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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tips for a Great Deep Sea Fishing Experience

Miami Deep Sea Fishing is one of the best things about visiting and/or living in Miami. The wide variety of fish that can be caught means this experience is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. The best way to experience this glorious event is to charter a deep sea fishing boat.

The THERAPY-IV is a luxury is a deep sea fishing luxury yacht service, with twin yachts and a Captain and crew with over four decades of experience.  With this immense level of experience, The THERAPY-IV would like to bring to you a couple of tips to ensure you have the best Deep Sea Fishing Experience available.

When planning a deep sea fishing trip, deciding what kinds of fish you are hoping to catch is important as this will also help you decide which type of boat you would like to charter.  Basically, there are three ways to catch the many different types of fish in the sea, which are bottom fishing, trolling, and offshore fishing.

Bottom fishing entails dropping your bait to or near the seafloor, thereby attracting such enticing bottom dwellers as red, white, and black snapper, scampi, grouper, triggerfish, and amberjack fish dwell.

Trolling involves constantly moving the bait, which forces kingfish, mackerel, and sailfish to have to play catch up and offer a bigger fight. This is great for those seeking a little more action while they fish.

If you are looking to mount a more impressive trophy, than going offshore option would be the best, if most challenging, choice. Here is where large and tough catches like the blue and white marlin and the dolphin live.

Another thing to keep in mind before you book your charter boat is what type of gear, equipment, and tackle you will need. This process is much easier if you already know what type of fish you are looking to catch. The THERAPY-IV is already stocked with all of the latest gear and supplies you need to catch any number of fish. Whatever your fishing style, preference, or experience, our world-class boat and crew have you covered.

To schedule a trip or to learn more, contact us at 305-945-1578.

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