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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The THERAPY-IV Asks That You Support Reynold’s Race to Run On YouCaring

In our over four decades of operation, The THERAPY-IV has always been committed to social responsibility. We owe our success as the No. 1 Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing charter to the support of our clients, community members, and friends. That is why we are taking the time to bring this important cause to your attention.

Over at YouCaring, a fundraiser for admirable social causes, is a page for Reynold, a beautiful young boy suffering from Cerebral Palsy (CP) following complications from his premature birth. While his twin sister continues to grow and develop, Reynold suffers from stiff legs, a weaker than normal trunk, and the inability to walk on his own.

While there is no cure for CP, there are various treatments and procedures that can significantly help improve quality of life. Following numerous consultations and research, Reynold’s parents located the most accomplished neurosurgeon in America that could help make it happen: Dr. Park of St. Louis Children’s Hospitals.

A leading specialist in selective dorsal rhizotomy, a very complex and delicate surgery, Dr. Park carefully reviewed Reynold’s video and medical records and determined him to be the ideal candidate for this surgery. He believes that SDR will permanently diminish the spasticity in Reynold’s limbs, allowing him to improve his sitting and standing, improve his balance, reduce his pain, transition easier to different positions – and most importantly become an independent walker in all kinds of environments.

Reynold has therapy daily, wears day and night orthotics, uses a walker and wheelchair, and has a stander (to stretch his muscles). Through it all, he always has an infectious smile on his face and gives 100% of his effort. If Reynold has selective dorsal rhizotomy he would no longer need to take backlofen or have botox injections. How amazing will it be for our son to be medication free and be able to walk independently for the first time?

It is every parent’s goal to see their child reach their maximum potential. The purpose of this You Caring page is to help with the cost of the surgery (which is not covered since Dr. Park is out of network), the trips to St. Louis (for surgery and follow-ups), and extensive post op rehabilitation (he will need two additional therapy sessions per week, and we'd like to enroll him in intensive programs)

With your support, they can make it happen and give little Reynold the help he needs and deserves. Visit the YouCaring page here and chip in whatever you can. Spread the word. Do what you can to give back to the world and its vulnerable denizens like Reynold.

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