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We would also love to hear from you! Whether your Deep Sea Fishing Experience was with us or on your own, tell us about it! This will be a place to discuss all things Sports Fishing! Everything from products to techniques, we want to hear it all! I look forward to hearing from all you avid Deep Sea Fishermen out there!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What Kind of Gear Should You Use When Deep Sea Fishing

One of the greatest things about living in Miami is the many different types of activities that are available.  Miami Beach deep sea fishing is one of the greatest activities around.  Of course, if you rent a fishing charter, like the kinds of trips The Therapy-IV offers, then the Captain will have everything you need.  However, if you choose to go by yourself, below is a list of the essential gear every fisherman should carry with them.

Rod, Extra Fishing Line, hooks of varying sizes, and sinkers: In regards to the type of rod, either a light or a heavy tackle is ideal; it all depends on what types of fish you are planning on catching.

Live and Artificial Bait: Small fish, worms, dead bait (like squid, sardine, and mackerel) are all acceptable forms of live bait.  You can either buy the bait or catch it on the way to the fishing site.

Needle Nose Pliers: Ensure you do not forget this heavily needed tool, as it is used to remove the hook from the fish you will catch.

Line Cutter:  Lines get tangled and/or snagged, hence the need for a line cutter, a quick and easy to use fix.

Rope Tape Measure: Good for measuring the fish you caught for future references.

First Aid Box: Fishing can be dangerous, so always ensure you have a mini first aid box with you.

Rag or Gloves: Slippery fish can be a pain; these items will ensure that you do not lose your catch.

Camera: With the rough waters, you do not want to risk losing your expensive smart phone, so bringing a camera is a good idea.

Cooler: If you are bringing your fish home with you, a separate cooler is a smart choice.

To schedule a trip and/or to learn more about Miami Deep Sea Fishing, contact us at 305-945-1578.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The THERAPY-IV is Proud to Support Gray FishTag Research

As the premier Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing charter in South Florida, The THERAPY-IV owes its success to not only our valued clients, but to the beautiful environment on which we all depend. The seas have been good to us all these years, so we’re returning the favor through our support of the Gray FishTag Research project.

Founded in 2014 in Pompano Beach, this extensive international tagging program collaborates with fisherman to directly collect valuable scientific data on aquatic life. By partnering with people who know the ocean better than anyone, the GFTR can more effectively tag and monitor the multitude of different species in our abundance seas.

This allows scientists to learn everything from migration patterns and species behavior, to population numbers and the ecological state of a given species. Thanks to hard working and professional fisherman like ourselves (and many of our clients), the GFTR has recorded higher fish recapture rates than any other program of its kind.

With this hands-on effort, scientists and fisherman alike can learn more about marina life and how best to conserve it. Participating in the program, whether directly or through sponsorship, is a great way to preserve our precious seas for future generations to enjoy. The THERAPY-IV is proud to be doing its part.

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful initiative, including how to get involved at no cost to you, click here. If you want to experience firsthand the beautiful nature and marine life the GFTR and its partners are seeking to protect, hop aboard our Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing Charter Boat. Contact 305-945-1578 or info@therapy4.com.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tips for a Great Deep Sea Fishing Experience

Miami Deep Sea Fishing is one of the best things about visiting and/or living in Miami. The wide variety of fish that can be caught means this experience is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. The best way to experience this glorious event is to charter a deep sea fishing boat.

The THERAPY-IV is a luxury is a deep sea fishing luxury yacht service, with twin yachts and a Captain and crew with over four decades of experience.  With this immense level of experience, The THERAPY-IV would like to bring to you a couple of tips to ensure you have the best Deep Sea Fishing Experience available.

When planning a deep sea fishing trip, deciding what kinds of fish you are hoping to catch is important as this will also help you decide which type of boat you would like to charter.  Basically, there are three ways to catch the many different types of fish in the sea, which are bottom fishing, trolling, and offshore fishing.

Bottom fishing entails dropping your bait to or near the seafloor, thereby attracting such enticing bottom dwellers as red, white, and black snapper, scampi, grouper, triggerfish, and amberjack fish dwell.

Trolling involves constantly moving the bait, which forces kingfish, mackerel, and sailfish to have to play catch up and offer a bigger fight. This is great for those seeking a little more action while they fish.

If you are looking to mount a more impressive trophy, than going offshore option would be the best, if most challenging, choice. Here is where large and tough catches like the blue and white marlin and the dolphin live.

Another thing to keep in mind before you book your charter boat is what type of gear, equipment, and tackle you will need. This process is much easier if you already know what type of fish you are looking to catch. The THERAPY-IV is already stocked with all of the latest gear and supplies you need to catch any number of fish. Whatever your fishing style, preference, or experience, our world-class boat and crew have you covered.

To schedule a trip or to learn more, contact us at 305-945-1578.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Miami, Florida is known for being a great place for tourists.  With the beautiful beaches, fascinating everglades, and adventurous Miami Beach deep sea fishing, there are activities for every personality type.

For the individuals interested in seeing and tasting all of the interesting creatures that the waters of Miami Beach have to offer, The THERAPY-IV, a Miami Beach deep sea charter fishing boat service, is a perfect option.  The THERAPY-IV is a deep sea fishing luxury yacht service, with twin yachts and a Captain and crew with over four decades of experience.

When The THERAPY-IV is hired, their clientele can be ensured that they will not only have a memorable fishing experience but will also have the luxury of visiting the best spots off the coast of Miami and Biscayne Bay. 
Captain Stan and his crew run their yachts close to the coast of Miami Beach to ensure that their clients catch some of the biggest game possible.  Some of the species that are available are Marlin, Sailfish, Hammerhead Sharks, Blacktip Sharks, Mako Sharks, Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi or Dorado), Tuna, Blackfin Tuna, Grouper, Tarpon, Wahoo, Barracuda, Amberjacks, Cobia, Mackerel, Snapper, Black Sea Bass, Triggerfish, and Kingfish.

Because The THERAPY-IV is a luxury yachting service, they ensure that their yachts are fully equipped with everything a fishing enthusiast would need.  The two (2) 58 foot sportfisherman boats, powered by twin 450 hp Cummins diesels and a 12.5 kw pfsor generator, are fully equipped with a large tuna tower for spotting the big game, oversized outriggers for spacing the baits apart and a giant flying bridge with a captain’s chair as well as two fighting chairs, while the cockpit fishing area is equipped with four fighting chairs, two giant live bait hooks, and a giant transom door for bigger game like Dolphin and Marlin.  The cabin of the yachts have three air conditioning units, a big screen TV, movie theatre, stereo, XM satellite radio, bar counter and lots of wraparound seating, while the forward cabin has a nice stateroom, shower, refrigerator, and freezer.  Just ahead of the forward cabin is a beautiful giant ten-foot bathroom with a motion sensor water sink.

To schedule a trip and/or to learn more, contact 305-945-1578 or info@therapy4.com.

The THERAPY-IV Asks That You Support Reynold’s Race to Run On YouCaring

In our over four decades of operation, The THERAPY-IV has always been committed to social responsibility. We owe our success as the No. 1 Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing charter to the support of our clients, community members, and friends. That is why we are taking the time to bring this important cause to your attention.

Over at YouCaring, a fundraiser for admirable social causes, is a page for Reynold, a beautiful young boy suffering from Cerebral Palsy (CP) following complications from his premature birth. While his twin sister continues to grow and develop, Reynold suffers from stiff legs, a weaker than normal trunk, and the inability to walk on his own.

While there is no cure for CP, there are various treatments and procedures that can significantly help improve quality of life. Following numerous consultations and research, Reynold’s parents located the most accomplished neurosurgeon in America that could help make it happen: Dr. Park of St. Louis Children’s Hospitals.

A leading specialist in selective dorsal rhizotomy, a very complex and delicate surgery, Dr. Park carefully reviewed Reynold’s video and medical records and determined him to be the ideal candidate for this surgery. He believes that SDR will permanently diminish the spasticity in Reynold’s limbs, allowing him to improve his sitting and standing, improve his balance, reduce his pain, transition easier to different positions – and most importantly become an independent walker in all kinds of environments.

Reynold has therapy daily, wears day and night orthotics, uses a walker and wheelchair, and has a stander (to stretch his muscles). Through it all, he always has an infectious smile on his face and gives 100% of his effort. If Reynold has selective dorsal rhizotomy he would no longer need to take backlofen or have botox injections. How amazing will it be for our son to be medication free and be able to walk independently for the first time?

It is every parent’s goal to see their child reach their maximum potential. The purpose of this You Caring page is to help with the cost of the surgery (which is not covered since Dr. Park is out of network), the trips to St. Louis (for surgery and follow-ups), and extensive post op rehabilitation (he will need two additional therapy sessions per week, and we'd like to enroll him in intensive programs)

With your support, they can make it happen and give little Reynold the help he needs and deserves. Visit the YouCaring page here and chip in whatever you can. Spread the word. Do what you can to give back to the world and its vulnerable denizens like Reynold.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

US Women Soccer Team Wins the World Cup

After great matches in Japan, the U.S. women soccer team returns home with a world cup and at THERAPY-IV we are excited by the news and we want to congratulate the team. This is the first World Cup final won by the United States women’s soccer team since 1999.

For the players this is more than just a game, it is a team converts into a family. Lauren Holiday, a 27-year-old player explained “I feel like this team isn’t my identity, it is my choice. There is power in making a choice. I chose this team for 10 years.” And for all the fans, the U.S women soccer team is family too that we choice.

Many Americans didn't miss a second of this exciting match, the game reported the highest rating for a soccer game in the country and almost beat the most watched game in the United States. Now it's time to focus the attention into the domestic women’s league, while waiting for another world cup. 

You can watch games and pretty much anything else aboard our Miami Beach Deep Sea Charter Boat. Our award-winning Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter is equipped with the latest comforts and amenities in addition to top-notch fishing and angling gear. Learn more about the Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing at 305-945-1578 or info@therapy4.com.

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Great Wahoo

Take it from us: there are few things more thrilling in Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing, or life in general, than the fight that come before a big catch. Among the many fishes you can catch aboard The THERAPY-IV’s Miami Beach Sportsfishing Charter Boat is the wahoo, also known as ono or peto depending on the region.

Able to grow up to eight feet long and over eighty pounds, this highly prized fish is in the same family as tuna and mackerel, and is one of the tastiest catches imaginable. You can see it in action in the following video, where one our happy guests got a big one!

Talk about a great catch – and dinner! All throughout the week, The THERAPY-IV sets out from beautiful Haulover Park and Marina in Miami Beach to ply the beautiful and bountiful waters of South Florida. In addition to wahoos, you will find such varied catches dolphins, sailfishes, kingfishes, marlin, barracudas, and even sharks – to name but a few! Each season brings new opportunities and varieties.

Whether you’re looking for an easy catch, a large one, or an exotic one, almost anything is possible aboard The THERAPY-IV. We have large outriggers for spacing baits apart, a huge flying bridge with a captain’s chair and two fighting chairs, a fishing cockpit outfitted with four fighting chairs, two giant live bait tanks, and a giant transom door – in short, a fisherman’s dream at your fingertips!

And as you saw in the video, The THERAPY-IV’s friendly and experience crew is always on hand to help you get the best that the seas have to offer. That is why we are TripAdvisor’s No.1 Activity in Miami Beach several years in a row!

To learn more about the unforgettable experiences we have to offer, contact The THERAPY-IV Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing Charter Boat at 305-945-1578 or info@therapy4.com.

Celebrate Fourth of July With The THERAPY-IV

One of the few things The THERAPY-IV loves more than Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing is this beautiful country. Join us in partaking in a wide variety of colorful festivities and fireworks across the city that mark America’s independence.

Start with one of South Florida’s biggest firework displays: America’s Birthday Bash, which takes place at beautiful Bayfront Park and Bayside Marketplace. The free event runs from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. and includes food, drink, kids’ activities, giveaways, and live music. Fireworks begin at 9 p.m. and can be viewed from the park, marketplace, or even aboard the SeaFair yacht.

Miami Beach’s annual Fire on the Fourth Festival is not much farther. It runs from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at North Shore Park (73rd Street and Collins Avenue). There will be food trucks, live music, and of course fireworks at 9 p.m., which you can watch from the beach. Arrive early and bring a blanket and chair to secure a comfy spot.

For something beyond the usual fireworks, check out Key Biscayne’s 56th annual Fourth of July Parade, which begins 11 a.m. and runs down Crandon Boulevard from Harbor Drive to West Enid. Enjoy a colorful caravan of floats, marching bands, and decorated golf carts. Following the parade is a Kiwanis Picnic on the Village Green, which ends with an offshore fireworks display at 9 p.m.

Finally, Peacock Park in Coconut Grove will offer a series of free family-friendly activities from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., ending with fireworks at 9 p.m. There will arts and crafts, ice cream, food and drink from local restaurants, and much more. At the same time, nearby CocoWalk will be the site of the 7th Annual Independence Day Hot Dog Eating Competition, which beings at 5:00 p.m., while Barnacle Historic State Park will have a picnic from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. ($5 general admission).

Whichever way you wish to celebrate, The THERAPY-IV hopes you have a happy and safe Fourth of July in our great nation’s memory. To learn more about our Miami Deep Sea Fishing services, contact 305-945-1578 or info@therapy4.com.