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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter Everyone from The THERAPY-IV!!

Everyone from the THERAPY-IV wants to wish you guys a Happy Easter. Enjoy the weekend after another long week of hard work. Be sure to be with your family and enjoy yourselves. Easter is like any holiday that brings family and friends together. This holiday is for young children more than anything as they go Easter Egg Hunting. Many of us have already been painting and setting up eggs for the weekend. Sunday is a fun challenge for both parents and children as eggs are being hidden all over. 
Parents get to live free like a child again as they are hiding eggs and helping children find them. Some eggs will be made of plastic with prizes and candy in them. Plenty of people go to church Sunday morning for a special mass involving Easter. Regardless of your religious beliefs, be sure to take advantage of the holiday spirit and have a wonderful time. More than anything this holiday is about family gathering to enjoy each other’s company. Many of us are caught up in the daily routine and social obligations. 
Holiday is an excuse for us to escape from all of our obligations and spend time with the family. A lot of family members have not seen each other since Christmas or New Years. Members of the family can join together and catch up on everything while children are chasing for eggs. Most eggs have prizes in them, as that is the reward for finding them. Be sure to have a safe environment and not have the children go too far. It can dangerous out there on streets, especially during holidays when children are expected to be outside. Miami Fishing charter from Haulover Marina wants you to have a good time. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Can You Catch on a Deep Sea Fishing Trip?

Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing charter wants to know what can you catch on a deep sea fishing trip? This fishing charter provides a variety of fishing trips depending on what is out there. Some fish are easier to catch than others due to the amount of them.Most fish are difficult to capture as they are always fighting back. There are fish stronger than others that require stronger rods to catch. We want to know what fish do you think you can catch while going deep sea fishing. 
One can find fish such as sailfish, cobia, sharks, marlin and more. Going Miami Sailfishing is a fun adventure for family and friend. Many consider capturing sailfish as a milestone in terms of catching difficult fish. Sailfish are big, strong and great looking fish that are strong fighters. The sailfish are named the way they are due to their sail looking dorsal fin. Miami Sailfishing is challenging and is not meant for everyone. Experienced crewmembers are available to help you when Miami Sailfishing.
Another fun challenge out in the sea is Miami Cobia Fishing. These fish are similar to sailfish in the sense that they are great fighter, strong and also very fast. Catching quick fish is easier said than done. Miami Cobia Fishing is a fun and exciting trip, as they will put up a fight for a long time. One a cobia is hooked they will cooperate until they are close to the boat. Once the hooked cobia is about to be reeled in is when the battle begins. Catching cobia is a rare finds so many fishermen around value it. So the question is can you catch a cobia, sailfish or any other fish in a deep sea fishing trip?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Miami Heat Trail on Past 27 Wins

Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter continues to show all support towards the Miami Heat during their now 27 game winning streak. The Miami have already defeated every team in the NBA this season, many of them during the streak. Only 6 games away from the NBA record that is 33 games by the 71-72 Lakers. This record would be a tremendous achievement considering how many great teams; coaches and players have not met this milestone outside the 71-72 Lakers. One could claim that it’s more difficult to win consecutive games in the NBA due to travel and salary cap. 
Outside the city of Miami, many fans are cheering on for the Heat to break this record. Only two years ago fans all over the country hated this game Miami Heat team. There are still people who are not fans of the Miami Heat in certain parts of the country, but not nearly as many. This winning streak is not only big for the Miami Heat, but the NBA as well. Miami’s winning streak is important for the NBA as this month is usually a boring one for this league. All the attention is generally towards 
March Madness and the NFL draft as the NBA is coasting. Almost every game during this winning streak is nationally televised for fans to watch. Right now we are witnessing history with our local NBA basketball team. We are fortunate enough to witness history live in person every week during Miami’s home games. Continue to show your support for the Heat whether it’s going to the game, watching on television, listening on the radio or representing the team with memorabilia. Fishing charter from Haulover Marina encourages everyone to continue showing your support for our Miami Heat and their amazing winning streak. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What Better Way to Start Spring than Some Miami Barracuda Fishing?

Season of spring officially began days ago, as the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Every fisherman knows that warm weather is perfect for Miami Barracuda Fishing. Barracuda fish are popular to capture in South Florida as they can be found by inshore and deep sea. Miami Fishing is famous for it’s wonderful weather and selection of fish to capture. There are so many fishing charters to choose from in the South Florida area. One cannot find a Miami Fishing charter anything like the THERAPY-IV. 
This fishing charter has been around for over 20 years that many locals are familiar with. 
The THERAPY-IV provides two identical 58-foot top end boats with up to date equipment. Miami Fishing charter additionally provides experienced crewmembers to make Miami Barracuda Fishing a better experience. Crewmembers will assist you with successfully capturing fish along with teaching you on the way. Fishing on the THERAPY-IV is a fun, education, relaxing and rewarding experience all at the same time. What better way to start spring than some barracuda fishing? 
Best way to go barracuda fishing is on the THERAPY-IV. 
Barracuda are a great first capture for beginners who have yet to capture a fish. These fish are vicious creatures with strong teeth who are good fighters. Experienced fishermen enjoy catching barracudas as well. Many beginner fishermen catch barracuda as their first fish. Fishing charter also provides a variety of trips including Miami Marlin Fishing. One can catch marlin, sailfish, barracudas and many more fish out there. Be sure to enjoy spring by going fishing on the THERAPY-IV sometime. Spring is the time of year to go fishing and enjoy many other outdoor activities. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Miami Heat and Hurricanes are on FIRE!!

Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing Charter wants to continue showing our support for the Miami Heat and Hurricanes. Both teams are on a tremendous run as it’s been a while since either team as lost. Right the Miami Hurricanes entered the Sweet 16 for the first time in their school’s history. University of Miami (UM) won last night after a very competitive game against Illinois. The game went down to the fourth quarter when UM’s best player Shane Larkin hit a clutch 3-point shot. This shot changed the momentum when they needed it most. 
Over the past few weeks our local college basketball team has both ACC Conference Championship in the regular season and tournament. The Hurricanes are on their way to win another title, the grandest of them all, National Championship. University of Miami is generally known for their football program or even baseball at times, but never basketball. This year’s Hurricane’s basketball team is breaking school records by the week. Let’s continue to show our support as they are on their way to their first Sweet 16’s appearance.
Is there enough that can be said about the Miami Heat? They continue to win games regardless of being home or on the road. Miami Heat has beaten every team in the NBA this season as they have defeated many of them during this streak. Every game becomes more difficult as probability says this should not be happening. Teams that play the Miami Heat play their best game of the season in order to stop the streak. Last night the streak was on the line again without All Star Dwayne Wade playing. Again the Heat overcame the odds and easily handled the Charlotte Bobcats by over 30 points. Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter from Haulover Marina wants you to continue your support for our local basketball teams.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Season of Spring is Finally Here!!

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here as the season of spring is finally here. We can now look forward to the great weather that spring brings down here in South Florida. This is place to be during spring as people travel here from all over the world for their spring break. College students, families and many others know that South Florida is where the most fun is for their spring vacation. Miami is known for its entertainment, sports and outdoor activities that everyone enjoys to be a part of. 
Those who want to relax can enjoy going Miami Beach Fishing on the THERAPY-IV. Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter the THERAPY-IV is Miami Beach’s number one ranked outdoor activity. This ranking was done by a credible source that is TripAdvisor.com. TripAdvisor is a widely known review website where customers rate and comment about their experiences. The THERAPY-IV received both high scores and positive comments from customers who experienced a Miami Beach Fishing trip. Fishing charter provides a variety of trips including Miami Sailfishing. Nice fishing trip is a great way to compliment a week full of fun in Miami Beach. Visitors will need a break occasionally from all the fun and excitement they will be having. 
Fishing trip can be just as fun and exciting as other outdoor activities in South Beach. Miami Sailfishing is a thrill as they are difficult fish to capture. It’s a rewarding experience to capture a sailfish, as they are great fighters. THERAPY-IV provides some of the best equipment around along with experienced crewmembers. The Miami Deep Sea Fishing crewmembers will guide you step by step as you capture your next fish. Be sure to take part in Miami Beach Fishing during spring as the weather is perfect and all the fish are out. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

24 and Counting!!

The THERAPY-IV’s favorite Miami Heat has won again to extend their streak to 24 games. This game had a lot of drama even without the streak, as Cleveland is where Lebron came from. Fans from Cleveland still have trouble getting over “ The Decision” Lebron made to take his talents to South Beach. The game was delayed due to a roof leak causing water to be on the court. Water on the court could be very dangerous for players, especially athletes of this caliber. Delay was for 25 minutes as players and fans patiently waited. Once the game finally started, Cleveland went on an incredible run. Cleveland Cavaliers are already underhanded some of their best players including Kyrie Irving. Last night’s game meant a lot of Cleveland and their fans as they gave Miami everything they had to offer. 
This is not anything new as Miami has been getting the best from every team during their 24 game winning streak. Teams in general give there all towards the defending champs to set the bar for themselves. Most games involving the Miami Heat are on national television so teams against them want to show the country what they are all about. First quarter was getting out of hand as Cleveland was building a tremendous lead. Miami Heat players were out of rhythm and had difficulty performing the simplest of tasks. Basketball is a game of flow and the Miami Heat was out of sync. Towards end of the half our Miami Heat were getting them together. After halftime the Cleveland built an even larger lead that was up to 27 points. Everyone who has been watching this streak knows that Miami players their best in the fourth quarter. 
As the fourth quarter started, the Heat was on fire. Shane Battier was the spark that Miami needed with three point shots he was making. In the end our Miami Heat won another game in dramatic to win their 24th game in a row. Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter encourage to continue showing your support for the Miami Heat as we are the pulse that drives this team. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Celebrate The Coming of Spring on The THERAPY-IV

Let’s celebrate the coming of spring on the THERAPY-IV this week. Tomorrow is when spring officially begins as the weather is already getting warmer and warmer. This year has been a little colder this time of year than most of us are used to. South Floridians are accustomed to 70 to 80 degree weather all day and night. There has been a nice breeze through the day that people from other areas appreciate. Weather can be even cooler when going out Miami Deep Sea Fishing. 
Miami Marlin Fishing on the THERAPY-IV while the wind is breezing over the water is a memorable experience. Many fishermen can tell you that it’s the perfect fishing weather when it’s cool outside. Weather too warm beams down the sun and makes it uncomfortable for fishermen. Those who prefer to spend the whole day fishing prefer a cool weather that will not drain them. Plenty of focus and energy is needed when going Miami Marlin Fishing. Now with Spring coming around the weather will reach that perfect balance between warm and cool. This week is one to celebrate as spring is coming and there will be many great Miami Deep Sea Fishing trips to look forward to. 
Spring is full of many events in South Beach as everyone will be traveling to this area to enjoy their spring break. Sports in Miami are at an all time high as the Miami Hurricanes and Miami Heat are doing great! Miami is the place where everyone wants to be for spring and many of us are fortunate to live here. There is nothing to complain about when living in Miami during spring. Celebrate the upcoming season and enjoy your spring on the Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Miami Heat Reach 23 Wins!!

Last night the Miami Fishing charter and everyone in South Florida witnessed Miami Heat’s 23 straight win. This was an amazing win against our archrivals the Boston Celtics. The team has had our number during regular season as they have beaten us 10 games in a row. It’s been even longer time since we have beaten Boston at home. Celtics are a team that plays well at home as they were on an 11 game home winning streak. Something had to give as two winning streaks were going head to head. Boston has been incredible lately as they were the biggest threat to the Heat’s streak in a while. 
In the beginning of this game, everything was clicking for the Boston Celtics. One of their role players who were starting had a career day where he scored 43 points. For a while it seemed that all of Boston’s shots were falling while ours were missing. Fortunately throughout this streak and season we have shown resilience in the second half, especially the fourth quarter. At one point we were down by as many as 17 points. The gap closed towards halftime to show that we had a fighting chance that night. Big shift of momentum occurred when Dwayne Wade stole the ball, passed it to Mario Chalmers and he passed it to Lebron James for him to dunk of Jason Terry. Everyone in the local media is pronounced the “death” of Jason Terry due to being dunked on so badly by Lebron James. 
Towards the end of the game, Miami Heat was coming back in the game and eventually gained the lead. Less then 30 seconds left of the game where Lebron had to score in order to secure the lead, he pulled back and hit the game-winning jumper. After a couple defensive plays it was official, Miami Heat won their 23 straight game which happened to be against their arch rival Boston Celtics. Miami Deep Sea Fishing from Haulover Marina charter wants everyone to celebrate and enjoy this moment, GO HEAT!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Miami Heat are On Fire!!

The THERAPY-IV Miami Fishing charter wants you to continue your support for the Miami Heat. Twenty games in the row Miami Heat have won as we are on an amazing winning streak! Miami Heat is now tied for the second longest winning streak in NBA history. It’s unbelievable how well everyone is working together from starters to the role players. Do not take this for granted as we are witnessing history right now. Tonight the Miami Heat is facing their archrival the Boston Celtics. 
The Celtics have been on an amazing run lately as well since they lost their star player. Now matter well or poor the Celtics are playing, it’s always a competitive game with them. Game tonight will be in Boston where it is tough for any team to play. Continue to show your support whether it’s going to the games, watching it on T.V. or listening to it on the radio. Fans from all over are joining as our team has some of the greatest players in the world. Miami Heat has been a successful franchise for years and will continue to be following this run. We are aiming for that 33 game winning streak which is the NBA record. 
More importantly the city of Miami and Miami Heat are aiming for another NBA Championship. When it’s all said and done, championship is all that matters. What’s great about all this winning is that we are learning to win in all ways possible. There are many games in which the Miami Heat have had to come back from a deficit. The THERAPY-IV from Haulover Marina wants you to show your support during and after this amazing run. Join us, as we will be rooting for the Heat once again against the Boston Celtics. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting Ready for Ultra Music Festival this Weekend!!

Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter the THERAPY-IV wants to remind you about Ultra Music Festival. We are only days away from the weekend that is Ultra Music Festival. This large event is all weekend long taking a portion of downtown Miami. People will be visiting from all over Dade counties and other areas. Fans of techno based music gather and have a great time all weekend. It’s amazing to see how many people are gathered in one area for their love of music. 
Ultra Music Festival is very draining as each day is from morning until night. Many people have to take a break from all the excitement Ultra brings. Ultra fans are singing and dancing all day in front of their favorite musicians. Concession stands are available for people who become hungry and thirsty throughout the day. There are many people that have been waiting for this event since last year. Some fans already purchased their tickets immediately after the previous Ultra Music Festival. Tickets are sold for over hundreds of dollars, as some amazing musicians will be present. It’s unbelievable to see how much people would spend in order to experience their favorite musicians live. 
There is such a high demand with Ultra Tickets with so many people already attending. The THERAPY-IV from Haulover Marina hopes that everyone who is attending to have a great time and be safe. Attendees have to be careful about dehydrating as they are going to be out in the sun all day singing and dancing. Consider going Miami Deep Sea Fishing as an escape from all the excitement that is Ultra Music Festival. This marathon of concerts is draining to anyone. A nice and relaxing fishing trip may be exactly what you need after a long day at Ultra. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

White Hot Miami Heat Streak 19 Games and Counting

Miami Beach Fishing charter the THERPAY-IV wants to show their support for the Miami Heat. Right now the Miami Heat are an incredible run winning 19 games in a row. This is an amazing accomplishment thus far as they have already broken the franchise record. Miami Heat winning streak record was 16 wins in a row that was broken days ago. Currently this winning steak is the best run this season. 
Last night the Heat extended their winning streak to 19 games passing the 1990’s Chicago Bulls 18 game winning streak. Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are playing their best basketball along with the rest of their team. James recently had a 6 game run in which he was average over 30 points a game with over 60% in the field. The run is Lebron is compared to the greatest runs of all time. Dwayne Wade has recently picked his game up to another level as his point, assists, rebounds and steals are all up. Wade is currently on a streak of his own as he has had a steal in over 20 games in a row. 
Teams fear the Heat whether they are traveling to Miami or the Heat is visiting them. Average margin of winning has been over 11 points, which is amazing considering the number of games. This is an unbelievable run that should not be taken for granted. We are fortunate to have some of the best players in the world in our Miami Heat roster. Continue showing your support as we have another game tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers. Miami Fishing charter the THERAPY-IV will continue to support the Heat for this season and many more seasons to come. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pictures from Last Year’s Fleet Week

Miami Fishing charter from Haulover Marina the THERAPY-IV is very excited about this year’s Fleet Week. This is such a huge event that it’s never too early to start preparing for it. One way to prepare for it is by celebrating last year’s Fleet Week. The THERAPY-IV’s Facebook account recently posted pictures of last year’s Fleet Week for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Viewers will be given an idea of what Fleet Week is all about. There are amazing scenery pictures along with military personal present. Military ships proudly waving their American flags are shown in last year’s pictures. 
Amazing sized ships that you cannot see anywhere else. These ships can carry other ships as well as airplanes and other vehicle necessary. Pictures include our fine men and women lined up saluting for the country they fight so hard for. Many pictures are of military personal that are present for the event. Last year’s pictures will show what Port Everglades looks like for those who have never been there. The pictures show that there is plenty of space to work with both inland on water. Military members going Miami Fishing while others are present to enjoy each other’s company is an experience unlike any other. There is a saying that says a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine multiple pictures. 
See for yourself and check out the pictures posted on our Facebook and blog to see what Fleet Week is all about. You will be able to see how great last year’s Fleet Week was. This year’s Fleet Week will only be better than the last as we are prepping for it today. More people are looking to honor and appreciate the military than ever before. Do your part as an American citizen by honoring our military at this year’s Fleet Week event. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

The THERAPY-IV Preps for an Epic Fleet Week

Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing charter the THERAPY-IV is preparing for the epic week that is Fleet Week. Fishing charter from Haulover Marina takes great pride in honoring our military members. Fleet Week is all about honoring our military that serves and protects us everyday. Military members will be able to cut loose and enjoy themselves. This week provides a fishing tournament for fellow military members to gather. These fine men and women will be able to join together to share their experiences. 
Fishing is exactly what our military personal need after everything they do. Being in the military is a lot of hard work and can be stressful as well. Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing trip will ease the tension from everything these fine people do. Our military will be celebrated, as Fleet Week will be all about them. The THERAPY-IV does whatever they can to honor our fine men and women who serve and protect us. Fishing charter from Haulover Marina preps for an epic Fleet Week by spreading the word here, social media and more. We have already been posting pictures on our Facebook of previous Fleet Week events. 
Fleet Week is not only an enjoyable experience for our military but also everyone else involved. Supporters of the military will have the wonderful opportunity to meet members of the military. One can hear first hand about everything they do for our country. Don’t just take our word for it, experience Fleet Week yourself and have a great time. Haulover Marina charter will constantly remind you of this event as it comes nearer and nearer. It’s never too early to start prepping for Fleet Week, as our military deserves our full attention.  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ultra Music Festival Comes to Miami – Stop By Haulover Marina for Some Miami Inshore Fishing

Ultra Music Festival comes to Miami this weekend for music fans in South Florida. Downtown Miami will be full of people attending this festival all weekend long. People from all areas of Miami will be attending this event for a day, two or all three. Most people only go one day due to the intensity of the festival. There are so many people present with plenty of activities and musicians playing. Plenty of people cannot handle everything that is going on with this concert. 
Ultra Music fans are very passionate people with plenty of energy that can last through the day. This weekend is one of Miami’s largest music events of the year as people come from all over South Florida and elsewhere. Crewmembers from Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter the THERAPY hopes everyone has a good time during Ultra Music Festival. While you’re in the Miami area for the weekend, take a detour to Haulover Marina. Anybody who attends Ultra will need a relaxing experience before or after such an intense event. 
There is nothing more relaxing than going Miami Inshore Fishing on the THERAPY-IV. Inshore fishing is close enough to land for you to see it. Miami inshore fishing is a shorter trip than Miami Deep Sea Fishing trip as one does not have to travel as far. This type is fishing trip is for those who want to enjoy a calming experience while catching some fish. Fishing trip on the THERAPY-IV is a perfect compliment to attending Ultra Music Festival this weekend. Be sure to be safe as there will be many people present and most important have a great time!! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Miami Marlin Fishing is a Popular Outing in Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a city that is full of life with many activities and entertainment. South Florida residents and visitors travel to Miami Beach to have a good time. There are so many activities to choose from that it can be overwhelming. People choose to enjoy the outdoors while in Miami Beach due to the great weather. Outdoor activities are more popular than ever during spring, which is around the corner. People enjoy relaxing on the beach, boating, fishing and exercising. 
Fishing is an activity that is both fun and relaxing for those who want to have a good time without having to do too much. Among fishing trips, the most popular one is Miami Marlin Fishing. This fishing trip is a popular outing in Miami Beach for both residents and visitors. Marlins are great sized and beautiful fish that are great fighters as they are also the trademark fish in South Florida. There is a reason why Miami’s very own professional baseball team is called the Miami Marlins. Be a part of the culture by taking part in Miami Marlin Fishing. Adventure is fun for both novice and experienced fishermen of the sea. 
Simply take a trip on the THERAPY-IV and go fishing for some marlin. This fishing charter provides two identical boats so that more people can enjoy Miami Marlin Fishing. Boats provided are top of the line 58-foot ships with some of the best equipment you can find. Crewmembers are provided in order to assist you with successfully capturing this marlin. The THERAPY-IV crewmembers have years of experience with catching marlin and many other types of fish. There isn’t a better feeling in life than successfully catching a fish, especially a marlin. Many people cannot say that they have captured a marlin before. Taking part in this Marlin Fishing trip on the THERAPY-IV today!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Watch The Great Videos On YouTube Channel

Everyone is welcome to watch some of the great videos on our YouTube channel. We have a variety of videos from fish captures, dolphin viewing, flags waving, bird releases and more. These are made for your viewing pleasure to see what we see when out in the sea. Videos allow you to experience what others have miles away. See the process of what it takes to make the next big catch of a fish. See for yourself as they fish fight back before, during and after they are caught. 
Miami Fishing charter the THERAPY-IV wants you to have a first hand look at what we do. Videos are shown of hard fought battles with barracudas, wahoo and even sailfish. Those who are not familiar with a Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter can be introduced with our THERAPY-IV Deep Sea Fishing Experience in Miami video. One of our videos features a special on the sportsman channel where a veteran and his family experience the THERAPY-IV. Miami Fishing charter takes great pride in honoring our fellow military men and women. Fishing charter proudly celebrates any event that is for the U.S. military. Flags from the THERAPY-IV are waving proudly in honor of the soldier that protects our lives everyday. 
The THERAPY-IV will always go out of their way in order to honor the fine men and women that serve to protect us each and everyday. There is never enough appreciation that can be shown for these people that put their lives on the line for us. Captain Stan himself is featured in a number of videos where he is there to assist others. Stan is a hand on captain who is heavily involved with his customers, crewmembers and the community. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

UPCOMING: Military Week is First Week of May

First week of May is celebrated in honor for members of the military. This time of month is called Military Week. Throughout Military Week there is a special fishing tournament for members of the military. The exhibition for military members is called Take A Hero Fishing Tournament. Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter the THERAPY-IV fully supports this tournament and wants to spread the word. Fishing tournament is a great way for veterans and active military members to relax and enjoy themselves. 
Most people involved with the military experience plenty of action and activity. Those military are always looking forward to an activity that is both fun and relaxing. Sport of fishing allows individuals to escape from reality out in the sea. Many military need an escape from reality occasionally after everything experience. Miami Fishing charter the THERAPY-IV encourages military members as well as their friends and families to join in. Military members will be able to share their stories with one another as they can empathize with each other. 
General population cannot truly imagine what many of our military soldiers have to go through. This group will be able to share their memories, good stories and difficult ones. Miami Deep Sea Fishing crew firmly that an event of this magnitude should be through the week as a day as not enough for these men and women. Start making plans today, as the first week of May will be here before you know it. Time flies by, especially now days as many of us are so busy. Don’t miss out on their wonderful opportunity to share an experience with these amazing people during Military Week.