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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enjoying Deep Sea Fishing in Miami Beach

Miami Beach is one of the most recognizable locations in Florida as well as the entire country. Miami Beach provides many attractions along with a lively culture suited for the area. The waters of Miami Beach provide great locations to go Miami Barracuda Fishing. This Deep Sea Fishing in Miami Beach Company provides a quality boat to enjoy the waters. The fishing trip is a rewarding experience on any water, like everything - it’s better in Miami Beach.

Miami Barracuda Fishing close to the beach is a luxury that most fishermen do not get to enjoy. The convenience to be close to a place as nice and interesting as Miami Beach is worthwhile. The bars, restaurants, clubs, and other attractions to attend after long day fishing are available. These businesses are top of the line as people from all over the world visit the beach. Deep Sea Fishing in Miami Beach comes with many perks that most bodies of water do not offer. The temperature is always warm outside when Miami Barracuda Fishing. The consistently warm weather helps attract fish to the best locations. The waters are typically calm and rarely provide any strong waves to inconvenience the boating experience. The calm water is relaxing enough to sit back and enjoy the sea while waiting for a catch. Even without all the perks of being near the beach; the water itself is good for Miami Barracuda Fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing in Miami Beach is a fun enjoyable experience for friends and families take pleasure in together. Friends and family will have a lot of fun being out on the water fishing in great weather. Miami Beach has great waters and is a great location to go Miami Barracuda Fishing. The fishing trip along with being in Miami Beach is an unforgettable experience.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Inshore and Deep Sea Barracuda Fishing in Miami

Miami Inshore Fishing is a fun and safe trip for those inexperienced with being out in the sea. A Miami Barracuda Fishing experience is doable both inshore as well as in the deep sea. For the most part only certain fish are available either inshore or out deep in the ocean. People have their particular preferences in regards to either boating closer inland or out in the sea. The options for both are largely beneficial to all kinds of fishermen who are out to go Miami Barracuda Fishing.

A customer who has never gone out boating before may want to play it safe by being closer to land. Some people may just want to be out in the water while having a view of land for a sense a safety. Miami Inshore Fishing would be recommended for those who have never been out on a boat. Giving a customer a good peace of mind with being inshore helps ease guests of any stress created from fears of the sea. Miami Inshore Fishing works for experienced and inexperienced fishermen as well as people who just want to be out in the water. Miami Barracuda Fishing for guests works as the fish can be challenging while not being incredibly dangerous. Guests particularly enjoy the challenge to capture barracudas due to the strategy involved along with the level of difficulty the fish provide. The sizes of barracudas vary from an average size fish to a considerably large creature of the sea.   

Inshore and Deep Sea Barracuda Fishing in Miami are fun, safe, and highly rewarding experiences. Both of these fishing adventures have there own set of benefits that guests would enjoy. A Miami Inshore Fishing trip is highly recommended for those new to being out on a boat. This works for the friends and family members who may not be as comfortable with being out in the sea due to unpleasant or lack of experience.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Enjoy the Amazing Experience of Barracuda Fishing in Miami

The experience of going Barracuda Fishing in Miami is an unforgettable one to enjoy with friends and family. The availability of a quality boat on a given day can be troublesome in the Miami area. Fishing and boating is typically available in the Keys and even than there is no guarantee of acquiring a quality boat. Miami Deep Sea Fishing’s boat The THERAPY –IV is a pleasing top of the line boat. The business has multiple boats to offer for a set of friends to enjoy for the day.

Barracuda Fishing in Miami is an enjoyable occasion that is challenging, as the fish can be difficult to capture. The objective is not overwhelming enough to be considered dangerous. The THERAPY-IV has the tools required to seize barracudas without too much trouble. The correct gear is necessary in order to successfully catch them, as they are not easy to capture with regular fishing rods. Finding a location to capture the barracudas is an adventure in itself. A spot where multiple barracudas are nesting is ideal in order to capture a batch of them. Another method to capture barracudas is to find where fishes are located and use them as bait. An additional way to locate the barracudas is to find the batch of fish and then wait till target appears. The process required to catch a barracuda differs from the method to grab hold of an ordinary fish.

The Miami Deep Sea Fishing Experience provides the barracuda capturing adventure with two of their top of the line fifty-eight foot boats available. The boats (Therapy-IV) carry the tools necessary to capture these barracudas. The THERAPY-1V is the ideal boat for a group of friends to go out Barracuda Fishing in Miami.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The THERAPY-IV Welcomes Seasons 52 to Haulover Park

Several weeks ago Darden Concepts announced a project to build one of their franchise restaurants at Haulover Marina. Locals speculated as to which of their seven brands would be chosen. The restaurant of choice was Darden’s finest restaurant – Seasons 52. The announcement has been received well by the local community.  The high-end restaurant is, “a fresh grill and wine bar that invites guests to discover the sensational flavors of a seasonally-inspired menu and award-winning international wine list in a casually-sophisticated ambiance” according to their website. The restaurant features seasonally-inspired dishes and an award-winning international wine list. Each Seasons 52 has its own unique charm. One can only speculate the fantastic plans they have for the Haulover Marina Seasons 52 – the one thing we know is that it will be fantastic waterfront dining.

The THERAPY-IV and other local businesses welcome Seasons 52 with open arms and applaud Darden Concepts decision to put the restaurant in beautiful Haulover Marina Park. The THERAPY-IV is a Miami deep sea fishing vessel fleet that has been operating out of Haulover Marina for over 45-years. The fleet includes two large deep sea fishing vessels; the vessels come fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, expert captain and crew and creature comforts like an indoor bar and indoor flat screen television.

The THERAPY-IV is Captained by Stan Saffan who has decades of experience as Captain of The THERAPY-IV. His contributions to the Haulover Marina include the donation of a flagpole and flag, mural renovation on welcome sign and the donation of a sailfish statue on the entrance. Along with its contributions to the Haulover Marina, Captain Stan is known for his patriotism and local pride. His boat was featured on the Sportsman Channel show “Coming Home with Greg Stube” (a show dedicated to outdoor activities for soldiers returning from service). He also is an avid sports fan and offered championship Miami Heat team free deep sea fishing trip on his vessel. He was also very involved in covering and celebrating this summer’s Olympics in London.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top Three Miami Deep Sea Fishing Trip Events

Miami Deep Sea Fishing is a great experience that friends and family members can enjoy together. The feeling of taking a day off and going out on a boat all day to relax is desirable. Miami Sailfishing with friends all day is a lot of fun, especially for a social event. A social event gathering friends to go sail fishing is a nice change of pace from the typical protocol social events.  

Enjoying a friend’s birthday out on a boat all day is a nice way to do something unique yet relaxing. Celebrating a birthday while fishing with some friends on a first-class boat with all the labor taken care of - works for everyone. The Miami Deep Sea Fishing experience comes without all the costs of worrying about preparation, maintenance, and clean up. A man in his last days as a single bachelor would enjoy nothing more than hanging with the guys out on the boat on the sea.

Rather than looking for a friend that may have a boat, offer a top of the line boat for the day. This boat (The Therapy-IV) comes with all the materials for Miami Sailfishing as well as a pleasant interior to relax and have a drink. A set of groomsmen can set a day and seize the trip as a memorable event. The family can gather for trips out in the sea all day to bond over lost time in a reunion event. 

Miami Sailfishing together out at sea in a stress free environment can be exactly what a family needs to unwind and recharge from their daily lives. The Miami Deep Sea Fishing experiences works for birthdays, bachelor parties, and family reunions. The exclusive and calming experience to go fishing out at sea with close ones is a memorable event to enjoy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Roberts Big Barracuda Adventure!!!!

A fun time was had by all when a family decided to go on a deep sea fishing Miami trip aboard The THERAPY-IV.  One of the fishing adventurers was an 11-year-old named Robert who caught a massive 40’’ barracuda he was able to mount on the wall in his room as a permanent reminder of this great fishing trip. It’s moments like these and hundreds of others that have made The THERAPY-IV the leading deep sea fishing charter in Miami Beach for over 45 years. Along with a beautiful barracuda mounted on his wall – Robert also has this incredible picture taken after catching one of the toughest fish to catch in South Florida.  

The barracuda has a reputation as a fierce predator with a bad temper and stern resolve. With its sleek build, this creature is also one of the fastest fish in the ocean and a whole lot to handle on the end of a fishing pole. Battles with these fish can last long periods of time but with the expert guidance of The THERAPY-IV captain and crew along with some strength and endurance – you too can have one of these prize on your wall.

The THERAPY-IV is known for its deep sea fishing trips which go out four-times-a-day from Haulover Marina. They specialize in catching marlin, sailfish, shark, tarpon and more. Recently, The THERAPY-IV also facilitates Miami inshore fishing trips where you can easily catch tarpon, barracuda, jacks, snapper, snook and more.

For those seeking deep sea or inshore fishing trips, The THERAPY-IV offers these trips with the best charter fishing boats featuring top-of-the-line equipment, skilled captain and crew; and special amenities like indoor bar and flat screen television.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Farewell to London Olympics – The THERAPY-IV Goes 3 for 3 in their Predictions

The THERAPY-IV has covered the Olympics the past couple weeks reporting and editorializing the many exciting events and happenings this summer in London. Along with being incredibly patriotic, the Captain and crew of The THERAPY-IV are big sports fans and enjoyed every event of this Olympic competition. Of course, being patriotic Americans, The THERAPY-IV was thrilled with the performance by our athletes. The USA won in overall medal count and the most gold medals in Olympic competition. The THERAPY-IV was also extremely pleased to have accurately predicted three gold medal results for Team USA: The Men’s Basketball, Women’s Soccer and Women’s Gymnastics.

Men’s Basketball – After disappointing performances in previous Olympics, the USA Men’s Basketball Team performed flawlessly – handily defeating some of the world’s best basketball teams. They were one of the last teams to face a gold medal final but came out on top. Led by LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant, this star-studded team produced the kind of results expected of them under heavy pressure. Well done Team USA.

Women’s Gymnastics – American women were the real stars of this Olympics. Accounting for a majority of overall medals for the US, American women showed their athletic dominance in scores of events. Women’s gymnastics is perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the Olympics and Team USA performed flawlessly to take the team gold. Additionally, Aly Raisman took the individual gold in gymnastics furthering American presence on the podium.

Women’s Soccer – The US Women, ranked #1 in the world, did not disappoint despite heart stopping action in the semi-finals. With just seconds left to go – teenager Alex Morgan sealed the US victory in a tough game against Canada. Women’s soccer proved to be one of the most aggressive sports this Olympics which made for great competition and exciting matches.

The THERAPY-IV is proud to have cheered on our champions, we apply the same enthusiasm with our deep sea fishing Miami trips and Miami inshore fishing. Go TEAM USA!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

USA Poised to Dominate Team Events

The THERAPY-IV predicted that the US would sweep Women’s Gymnastics, Men’s Basketball and Women’s Soccer and thus far have been spot on accurate. The US Women took gymnastics gold in the team event with Aly Raisman winning gold in the individual event. The US Women’s soccer team will be playing in the final this week against Japan and US Basketball advanced to the quarter finals against Australia.

Other team sports have also proved promising including Women’s volleyball and beach volley ball. The women’s beach volley ball final will be two US teams competing for gold. Relays in swimming and track and field have also gone really well for the United States. The US is also doing well in rowing, baseball and more.

America’s resilience and perseverance in team sports tells you a little bit about the American spirit. Not just that each individual is capable of performing under pressure and overcoming adversity, but that we typically do these things together. The US has experienced quite a bit of struggles recently, but they never lose hope. And it isn’t just optimism that makes a great team, it’s hard work and determination as well.

This is also what makes The THERAPY-IV a great team as well. Our deep sea fishing Miami trips have been successful for over 45 years because of our ability to rebound from tough situations and reach the peaks of our industry. The THERAPY-IV will continue rooting on Team USA as we fiercely compete with China for who will take home the prize of most gold medals and overall medals.    

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Darden Concepts, Inc. to Build New Restaurant in Haulover Park

Exciting news from Darden Concepts!!! They will be building the first ever restaurant in Haulover Park from the ground up. One of their seven brands will be the restaurant of choice (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorm Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52 or Eddie V’s). This is extremely exciting news for Haulover Park and THERAPY-IV deep sea fishing Miami enthusiasts. 

Haulover Park which contains the Haulover Marina has been the dock of choice for The THERAPY-IV for over 45-years. In this time, locals and tourists from all over the world have ventured to the marina for exciting deep sea fishing adventures. They will now have the opportunity to enjoy delicious cuisine after their fun fishing trips.

Darden Concepts, Inc. is a restaurant conglomerate with a family of restaurant brands. They are one of the biggest restaurant conglomerates in the country with more than 2,000 restaurants, 180,000 employees and more than 400 million meals served a year. Haulover Park is fortunate to have such a prestigious company investing in their location. They will be pleasantly surprised with their decision as soon as they successfully launch with the support of local deep sea fishing charters. All the local businesses from hotels to charter boats will be sure to recommend the new restaurant to all their tourists and local clientele.

The next few weeks should be quite enthralling, as we wait to see what restaurant Darden has planned for Haulover Park. The waterfront dining will be a splendid experience as well as being amongst the natural setting of Haulover Park. The Marina is also a very fine site as guests can see the beautiful boats (including The THERAPY-IV go in and out of the marina. With ample parking, fun activities in the area and a fantastic location, this restaurant opening has the potential to be a great success.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Miami Deep Sea Fishing – Perfect for Any Reunion Outing

Are you meeting up with longtime friends like college buddies, family or old friends? A key to a successful reunion is to make sure the location and activities do everything possible to enhance the occasion. There are few locations better than Miami Beach and few activities better than deep sea fishing Miami. Scores of people have chosen deep sea fishing for their high school, college, family or other reunion.

The THERAPY-IV offers deep sea fishing and Miami inshore fishing on their amazing deep sea fishing charter boats. The THERAPY-IV boats are both over 50 feet long and have top-of-the-line equipment. They also have incredibly comfortable features like indoor bar a flat screen television that ensures a good time had by all. Listed below are popular reunions and why deep sea fishing works perfectly for them.

College Reunion – College reunions are very formal events often held on college campuses. But, if you have a particular group of friends you want to spend time with exclusively. It’s probably not at some stuffy ballroom. Bring them out to Haulover Marina and take them on an exciting deep sea fishing trip. Whether its six people or thirty, The THERAPY-IV can handle it. If you don’t have enough time to go on a deep sea fishing trip, you can also try our inshore fishing trips.

Longtime Reunion – This is a less formal occasion that often involves fewer people but more families. If you haven’t seen someone for twenty or thirty years, they probably have family to bring along. Keeping the kids entertained while getting quality time together can be tough. The THERAPY-IV has enough activity and large enough boats to make that happen. Kids love fishing and memories on these boats can be forged that last a lifetime.

Family Reunion – Family reunions are probably the most formal of all three. They usually involve schedules and lots of people. The THERAPY-IV can handle any number of people who would like to put deep sea fishing on their family reunion schedule. It’s often very successful since families like to compete and get trophies like big game fishing mounts to remember their fantastic outings.

Michael Phelps Goes Out with Gold as Greatest Olympian of All Time

Few titles could be more flattering than “Greatest Olympian of All Time”. Michael Phelps has managed to do what many felt impossible. Phelps has been awarded 22 medals including 18 gold medals in various swimming events. He has been a part of Olympics most dramatic victories over the last three Olympics – most notably the achievement of winning eight gold medals in Beijing 2008. His last race of this Olympics was a relay in which the team won gold. Phelps insists that this is the last Olympics he will be a part of – still under 30 years of age he is the most decorated Olympian of all time.

The THERAPY-IV which has had extensive coverage of the London Olympics are Phelps fans and believe he’s not only performed extremely well as an individual swimmer but has personified American dominance in the sport for over 12-years.  The Miami deep sea fishing charter hopes to continue covering the Olympics as we move into team sport finals and the ever popular track and field.

Michael Phelps is undoubtedly going to receive pressure to continue competing next Olympics but his decision not to must be a difficult yet necessary one. Though he is still very young, he has competed for over ten years in some of the most intense training and incredible pressure. Athletes like Phelps can sometimes long for the type of life that everyone else has. The spot light can become a burden after a prolonged period of time.

Some other things to look for in the second half of these Olympics are the team sports finals. The THERAPY-IV was able to accurately predict the US Women’s Gymnastics Team would win gold. However, two other predictions they had of the US Women’s Soccer and US Men’s Basketball would also win are yet to be seen. We’re confident and fully support our team – Go USA!!!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Increasing Popularity of Miami Inshore Fishing

One of the most exciting new trends at The THERAPY-IV is the increasing number of people going on Miami Inshore Fishing trips. Inshore fishing or bay fishing is a shorter trip but can be equally exciting as deep sea fishing. Numerous inshore fish like barracuda, tarpon, jacks, snapper, ladyfish, snook, mackerel, grunts, kingfish and cobia make Miami bay fishing one of the more exciting fishing experiences in South Florida.  Listed below are some of the most requested fishing experiences.

Barracuda – This amazing fish is extremely aggressive and has a streamlined designed built for speed. How fast are these fish you may ask? They are easily some of the fastest fish in the ocean. With a length of over six-feet for many of them and weighing up to the size of a human – inshore fishermen have amazing catching experiences with this incredible predator.

Tarpon – Also incredibly large fish, the tarpon can be even larger than barracuda and are also extremely aggressive. They are some of the largest fish you can catch while going inshore fishing. Miami tarpon fishing is extremely popular and the Captain and crew of The THERAPY-IV are experts at catching them.

Cobia – These fish can also be fairly large and have beautiful streamlined designs. Cobia can be eaten and are known for their firm texture and excellent flavor. These incredible fish can be found in areas ranging from the Gulf of Mexico to the east coast of Florida and all the way up the eastern seaboard.

Miami inshore fishing is an alternative to deep sea fishing Miami – though the experiences aren’t quite comparable. Bay fishing involves shorter trips out and back and often results in the catching of small to medium-sized fish. Miami deep sea fishing trips are half-day ventures and result in some serious big game fishing that can include catching sailfish, marlin and even sharks.

The Golden Girls – US Takes Gold in Women’s Gymnastics

The world is raving about the US women’s national team, not since the famous 1996 Olympics in Atlanta has a team received so much attention. The team, led by all-around champion Jordyn Wieber was nearly flawless throughout the performance prompting their coach to dub the “the greatest of all time”. The gold-laden team included sensation Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Wieber and Aly Raisman that led the American team in all events including floor exercise, balance beam, and more. The team gave individual quotes on the win that included,

Douglas on the importance of a strong start on vault: "We were all spot on. We stuck three 2.5 (Amanar vaults) and its contagious. I'm so proud of these girls. We did awesome. A lot of hard work and sacrifice in the gym, and it all pays off."

Maroney on her role after competing on vault, her only event of the night: "I just wanted them to do so well and I'm just so proud of them. I was screaming and yelling. That last event on floor was really exhilarating, but amazing at the same time. I don't think I will ever, ever forget that."
Raisman on having to wait until the third event to compete: "I just kept moving and cheering on the Team USA girls. When the Russians were going, I didn't pay attention to them. It wasn't that bad. It went by pretty quick."

Ross on the U.S. accomplishing its goal of a team gold: "We all did our events the best that we could and hit our routines, and we are all really proud of each other. It was really fun watching floor. McKayla and I were together cheering as loud as we could. We were screaming so loud."
Wieber on working as a team: "This couldn't be possible without everyone stepping up today. Everyone did their job and was completely amazing. I am so excited."

Not to pat ourselves on the back but this is one-third of DeepSeaChronicles.com (a blog for Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter- The THERAPY-IV) prediction on America’s Olympic performance in team sports. Now, America only needs to win Basketball and Women’s Soccer to fully vindicate us. Go USA!!!!!!!!