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Monday, April 28, 2014

Why Fishing is Good for You

Physically, fishing is not all that demanding. It doesn't take a lot of strength and stamina to fish. However, fishing does incorporate the exercising of the lungs, heart and various muscle groups. After all, one does have to get to a place from which they can fish. That generally includes walking, possibly some minor climbing, and carrying one's gear to the favorite fishing spot. These are all physical activities which burn calories and exercise various muscle groups, all of which is good for one's health.

The various activities involved in readying oneself for fishing are also good exercise for the muscles of the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. Assembling a reel to one's rod, attaching hooks, sinkers, bobbin's and even the bait are all activities which work these muscles to some degree. Then, there is the casting of the bait into the water. This activity exercises the muscles of the upper arm, shoulder and back. One probably won't get a good cardio workout from fishing, but one will get enough exercise to maintain a degree of dexterity and maybe some muscle tone.

Fishing allows one to rest and relax one's mind. No pressure, no deadlines, nobody wanting this or that, no noisy machines or people; just fresh air, sunshine and plenty of rest and relaxation. A brain vacation! Of course, one needn't lapse into a comatose state while fishing. It is sufficient to just clear one's mind and wonder or daydream.

In conclusion, fishing is a great recipe for a healthier body and mind. Take a little exercise, mix it with sunshine and fresh air, and add a few snacks and something to wash them down with, then do it frequently and enjoy better health. And there is one more benefit. With a little luck, one may catch a fish for dinner, and everyone knows that eating fish is very healthy.

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