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Monday, August 3, 2020

All About Barracudas

Barracudas have gained the reputation of being an aggressive and dangerous fish. Since we share the same waters they reside on, it's not uncommon one may spot one while on a trip to the beach.
The fish is commonly found in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans as well as the Red seas and Carribean Ocean.
Its threatening teeth and torpedo shaped body may alarm swimmers, but they are not as dangerous as one may think.
Barracudas are skilled predators but are not interested in attacking divers. Most attacks on humans occur when the fish feels it is threatened or when a metallic object is mistaken for food. Because of this, the fish has brought hysteria to some beach goers.
Barracudas hunt by scanning the water in search of prey relaying on their sight. Oftentimes smaller fish may reflect in the water appearing like metal objects, indicating their next meal. The vicious predator prefers to feed on small tuna, groupers, snapper, killifishes, anchovies, and grunts.
The easily recognizable fish is usually silver in color and has a long lean body. They have razor sharp teeth and a big mouth. They are fast swimmers and can grow up to 6 feet long in some cases.
To avoid a mistaken attack from a barracuda, or to simply feel more at peace while sharing the ocean with these intimidating creatures, it's best to remove any items that are high in shine, or any metals you may not need while taking a swim.
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