here are the top three storylines to follow this Summer Olympics.

Can Michael Phelps Closeout His Career with More Medals?

This is Michael Phelps admitted last Olympics and the 14-time gold medalist is undoubtedly one of the greatest Olympians of all time. He has new competition in the form of Brian Lochte, who is an American that has beat Phelps in several competitions leading up to the Olympics. Michael Phelps certainly has more competition now that he did during the Beijing Olympics four years ago. As the golden boy of the US Olympic Team he has a lot of pressure to perform.
Will The US Beat China?

Let’s face it – there’s more at stake than just a medal race when the US takes on China. The recurring question of who is the most powerful country in the world will manifest itself this summer in Olympic competition. The US beat China last Olympics in the medal count but their Olympic team – like their economy – continues to get better and better. The US can make a stand this Olympics by staying on top of the medal count.
Which Team Will Come Home Victorious?

Our Basketball, Women’s Soccer and Gymnastic Teams are front runners in Olympic competition with great expectation for gold. Which of these teams will perform and come out with gold is the big question. The Basketball team looks strong but with growing world competition – it’s not the “walk in the park” it used to be. The soccer team also faces steep international competition and was not victorious last World Cup in similar competition. The Gymnastics team has the slimmest margins as favorites, they probably have the biggest hill to climb of the three.

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