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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where to Look When You're out Deep Sea Fishing

No matter how prepared you may be when you're about to go deep sea fishing, your efforts will ultimately be in vain if you don't know the best spots to look for fish.  Nowadays there are apps that can help you track the locations where you're most likely to find fish, but there's always that slight possibility that your phone may not get the best signal performance when out in the middle of the water.  In such a scenario, it's best to stick to the tried and true methods of finding fish to catch like a recreational sonar.  Here are a few deep sea fishing areas where you may want to look.

Start things off by exploring reefs and rocks.  These spots are practically havens for all kinds of aquatic  species, and they also serve as a place for fish to rest when dealing with strong currents.  In many natural and artificial reefs fish may be living there, in which case you may be able to snag some as far as 100 yards since many of them may be out patrolling their home.  If you're having trouble getting reef fish to bite, consider using a vertical jig that you can extend towards the bottom and then quickly bringing it back up towards your boat.  When dealing with high-speed fish like tuna, for example, fast-trolling fishing lures and slow-troll live baits can prove useful.

Manmade structures like navigational aids and towers can also prove to be hotspots for some fish species seeking refuge within the structure and, just like the reefs and rocks, there's a good chance there will also be some patrolling the perimeter of these structures.  Always check beforehand to make sure there are no existing regulations as there may be limited access to these places.

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