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Friday, January 30, 2015

THERAPY-IV is Ready for Super Bowl Sunday!

THERAPY-IV's Captain Stan and Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing crewmembers cannot wait until this Sunday. Sunday is the day we have all been waiting for, Super Bowl Sunday! The Super Bowl this year will air this Sunday at 6:30 PM on NBC at the University of Phoenix Stadium. This year’s match up is between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.

Both teams were counted out in the beginning of the year but are now at the final game. Plenty of big names of watch play this Sunday between Tom Brady, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Rob Gronkowski and many more. History will be made as Seattle Seahawks can be one of the few teams in NFL history to win back-to-back Super Bowls. The New England Patriots are looking to expand on their legacy as they have already been to 5 Super Bowls since 2000. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are already one of the best quarterback and coach tandem in NFL History, winning another Super Bowl will help make that claim. Both teams have identical records at 14-4 but their paths for the big game were much different. There are so many things to look forward to on Super Bowl Sunday between the match up, commercials, BBQ and gatherings to watch the big game. Viewers from all over the world will be watching whether they are Patriots fans, Seahawks fans, NFL fans and even non-NFL fans.

This Sunday will be an entertaining match up, as both teams tend to have close games that come down to the wire. These Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter boat crewmembers will be watching the big game this Sunday. We hope everyone has a great time with their friends and family while watching Super Bowl XLIX.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Get Ready for the 23rd Annual Kite Day at Haulover Park!

Proudly operating out of beautiful Haulover Park, The THERAPY-IV Miami Deep Sea Fishing Charter has always taken an interest in the fun events and activities regularly available in this vibrant waterfront park.

That is why we are pleased to welcome you to the 23rd annual Kite Day, taking place Sunday, February 15, starting from noon to 5 p.m.

Hosted by Miami-Dade Parks and Skyward Kites, this color occasion offers a wide variety of fun activities for the whole family, including paper kite building classes, kite demonstrations, live music, food, and much more.

The sky over Miami Beach will light up with a gorgeous display of shapes and colors from hundreds of soaring kites. You will find some unique and signature favorites as the 100-ft flying squid, 30-ft scuba man, 150-ft rainbow kite, and much more.

People of all ages are encouraged to bring their own kites to fly, with the option of making their own on the spot or purchasing an already completed one. There is no limit to the size or type of kite you can bring! While there will be kite-flying competitions for both children and adults, spectators are more than welcomed to come watch or enjoy the other attractions.

Admission and parking for this event is just $7.00 in total. If you would like to learn more, call Skyward Kites at 305 893-0906 or Haulover Park at 305-947-3525.

While you are here, feel free to pay a visit to The THERAPY-IV and check our state-of-the-art Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing Charter Boat. To learn more, contact us at 305-945-1578 or info@therapy4.com.

Monday, January 19, 2015

An Ex-Dolphins Player Endures A Long Swim to Safety

Rob Konrad, a former Miami Dolphins fullback, has quite a story of survival to tell that began when he fell of his recreational boat while he was nine miles offshore.

After, Konrad fell, he remained in the water while rescuers failed to see him as he was forced to escape jellyfish and a circling shark, before he was able to reach the shore.

At a news conference, Konrad said "I'm grateful and thankful to be here," while still shaken up and showing physical signs of the situation that had him hospitalized.

On Thursday, January 8th, Konrad was on his boat to take it to get serviced and put the boat on autopilot, while he was casting a line at around 12:30 pm, when a fish hit the line and the boat was hit by a big wave during which Konrad went overboard and at miles out, the boat on autopilot was heading east to the Bahamas.

Konrad is from New England and he has experience in the water, so he knew that he could get hypothermia after a few hours and started swimming while he thought about his wife and two young daughters.

He ended up swimming for 16 hours and he recalls going through two different possibilities to get rescued. One of these opportunities was a recreational fishing boat that was about 50 yards away, he tried to get the attention of the boat, but it was not possible. He also saw a Coast Guard helicopter that was searching in the water, the helicopter came right on top of him and shined lights on him, but failed to see him.

After that, he realized that he would have to swim all the way to shore and he washed up 27 miles from where he had gone into the water at around 4:30 a.m. on Friday. He says that his mind was certainly tested during this time.

We at the THERAPY-IV are very glad to hear that Rob Konrad lived to tell this story of survival in such a dangerous situation.

At the THERAPY-IV, our crew will support you every step of the way while you go Miami Deep Sea Fishing. For a Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing Charter Boat, contact us at (305)945-1578.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Threats to the Waters of Miami

Miami is famous for its beaches and beautiful bay, but keeping it pristine and swimmable is definitely a tremendous task. 

This important task is the focus of Biscayne Bay Waterkeeper, the local branch of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a nonprofit that was founded in 1999 by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., which has a mission to patrol and protect bodies of water around the globe through education and activist programs.

Currently, some of the major focuses of the nonprofit include ecosystem protection, preparing for sea-level rise, and ensuring that there is clean water for the future. Some of the specific concerns right now is the Deep Dredge Project in Government Cut, flooding in different areas, and construction projects that could be violating state and federal laws.

On the matter of the Deep Dredge in Government Cut, the project is set to have super sized vessels from Panama Canal dock in the area and the dredging for the project has proven to be very damaging with barges leaking and dribbling sediment all across the coral reefs. The Department of Environmental Protection has also found sediment damage, which can smother coral and sea grass.

This is a matter that is very important to take care, as we are one of the only cities in the world to have such a pristine reef. Plus, the reefs are very valuable economically since they are the focus of dive boat operators, snorkelers, and tourists. Plus, Miami Beach is planning on spending a lot of money in retrofits for sea-level rise and storm surge, while the reefs serve as natural barriers to storm surge and they are presently protecting the coastline from erosion.

In the city of Miami, we have a lot invested in our clean water, with luxurious real estate that borders the bay and tourists that are coming here specifically because of the ocean. Plus, the fishing, snorkeling, and paddle boat businesses that depend on the waters of Miami. Luckily, the Waterkeeper Alliance is aware of these matters and fight to keep our waters clean and pristine.

We at the THERAPY-IV are very thankful for the mission of nonprofits like the Waterkeeper Alliance. To have your own adventure in the pristine waters of Miami, try a Miami Beach Deep Sea Charter Fishing Boat with THERAPY-IV at (305)945-1578. The THERAPY-IV specializes at Miami Deep Sea Fishing

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why You Should Spend More Time Outside in 2015

Being in nature, such as with Miami Deep Sea Fishing, has tons of benefits that are proven to improve your quality of life. These improvements to your life, may be just what you need this new year. So, here at the Therapy-IV, we are taking a look at why you should be spending more time outside in 2015.

Being in nature is so powerful to our well being that taking nature walks has proven to increase our longevity. It has been proven that living in areas with walkable green spaces positively influences the longevity of urban senior citizens independent of their age, sex, marital status, baseline functional status, and socioeconomic status.

You can also get daily benefits from being outside, as exposure to natural daylight preferably at the same time every morning and for about 15 minutes can help you sleep better at night. This is a very helpful finding, as so many people have trouble sleeping nowadays, and many consider medication over trying to spend more time in nature.

Also, following stressful events, blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension has been proven to decrease faster when you go to natural environments rather than be in urban settings. Meaning that fun activities outside will be much more helpful to your mental health, than other types of activities.

Natural, green settings can reduce stress, improve moods and reduce anger and aggressiveness and increase your overall happiness. Visiting forest like areas, may also help strengthen your immune system by increasing the activity of natural killer cells which eliminate cancer cells.

These are just a few of the amazing improvements that can result from spending time in nature. Make this new year a healthy one and enjoy fun outside activities such as Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing. To learn more about our charter boat services contact the THERAPY-Iv at (305)945-1578.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Why Fishing is a Fun and Healthy Hobby

We don't call it The THERAPY-IV for nothing -- Captain Stan and the crew know full-well the therapeutic benefits of Miami Deep Sea Fishing. Few hobbies are as fun, healthy, and accessible as fishing. But you don't have to live in beautiful South Florida, or be a nautical aficionado, to appreciate the many benefits of fishing. 

First and foremost is the stress relief you may experience. Being able to spend a day in the outdoors by the water takes us out of our typical daily environment and gives us a chance to reboot. It's widely known that being able to interact with nature is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. 

Another great benefit of fishing is that you can use it to spend time with family and friends, strengthening relationships by being able to share in fun experiences and triumphs. Also, once you learn how to fish, you are then able to spend time teaching others, which has it's own rewards.

Also whether you spend time fishing by yourself or are joined by others you can take advantage of the health benefits that this activity brings as it will allow you to be outside and active, encouraging a healthier way of life. Instead of just going grocery shopping for fish, fishing can help with burning unwanted calories and increase the quality of your lifestyle. 

Another great benefit of spending time fishing is that it can improve your self-esteem through respect for the environment while you being able to master outdoor skills and achieving a few personal goals. It can also be important for social and personal development and an activity you can truly enjoy at any age. 

These are just some of the great things to look forward to when you embrace Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing aboard The THERAPY-IV. Ultimately, you should enjoy fishing for your own reasons, which we are more than happy to accommodate. Learn more by contacting (305) 945-1578 or info@therapy4.com.