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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Watch The Great Videos On YouTube Channel

Everyone is welcome to watch some of the great videos on our YouTube channel. We have a variety of videos from fish captures, dolphin viewing, flags waving, bird releases and more. These are made for your viewing pleasure to see what we see when out in the sea. Videos allow you to experience what others have miles away. See the process of what it takes to make the next big catch of a fish. See for yourself as they fish fight back before, during and after they are caught. 
Miami Fishing charter the THERAPY-IV wants you to have a first hand look at what we do. Videos are shown of hard fought battles with barracudas, wahoo and even sailfish. Those who are not familiar with a Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter can be introduced with our THERAPY-IV Deep Sea Fishing Experience in Miami video. One of our videos features a special on the sportsman channel where a veteran and his family experience the THERAPY-IV. Miami Fishing charter takes great pride in honoring our fellow military men and women. Fishing charter proudly celebrates any event that is for the U.S. military. Flags from the THERAPY-IV are waving proudly in honor of the soldier that protects our lives everyday. 
The THERAPY-IV will always go out of their way in order to honor the fine men and women that serve to protect us each and everyday. There is never enough appreciation that can be shown for these people that put their lives on the line for us. Captain Stan himself is featured in a number of videos where he is there to assist others. Stan is a hand on captain who is heavily involved with his customers, crewmembers and the community. 

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