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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Celebrating the History of the U.S. Military Purple Heart

Deep Sea Fishing in Miami charter wants to celebrate and honor the history of the U.S. Military Purple Heart. Most of us already know that the Purple Heart is a prestigious award for U.S. Military members who have been wounded or killed while serving. This award is in name of the President as it is the oldest one that means something. There is the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor that resides in New York in the city of New Windsor.
Originally this award was the Badge of Military Merit that was established by our first president who was at the time the commander in chief of the Continental Army. During our country’s first war, three soldiers only earned Revolutionary War, this award. The date of this event was August 7, 1782 as we are only days away from it’s 231st anniversary of this prestigious award. From this point on the legend as well as the award itself grew over time. For a while this award was not given again until after the First World War. Throughout the years there have been many changes to this award of in terms of its presentation, label and how it is awarded. Some things did not change as this award is still awarded in name of the President of the United States to any members of the Armed Forces of the United State who had been wounded or killed after April 5, 1917. Purple Heart can include an action against an enemy of our great country as these soldiers fight to serve and protect our freedom. This award is a badge of honor that shows one has put their life on the line for their country. The THERAPY-IV is proud of all soldiers of the U.S. Military, especially those who have received the Purple Heat award.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yellow Ribbon Program for Our U.S. Military

Deep Sea Fishing in Miami charter wants to bring attention to the yellow ribbon program that is for our U.S. Military. This program is critical with U.S. military soldiers with close families as the lost time changes their lifestyles. Many military members come back home to face struggle even more difficult than the battlefield as there are obstacles to overcome psychology. Yellow Ribbon program started over 5 years ago to protect our U.S. Military with their struggles after going back home.
Plenty of soldiers develop psychological issues to have to be approached and cared for delicately. It’s important that there is a program to structuralize any post service issues to may occur within a family. The THERAPY-IV could not be anymore proud of the members involving this program who put their time and energy for others. Our military serves and protects us every day so that we can enjoy the freedoms that many of us take for granted. The Yellow Ribbon Program is our chance to give back by helping our fellow U.S. citizens that are in need once returning home. The program is built to avoid future conflicts that can occur from being pent up.
Families of military members struggle before, during and after the service in their own way. Entire family involving military members are treated, cared for and helped in order for them to go back to their normal lives. Program is a lot easier said this done as it involves plenty of time and hard work. Yellow Ribbon Program supports all branches of our military. Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter fully supports this program and hopes it continues to grow throughout the years. Now when you see a yellow ribbon associated with the U.S. military, you will know what it is all about.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Deep Sea Fishing this Summer with Our Wounded Warriors

Deep Sea Fishing in Miami charter has always been know for their patriotism, especially towards our brave military who serve and protect us. This summer is getting busy as there are trips booked on a daily basis. The charter is looking to make extra time for our wounded warriors who want to go deep sea fishing on the THERAPY-IV. We are officially inviting the wounded warriors to take a day to enjoy deep sea fishing.
Those who have not gone fishing in the deep sea are missing out on an unforgettable experience. People who have gone Miami Deep Sea Fishing already know the fun and excitement that involves finding and capturing fish in the open sea. Summer is the best time to go fishing on the THERAPY-IV as the weather is great and fish are easier to find. Weather is nice and warm even with the breeze that comes from sailing on the boat. THERAPY-IV provides all the gear you would need to successfully capture fish while going Deep Sea Fishing in Miami. Charter also provides crewmembers with years of experience that will help walk you through the process.
Deep Sea Fishing is a fun challenge that can be difficult for some; we make it easy for you. Fishermen who choose to do the work themselves are more than welcome to; crewmembers will be there just in case. We encourage our wounded warriors and military to join us this summer as we will be deep sea fishing all summer long. Be sure to give us a call so that we can book your trip ahead of time, invite your family and friends. Summer is up and running, take advantage of this great weather and go deep sea fishing with us!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Shark Fishing in the Summertime on the THERAPY-IV

Summer time is finally here as the weather is nice and warm for some deep sea fishing. Goal for most fishermen who sail out in the deep sea is to find and capture sharks. Most of us already know how large and dangerous sharks can be, which only makes the challenge that much better. Catching a shark is a milestone that plenty of fishermen look to achieve. There are plenty of fish to be found while going Miami shark fishing.
The THERAPY-IV is the ideal boat to sail on while fishing for sharks this summer. A crew is provided that has plenty of experience capturing sharks and many other monsters in the sea. THERAPY-IV itself sails smoothly across the deep sea which is not an easy task. Boat provides plenty of space to be comfortable in while waiting to reel in a shark. Some of the best fishing equipment and supplies are provided in order to maximize your success with capturing a shark. Deep sea fishing in Miami is the number one activity in Miami Beach according to TripAdvisor.
Sharks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as there is not only one type of shark. Warm waters of Miami Beach welcome sharks and many other difficult to catch fish. Most people have a lot of difficulty catching sharks due to their size, speed, strength and aggressive mentality. Deep Sea Fishing in Miami on the THERAPY-IV makes it easier to capture sharks than anywhere else. Despite all the help that the shark fishing Miami charter provide, it’s still no easy task. Join us this summer on a fun adventure capturing sharks or any other challenging fish out there in the deep sea.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting Ready for the 4th of July!!

This week is the one we have all been waiting for as it is for the 4th of July. Holiday is special as it celebrates our country’s freedom. Deep Sea Fishing in Miami charter takes pride in our patriotism. Coincidentally the THERAPY-IV’s twitter account reached 1,776 followers recently. Our twitter account has gotten as far as it’s gotten thanks to your support. Deep Sea Fishing charter’s social media has been growing by the week. Feel free to post and share your patriotism on the 4th of July, as we all know the power of social media. Amazing timing as that number represents the year 1776 when we gained our freedom. Many of us have a short week as most businesses will have both Thursday and Friday off from work. It would be difficult to ask someone to work the day after 4th of July.
Most of us will be off on the 4th of July, be sure to take advantage of the time off by getting plenty of rest. There are not many opportunities for a lot of us to get days off. Everyone is planning their day on the where, when and what to do for this holiday. Plenty of friends and family are looking to spend time each other, as many of us are usually busy. Let’s not forget that this holiday is not just another day off, but one for us to celebrate and appreciate our country’s freedom. The THERAPY-IV encourages everyone to show their patriotism while firing fireworks and having a good time. We hope everyone has a great time for the 4th of July this Thursday. Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter will be setting trips all weekend and next week immediately following this holiday.