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Friday, August 16, 2013

Miami Barracuda Fishing for Adventurous Deep Sea Fishing Enthusiasts

Sometimes referred to as the “tiger of the sea,” Barracudas have a fierce reputation and a fearsome set of razor-sharp teeth that make them popular targets for Miami Deep Sea Fishing enthusiasts. A great aspect of Miami Barracuda Fishing is that the ‘cudas can be found inshore, offshore, near coral reefs, inlets, swimming in the ocean, in the Gulf Stream- pretty much anywhere! After a hefty fight, catching a big one can be very exciting, rewarding, and even addicting.

With over 40 years experience fishing the Atlantic and bay waters of Miami, the Therapy-IV team is the best team to spend a day out on the sea with. We have an expert crew and two fantastic 58-foot vessels fully-equipped to catch any fish traversing our waters, making us your best bet to hooking these good-looking fish. Barracudas caught in our waters average in size between 8 and 20 lbs, but can grow to be much larger than 25 lbs.

In addition to Barracuda, you can find a huge variety of species in the Atlantic waters of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, most of them visible all year round. Some include numerous types of sharks, Marlin, Dolphin fish, Tuna, Grouper, Snapper, Black Sea Bass, and Kingfish, among many others. Check out pictures of some of the monsters we have caught deep-sea fishing on the Daily Catch section of our website: http://therapy4.com/daily_catch.php. That could be you and your family on your next fishing trip with Therapy-IV!

I’m Captain Stan of the Therapy-IV crew and I’ve been a passionate sports fisherman since I was a young man. I am, along with the rest of my crew, dedicated to providing the best charter fishing experience to anyone ready to experience ultimate deep sea fishing. To plan your trip with us, call us at 305-945-1578.

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