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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Threats to the Waters of Miami

Miami is famous for its beaches and beautiful bay, but keeping it pristine and swimmable is definitely a tremendous task. 

This important task is the focus of Biscayne Bay Waterkeeper, the local branch of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a nonprofit that was founded in 1999 by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., which has a mission to patrol and protect bodies of water around the globe through education and activist programs.

Currently, some of the major focuses of the nonprofit include ecosystem protection, preparing for sea-level rise, and ensuring that there is clean water for the future. Some of the specific concerns right now is the Deep Dredge Project in Government Cut, flooding in different areas, and construction projects that could be violating state and federal laws.

On the matter of the Deep Dredge in Government Cut, the project is set to have super sized vessels from Panama Canal dock in the area and the dredging for the project has proven to be very damaging with barges leaking and dribbling sediment all across the coral reefs. The Department of Environmental Protection has also found sediment damage, which can smother coral and sea grass.

This is a matter that is very important to take care, as we are one of the only cities in the world to have such a pristine reef. Plus, the reefs are very valuable economically since they are the focus of dive boat operators, snorkelers, and tourists. Plus, Miami Beach is planning on spending a lot of money in retrofits for sea-level rise and storm surge, while the reefs serve as natural barriers to storm surge and they are presently protecting the coastline from erosion.

In the city of Miami, we have a lot invested in our clean water, with luxurious real estate that borders the bay and tourists that are coming here specifically because of the ocean. Plus, the fishing, snorkeling, and paddle boat businesses that depend on the waters of Miami. Luckily, the Waterkeeper Alliance is aware of these matters and fight to keep our waters clean and pristine.

We at the THERAPY-IV are very thankful for the mission of nonprofits like the Waterkeeper Alliance. To have your own adventure in the pristine waters of Miami, try a Miami Beach Deep Sea Charter Fishing Boat with THERAPY-IV at (305)945-1578. The THERAPY-IV specializes at Miami Deep Sea Fishing

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