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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Undiscovered Joy of Miami Tarpon Fishing

Miami tarpon fishing is a fun and exciting adventure for fishermen everywhere. The tarpon are within the more popular fish to catch. Tarpon can be discovered in the warm inshore waters in the Miami area. The waters are more specifically warm waters that are closer to docks, inlets, and beaches. Even though tarpon are often discovered and are frequently captured, there is a discovered joy of Miami tarpon fishing. Tarpon brings enough challenge for fishermen for when they are finally captured, there is a great rewarding feeling.

The adventure of Miami tarpon fishing starts with the THERAPY-IV crew making all the preparations necessary before shipping off. All the equipment is gathered onto the THERAPY-IV specifically for capturing tarpon. The crew will provide some of the hot spots that they will know about through their previous experience. This knowledge will lead to a high rate of discovering the fish. Tarpon reside closer to surfaces so the crew will not have to go far out in the sea in order to find them. Miami tarpon fishing will be a lot of fun as they are excellent fighting’s as they often jump around. Tarpon jump in the air above the water and shake their head violently as they are being captured. The resistance by the fish becomes a form of entertainment for those viewing the fight. Anyone enjoys watching a good fight between two powerful forces. The two forcers are the tarpon and one of the top of the lines provided by the THERAPY-IV.

The undiscovered joy of Miami tarpon fishing cannot be fully explained in writing or even through verbal conversation. You have to take the trip out on the THERAPY-IV and go out tarpon fishing yourself to feel the experience. The adventure of finding and capturing tarpon gives you great feeling of success.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Traveling from Fort Lauderdale for Deep Sea Fishing in Miami

Deep Sea Fishing Miami adventure is not exclusively for those in the Miami area as those in Broward country are welcome to join us.  The Haulover Marina is located by North Miami Beach, which is not too far from Fort Lauderdale. The trip from Fort Lauderdale to Deep Sea Fishing Miami is not a far one that will save time as the Haulover Marina is close to the ocean. It will take less time to get on the ocean from the Haulover Marina than the ports provided in Fort Lauderdale.

Traveling from Fort Lauderdale will save money and time as the THERAPY-IV only takes 3 minutes to get out in the ocean. We are always looking to save both money and time as one typically correlates with another. Time is money, as most of us do not have a lot of time due to work and other obligations. Making the most of the day off by boating is a great way of spending the day. Wasting as little of this time as possible suites well for everyone. Those in Fort Lauderdale should look into taking a short trip to North Miami Beach to try out the THERAPY-IV.

People who live in Fort Lauderdale often take the trip down to Miami for various reasons. Taking a boating trip would be one of the better reasons why one would travel down to Miami. The fact that North Miami Beach is much closer than the rest of Miami makes the trip that much more convenient.

Deep Sea Fishing Miami is an adventure that those in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area should try at least once. North Miami Beach is almost a halfway point to most of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Taking the trip to the Haulover Marina will save both money and time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catching Prize Fishing for Your Home or Office Wall

Deep Sea Fishing Miami gives fishermen plenty of opportunities to capture the one prize fish that one would be proud to show. Every fishermen strives attain at least on prize catch in order to present to others as an accomplishment. Miami Sailfishing will provide the right fish that one would be proud of. The accomplishment can be displayed whether displayed in the office wall at work or the comfort of your own home. Depending on the structure of your home the prize fish can be shown wherever you desire.

Deep Sea Fishing Miami provides the THERAPY-IV along with top of the line equipment in order to successfully go Miami Sailfishing. The Deep Sea Fishing Miami crew will also lead you to some of the hot spots that will increase your chances with finding sailfish. Sailfish are within the more challenging fish to capture, as sailfish are a great trophy for one to be proud of. Capturing fish can be a challenging task in general, as you have to be patient. The challenge is that much more tasking with Miami Sailfishing due to the sailfishes’ size and aggressiveness. The fish possess a large dorsal fin along with long snot that has them stand out from the rest. Sailfish and sharks are both commonly known prized captures for fishermen everywhere. A trophy in the fishing industry largely consists of sailfish, as those fish are known to be the trademark prize.

Miami Sailing gives you the opportunity to capture and display your prize for everyone to see. Deep Sea Fishing Miami provides the THERAPY-IV that is a top of the line boat with the equipment necessary to capture sailfish. A catching prize fishing trophy for your home or office wall will display your success for others to appreciate.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrate Your Next Birthday on Deep Sea Fishing The THERAPY-IV

Birthdays occur only once a year, as everyone wants his or her birthday to be a memorable one. The gathering of friends and family in itself is what makes celebrating a birthday an experience. There are times in which we catch ourselves doing the same routine traditions for a birthday such as attending a certain restaurant. A birthday event should be an adventure in which both friends and family can be gathered to enjoy together. Miami Deep Sea Fishing adventure can very well be what one is looking for as a birthday event.

Miami Deep Sea Fishing gives the opportunity for fellow peers to sit back and relax on the THERAPY-IV all day. Sitting back on a boat all day is a great way to spend a day off after the long workweek. Fishermen and non-fishermen both love the opportunity to spend the day on a top of the line THERAPY-IV boat. Those who fish will enjoy Miami Barracuda Fishing while on the THERAPY-IV. Miami Barracuda Fishing is challenging enough for fellow fishermen to take on. The sensation of accomplishment due to capturing the barracudas can make one’s birthday. The Miami Barracuda Fishing can be challenging while not being too dangerous for those unfamiliar with fishing such tasking prey.

Miami Deep Sea Fishing offers Miami Barracuda Fishing along with other fishing adventures for peers to take pleasure in. An adventure on the THERAPY-IV can be enjoyed whether you are Miami Deep Sea Fishing or just want to enjoy the day on the boat. A day off out on the boat is a great way to spend your birthday alongside your close ones. Friends and family will be able to enjoy each other’s company while relaxing on the boat all day.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catch the Ultimate Predator – Miami Shark Fishing

Fishing is a sport that is fun, relaxing and can be challenging at times. A sense of danger is added due to the type of fish that are sought after. There are not many fish that are more dangerous and challenging as sharks. Miami Shark Fishing is one of the larger challengers to fishermen everywhere. Sharks are the main predators of both the sea as well as the ocean. There are a large variety of sharks that are offshore Miami Beach. Miami Shark Fishing is one of the more dangerous, challenging yet exciting adventures that Miami Deep Sea Fishing as to offer.

Sharks are typically known for being offshore but surprisingly enough plenty of sharks have been located inshore close to surface. The fish travel wherever they desire, as they are one of the dominant predators of the sea. Sharks possess a dangerous combination of both speed and power. The quickness and aggressiveness of sharks adds to the difficulty with catching these fish. The size of these predators can range from roughly twenty pounds to over one thousand pounds. The sharks’ teeth may very well be the most dangerous feature of these fish as the teeth contain many layers and are razor sharp. Miami Deep Sea Fishing offers many fishing techniques and different baits in order to successfully capture these predators.

Miami Deep Sea Fishing has shown much success with capturing these predators of the sea in the Miami Shark Fishing adventures. The THERAPY-IV provides the size, size maneuverability as well as the tools necessary in order to be successful with Miami Shark Fishing. Capturing the ultimate predator is within the top of the list for bragging rights for fishermen everywhere. The story that involves capturing a shark is often times a grand elaborate journey that will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The THERAPY-IV Receives Another Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award for 2012

Miami Deep Sea Fishing has much success in the boating industry as the THERAPY-IV receives many awards. The accolades come from Trip Advisor that is a website in which selects the ideal trip for guests. Those who want to experience an amazing trip in the Miami area or anywhere in the country will check tripadvisor.com. The site provides ratings and plenty of feedback from guests who enjoyed trips such as the Miami Deep Sea Fishing experience. Travel advisor also comes with a popularity rating in the local demographic of the business for example Miami Deep Sea Fishing is ranked number three for Miami Beach tours. Recently the Haulover Marina based THERAPY-IV received another award from Trip Advisor for this year. Officially the award is the Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award for 2012.

Those who set sail from the Haulover Marina on the THERAPY-IV enjoy their experience and talk about it. These guests will tell others in person about how much they experience. Some visitors also tell others about their journeys online through social medias of their own as well as the Miami Deep Sea Fishing sites. Positive feedback is a frequent occurrence for those that have set a journey on the THERAPY-IV. Spreading the word gives visitors the opportunity to share their story to friends and families. This also lets other potential customers be aware of the THERAPY-IV adventure for those who are not familiar with the Haulover Marina.

The THERAPY-IV has been receiving rewards from Trip Advisors and will continue to do so. The product as well as the popularity is growing progressively as more and more people are familiar with Miami Deep Sea Fishing. The award comes from high ratings, high volume, and most important positive reviews from the guests experience at the Haulover Marina.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Miami Tarpon Fishing for a Big Catch

Miami Tarpon Fishing is a worthwhile experience that is largely satisfying upon success. Tarpons typically range from 30-50 pounds upon viewing from fellow fishermen. The fish are know as the ‘giant silver kings’ as the fish can go significantly over 100 pounds. These large tarpon can be up six to seven feet of length. There are very small tarpons that travel through the inland waterways that find themselves between connections of the bay and waterways.

Miami Deep Sea Fishing provides the THERAPY-IV, which can maneuver well along with the equipment necessary for success. The equipment depends on the size of tarpon being targeted as some tarpon can be found to be over 100 pounds. Miami Tarpon Fishing requires live bait fishing in shallow areas in order to increases the chances of success. Tarpons can be found in inshore waters in the Biscayne Bay area. The fish are typically close to the shore by being below the surface and feeding from other shallow water fish. The task can be challenging as tarpon are not only difficult to locate but are also excellent fighters. The often jump in and out of the water in order to bring difficult. The fish are actually in the air out of the water long enough to perform aerial moves. The bony mouth of the tarpon also brings another level difficulty as the mouth often times throws off the hook that is reeling in the fish. With all the difficulties only brings that much larger of a reward in order to capture the fish.

Miami Tarpon Fishing comes with many challenges that create a large accomplishment for catching one. There are many fishing trophies that feature tarpons, as they are one of the more difficult fish to capture. Miami Deep Sea Fishing provides the opportunity to capture tarpons as well as other fish.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Benefits of Miami Inshore Fishing

The Miami Deep Sea Fishing Company provides a variety of fishing expenditures including Miami Inshore Fishing. Miami Inshore Fishing comes with many benefits for local fishermen. Those who do not enjoy traveling far out in the sea in enjoy fishing closer to the dock with similar results. Miami Deep Sea Fishing inshore areas are not crowded as other locations. The inshore area is only a short distance off the Haulover Marina for friends and family to enjoy. The not as experienced fishermen would feel safer being closer to land.

The waters off the Haulover Marina shore are warm all year round for more fish to capture. Miami Inshore Fishing gives guests the chance to capture Barracuda, Tarpon, Jacks, Snapper, Ladyfish, Snook, Mackerel, Grunts, Kingfish, Cobia and many more. The warm water also keeps all of these fish in one smaller area to make catching that much easier. Those who do not want to spend all day trying to capture only a handful of fish can go inshore fishing to catch more in less time. Miami Inshore Fishing is challenging enough for fishermen to enjoy the success of capturing. The gratification of capturing a fish is unlike any other feat. The ability to catch fish more often is an opportunity that cannot be missed out on. Typically those who don’t fish do not due to not being able to capture or rather find a fish. Miami Deep Sea Fishing provides guests as many opportunities as possible in order to capture fish in a short amount of time.

There are many benefits to Miami Inshore Fishing for both beginners and expert fishermen. Miami Deep Sea Fishing a great way to spend the day off the beautiful Biscayne Bay. The great warm weather brings a relaxing atmosphere along with a variety of fish to capture. Between the convenience, location, weather and success rate there is no reason to not try Miami Inshore Fishing.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Seabird Station Needs Our Help

Captain Stan and crew of The THERAPY-IV are extremely big fans of the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station. The organization (PHSS) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in and around Miami’s Biscayne Bay. While they specialize in seabirds, they accept any injured wildlife that is brought to our facility.

We received a message from the organization and are passing it on to fans of The THERAPY-IV:

Dear Friends,

The Seabird Station needs your help to win up to $250,000 from Chase Community Giving. The size of our prize depends on the number of votes we receive by September 19th.

If you’re on Facebook, you may vote through this link:

If you are a Chase Bank customer, you can vote here:
After logging in, search for "Pelican Harbor Seabird Station."

Winning this competition would be an incredible boost to the Seabird Station. Please ask your friends and family to vote for us. Remember, voting ends September 19th.


Brian Fox

Executive Director

Please take some time to vote for them on the Chase Community Giving fan page or through your Chase account.

The Exhilaration of Barracuda Fishing

The exhilaration of Miami Barracuda Fishing is a rewarding experience that many seek to enjoy. The sport of fishing is an activity in which plenty of patience is required in order to be successful.  The Deep Sea Fishing Miami experience like fishing everywhere does not have instant gratification. Even though the sport does not provide instant gratification, when the success occurs the sensation is exhilarating. The sport is especially challenging when venturing upon Miami Barracuda Fishing. Through all sports the more demanding that the challenge is, the further rewarding of success.

Deep Sea Fishing Miami business offers Miami Barracuda Fishing for friends and family to enjoy. The THERAPY-IV boat is used in order to successfully capture barracudas that are sought after. The boat provides all the tools necessary to safely and securely capture barracudas. The Deep Sea Fishing Miami Company desires the fellow fishermen to go out enjoy themselves. The availability to enjoy barracuda fishing without being burden with the responsibilities of maintenance to the boat adds to the experience. Those fishermen who do not have the time or energy to keep up with the maintenance of a boat will enjoy renting one for one day.

The cost of owning a boat along with maintenance becomes comparable to entire house. The ability to rent out a boat and simply go out Miami Barracuda Fishing, enjoy the experience and go home is worthwhile. The challenge to locate in addition capture the barracudas is exhilarating. The exhilarating adventure without the costs and responsibilities of owning a boat creates a superlative experience. The rewarding feeling of capturing a barracuda can be compared with large successes in other sports. Miami Barracuda Fishing has proven to be a difficult yet exhilarating journey.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Continuing to Support Our Troops Eleven Years Later

The support for our troops should be all year around every year as long as we are Americans. The troops serve and protect our freedom everyday all year round as they put their lives on the line. There are times in which we further recognize our troops in times of war and other conflicts that may happen. The event of 9/11 was a time in which we as American citizens gave plenty of support to our troops. The THERAPY-IV crew within the Haulover Marina would like to remind us that the troops should be continuously supported.

The THERAPY-IV crews hold an abundance of patriotism as they actively support the troops whether the country is going through war or not. It is easy to only support the troops when their service is brought to one’s attention. The United State military does not only go to war when needed as they perform other tasks. The country is protected by the troops constantly preventing future conflicts around the world. The military’s job to be proactive and stop future conflicts is what has lead to the many years of peace that American has experience. America has been fortunate to experience a mass amount of year’s peace, especially within the country. There are battles, conflicts and potential wars that most of us as American citizens are not aware of. Those within the Haulover Marina along with other resorts, business, school, and households continue to show their support for our troops.

The event of 9/11 caused uproar in the country as we united as one for a single cause. This event had us appreciate and support our soldiers further than we have in years previous. Eleven years later those of the THERAPY-IV encourage us to continue our support for the troops the serve and protect us to this day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What We Remember Today

What we remember today differs from what we remembered eleven years ago. The details of the event and aftermath are not as clear today as they were over a decade ago today. We still understand the message and know that the tragedy was a major event in all of our lives as Americans. Today the THERAPY-IV crew like all of us remember how much of a tragedy the event was especially for those living in New York. We mainly remember that as a country we united under one cause and that was for the lives of those involved with the tragedy.

Today people gathered at the Haulover Marina will take an extra moment in remembrance to those involved with 9/11. We as a country will take a moment out of our daily routine lives to remember and appreciate the loved ones in our lives. We will also take the time to appreciate those who protect our country including those who work within the country that protect that. The firefighters and police officers that risk their lives everyday to protect us are further appreciated. The risk factor that these professionals partake in is taken for granted at times. Today we are appreciative for the freedoms that we as Americans are given. Families and business across the country will continue with their daily lives today as they also remember the significance of this day. Some of those who will be gathered at the Haulover Marina will be further reminded on the significance of this day.

We remember that today eleven years ago a tragedy united the country as a whole and created a sense of appreciation. A sense of patriotism was created for Americans across the entire country, regardless of region. The THERAPY-IV crew reminds us to take the time and remember today as a day in which the country united as one.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The THERAPY-IV Has Week of Remembrance for 9/11

The THERAPY-IV crew looks back and remembers the day that changed the lives of those in New York and all of the United States. The tragedy had all of us stop everything that we were doing from our daily routines. A sense of comfort was lost that most of us Americans took for granted. It was a day to remember as the state of entire was changed for years.

The spark of conversation was changed from media to the well-being for those who lost their lives and their loved ones. The topic of military and politics were mentioned more than ever. Citizens united in one view to respond the attacks that led to loss of innocent life on 9/11. First time in decades, in which the country was united due to such a devastating tragedy. Americans united with one mindset that day with the concern for those involved in the tragedy, their loved ones, and those who risked their lives to save any survivors. Everything schools, work place, Haulover Marina, and many other resorts stopped what they were doing due to the news. Men and women both risked their own lives to save men, women, and children that were involved with the incident. The military sent off soldiers across the world to protect America.

This week we are to remember the event of 9/11 by honoring the lives involved with the tragedy, the loved ones, and the soldiers who shipped off to protect our freedom. Through such an incident we Americans learned to appreciate the little things in life as well as each other. People will gather this week at the Haulover Marina to celebrate the lives for those who have protected our lives. Those who will be enjoying the THERAPY-IV boat this week will be given an additional reminder this week as a remembrance for 9/11.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Incorporating Deep Sea Fishing In your Miami Beach Vacation

Miami Sailfishing is a great way to spend a vacation while in the Miami Beach area. Those who are on vacation typically want to relax and exert as little as possible. There others who enjoy staying preoccupied with activities in order to fully enjoy themselves. The idea of a vacation is a matter of perspective depending on weather the person is a proactive or non-active vacationer. Those who like to be active during their vacation will enjoy the Deep Sea Fishing Miami Beach experience.

Those who are active vacationers will enjoy going Miami Sailfishing as it is an enjoyable worthwhile. The fishing experience is also relaxing enough to be considered a part of a vacation. Miami Beach is a great area to fish from as the waters offer a great assortment of fish to choose from. The Miami Beach area itself is also a model vacation spot in itself.  Miami Beach is one of the most popular vacation locations in the entire country. The beach is a great way to spend a vacation as a getaway from the daily life routines. The view from Miami Beach is a remarkable one to take pleasure in with friends and family. The region offers the Deep Sea Fishing Miami Beach experience that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. The fishing expedition is a great addition while staying in Miami Beach for vacation.

Miami Beach is one of the more highly coveted beaches to visit in Florida as well as the country. The scenery and attractions you keep you busy throughout your vacation. Time will fly due to the amount of activities that you will keep yourself busy with during your time in Miami Beach. Miami Sailfishing is an activity that is also relaxing enough for you to sit back and enjoy the view of Miami Beach. Adding a Deep Sea Fishing Miami Beach adventure to your vacation will be a memorable experience.

Miami Sailfishing – The Ultimate Catch

Miami Sailfishing is a gratifying experience for friends and family to take pleasure in together. Fishing is great way for friends to spend a day off together after a long week of work. The ultimate catch is the often-talked about and desired achievement for fishermen everywhere. People who frequently fish enjoy sharing their story about their adventures out in the sea. A number of fishermen have their very own “ biggest catch” story to share.

Miami Sailfishing with some peers is a unique experience amongst fellow fisherman. Often times those who have fished will tell the stories of their expenditures and boast how successful they were. Frequently the stories are exaggerated in order to benefit the storyteller. Fishermen always have a story for the greatest catch that they have ever captured. On occasion fishermen gather to tell their stories. Some fishermen gather at the Haulover Marina to share their stories. The ultimate catch of catch fishermen is often the popular topic. The eventual catch is the greatest accomplishment a fisherman can own. A fisherman can be out in the sea all day without any success to then catch a big one and than their day is made. The one big catch can make the whole day a success even without catching any other fish. The ultimate catch can be compared with a strike in bowling, home run in baseball, and even a hole in one (golf).

The Haulover Marina is a great spot to dock and set sail to the waters to try to find the big catch. The area is for both fresh and salt water in order to have more options of fish to locate. The marina provides Miami Sailfishing for fellow fishermen to enjoy and pursue towards achieving the big catch. The ultimate catch is considered universally the big score to all sports.